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MAY 2021

ISIS Terrorists Attacked And Captured Positions Of Syrian Army In Eastern Hama

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ISIS Terrorists Attacked And Captured Positions Of Syrian Army In Eastern Hama

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Late on January 8, ISIS terrorists launched a large attack on Syrian government forces in the eastern countryside of Hama.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), the terrorists captured a number of positions near the towns of Rahjan and al-Shakusiyah following heavy clashes with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.

“19 members of regime forces and loyalists were killed, while 12 members of the Islamic State group were killed,” the London-based monitoring groups said. “The death toll is expected to rise, as some of the injured are in serious condition.”

ISIS cells in the central region launched dozens of attacks against government forces in the last few months. However, this is the first time the terrorists were able to gain some ground.

The SOHR reported that heavy clashes are still ongoing near Rahjan and al-Shakusiyah. SAA troops are fighting to repel ISIS attacks with support from the Syrian Arab Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces.

In the last 48 hours, more than 130 Syrian and Russian airstrikes hit ISIS terrorists, hideouts and equipment in eastern Hama countryside.

Syrian government forces will likely repel the attack and recapture the lost positions in a few days. Nevertheless, the attack showcases a new dangerous escalation by ISIS cells in the central region. The terrorist group is actively working to re-establish its influence in the region.


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  1. Ron says:

    So I guess this is what was to be expected for the new Biden Administration coming in!

    1. Assad must stay says:

      we will kick his ass out of syria too lol

        1. Icarus Tanović says:


  2. The Objective says:

    LOL. Even with Russian air strikes, the SAA has been taking heavy casualties, and now they lose ground to ISIS. The Shiite fighters helping Assad must be very poor fighters. Imagine what happens if Russia were to withdraw its air support. Despite Russia providing the SAA and pro-Assad forces with advanced weaponry, their effort is a lot less impressive than it should be. And some Iranian trolls would complain here about how Putin is backstabbing them, and how Iran should take credit for Assad’s failed overthrow.
    Without Russian presence in Syria, the entire Shiite resistance axis would collapse within months!

    1. Arthur Deodat Jr. says:

      Without FUKUS presence ISIS would be wiped in few months. All terrorists economy is based on stolen syrian oil.

      1. Cromwell says:

        Thats why that US presence has to be eliminated,thats the bottom line.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          Its the reasons for the USA precense, which should be eliminated.

          Assad Syria is driven as private property by them just as Kremlking by Communists or Mafia of the worst kind.

          They have nopt even been able to make the cake to themself bigger. Thats incompetent in its best(worst).

          Even farmes can understand, thatif You give a cow less food and bad conditions, it will give less milk, cheease, meat, leather and soap.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            I really dont care whatever mixted dirt You bring even it has some tiny true corners. The main will never change unless Yiou re.write Your fantasi stories and the world has to handle that kind of making deep dark satte by Yourself.

            Thats only step one. Belivee what You want in Your internal affairs, but its not internal affairs when You blame fx my coutry by EU, Nato for making all Your selfmade problems. Who feed millions by UN and Unicef as well. We do moron.

            We are even told Our money is worth nothing and We as well as USA and the dollar has collapsed about 10 times a month. You even ignore Liras as well as Rials hardly are money at all and we have no problems aboutr most things.

            Today we by Our fake and stolen from You poor, hardly having anything to steel from, dollar/Euro, kroner producing.

            The main things for that is education and taking away ancient family structure and inside the families, the women and girls are almost in the same level as men, Those men and those women by that both produce many times more pr persons and more works.

            And when we say: At least You could copy the good parts of sytems around the world, You insist in denying that. You even demand respect for selling and buying Youn women and og´ften before they are 18. We have some of them right here in Denmark with married femeales down the the age of 14 – FOR SECURITY.

            Well, who makes the insecurity? I dont think that us. Those women er kept even more stupid then men and boys are raised as if they by birth has to be respected more then girls. So they too often also are raised to do anything else and men has to protect vomen from men in the streets as well.

            We are not like that at all. We at least try very hard to respect equality, where we incluse most people living here. Thats why we include those LGTBs as well. In most things those are exact like the rest of us – And more then 90% is driven by genetics as well as they have not asked to be born. They even can made for fun. But its not funny to live a whole life for something You not even choose.

            I again will remiond You, what You cant. We have at least 4 big companies which make different kinds of Corona Vaccine.

            I allow me to compare with Countries exporting a lot of oil and some gas, which cant even produce simple plastic bottles for home use. Thats where money is – not just a lot of fuel. But You cant produce oil and gas Yourself if You not even can take that oil up.

            Here I allow med to be a little prodoud og the Danish invension named windpower, which today is spreading very much all over th world, where wind blows. Today 50% of Our electricity is made by that and we have to poroduce more by wind, because we also has to drive cars on batteries. Thatts not perfect, but 50% is a lot. By that we get a lot more independent from the Russians and the arab oil countries.


          2. Hind Abyad says:

            Who the hell are ”Wewe” sicko?

          3. Jens Holm says:

            So Your avatar relates to Your behind or IQ:)

          4. Jens Holm says:


            UNICEF should make traumecenters for You.

            Where will they transport The Gaza and The Westbank too.

            I heard Assad need more spendables and soon will get them and Golan back. Those living there already are spendables.

          5. Icarus Tanović says:

            Hey Hind my man, don’t talk to that Danish dump. Just block it.

          6. Hind Abyad says:

            Very kind, Icarus is a beautiful..but I’m a woman

        2. Icarus Tanović says:

          Indeed it is.

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Thats a relative in who is who and whats stolen.

        Before the figtings the Baathist systematicly has stolen all gas and oil and hardly gave the rest any.

        Now ISIS dont have oildigging and refining.

        Its difficult to compare in plusses and minusses, but I see SDFs certainly are owners and Assads dont represent Syria as a country at all.

        25% of the population is not even in the country. I not only blame Assads for that, but they are the reasons for the opposition of different kinds nos shoor back well because there was no possibletalk of very needed changes.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Who is who is already well described. Adding dirt like that is a dirty try to rewrite very well known history.

          2. Hind Abyad says:

            Were you come from have no ‘history’
            What’s you mother language?

          3. Hind Abyad says:

            Blocked Village idiot

    2. Rhodium 10 says:

      Thats an stupid coment…Shia militia are deployed in Al Bukamal-Mayeen…where ISIS has never launched an offensive vs Them!…ISIS attack SAA/NDF because is a not reliable force and use to flee!..the difference before Russian intervention is that now ISIS face Russian accurate airstrikes and they cannot keep conquered position!

      1. The Objective says:

        Then how would you explain Assad losing 75% of Syria despite the support of Shiite militias from around the region? You certainly won’t deny that Russia is the country that prevented a rebel takeover of the remaining 25% of Syria’s lands under Assad in 2015. So where were your tough Shiite fighters when Assad lost 75% of Syria?

        1. Rhodium 10 says:

          in 2015 only Hezbollah was active ( Iraqi PMU and IRGC was not deployed rather that some advisors)…they prevented the total fall of Damascus, Homs, Latakia and west Aleppo city.. beside Hezbollah retake all Syria/ Lebanon border under hands of FSA included Maloula and West Qalamoun!…thats why USA&Israel dont want shia militia deployed in Syria!…

          1. Furkan Sahin says:

            bro Isis is a killer they is much worse than Assad they is dangerous

          2. Jens Holm says:

            Assads are the main killers inside Syria at any kind of opposition for decades. And even from when the armed part of the conflict started, the main killers and Russia and the other proxies are the main killers.

            There was a small period, where USA by SDF was(Tabqa and mainly part of the Raqqa campaign).

            Its very strange You are not aware of that. Very good estimates from several says so.

          3. Furkan Sahin says:

            You’re brainwashed
            try to follow now
            Isis does not have tank, helicopter, warplane, and many other weapons if they have them all they would have killed over 1 million people
            they have not captured a big city like Aleppo Latakia Damascus Homs Hamah and others like in Iraq they have not captured in Baghdad and Kirkuk Isis need to capture the big cities but they have not done so
            you do not know them they will kill you and me they do not care about people’s opinion and attitude they will just kill you if you do not support them if they come over to you

          4. Jens Holm says:

            That a relative. Very much would have collapsed in anerchy. Thats not same thing.

            The scenario would be quite different.

          5. Hind Abyad says:

            You have Jewish accent.

          6. Black Waters says:

            Dont bother to talk with him, he’s a propaganda asset trying to create disinformation.

          7. Icarus Tanović says:

            He’s a troll zio wahhabi one, so don’t bother to answering him.

          8. Furkan Sahin says:

            true bro

          9. Jens Holm says:

            When I can I operate in facts and makes oppinions from there.

            So Your “one million” is skyhigh gussing of the worst kind.

            There er several updated numbers for who has killed who. You not even mention them and compare or say, why they are wrong in their methods to count.

            Since USA stopped supporting ISIS and stopped the Saudis for supporting too, the Americans hardly has killed mpre then handfulls.

            SDF has.

            Anybody can find almost anything below their belt inclusing dirty feet like You do. Maybee the sun will go up in west too.

            I have not changed and the world hasnt. The reasons for those many killings systematicly are made by Assads and the first uprisers not even was ISIS as well.

          10. Jens Holm says:

            Yes, Shiits is important in this, but they should not be overestimated as well.

            Israel is hardly in this. They as ussual has supported the ones, which dont like Assads, Thats the same since 1948.

          11. Hind Abyad says:

            Palestine Sunni, Shia in Lebanon, Holms.

          12. The Objective says:

            “in 2015 only Hezbollah was active ”
            Look how you shoot yourself in the foot. You’re admitting that the rebels gave Hezbollah a beating. Have you forgotten that Hezbollah is the most competent Shiite militia force out there? So if the rebels would defeat Hezbollah to take over 75% of Syria’s land, what chance would the PMU and other Shiite militias stand?
            without Russia, ISIS would have taken Syria, then Iraq or at least much of it. Russia’s aerial onslaught in Syria is the main factor that weakened ISIS.
            I have no doubt that should Russia pull out of Syria, Assad and his Shiite supporters would lose the war to the rebels or ISIS. Absolutely no doubt.

          13. Rhodium 10 says:

            Russian airstrike is not enough… SAA need Shia militia otherwise will be defeated!..thats the reason of Israeli&USA airstrikes vs Them!….”rebels beat Hezbollah”…what kind of grass you smoke?….Hezbollah had an small forces because its a militia… while terrorist joined a 100.000 terrorist force well armed.. but was enough to keep 70% of Damascus, Hama, Homs and West Aleppo capitals….and all Lebanon border!….sont be a stupid troll and look at waht happened in Saraqib….SAA fled and would need at least 15 days to retake that area …then Hezbollah launched an attack and take Saraqib in just ONE NIGHT…

          14. Hind Abyad says:

            Hezbollah liberated Christian Kousseir town in Homs Christian Province, they were ISIS underground Sharia courts, homes confiscate by terrorists, desecrated Churches and a unique cemetery, where my grand-uncle is buried. Israel and the whole Western media decried Hezbollah ”involvement’!

          15. Hind Abyad says:

            Not your business.

          16. Hind Abyad says:

            Russians own Christian Orthodoxy to Syria..

        2. Hind Abyad says:

          (Israel wishes).
          In September France Zionist President Sarkozy warned Lebanese on Patriarch Al Rai at the Elisée Palace:

          ‘Western powers will invade the Middle East in November and place the Moslem Brotherhood in Syria, prepare your people for an Exodus to Europe where they can find refuge’.

          It was vetoed in extremis at UN by Russia and China.

          So they created ISIS proxies! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/dabeb874771350b22ac73b0524ee585c916af2b457ab530b03b7c8bd02e13c66.png

      2. Jens Holm says:

        Highly inaccurate comment.

    3. Jens Holm says:

      Very biased version. The mainpart of the soldiers there are not shiits at all.

      I agree in the rest. Assads has no 24/7 control in several areas shown in maps.

      Much as they are declining, but I also think I see others are declining too.

      I continue to hope ISIS is taken bite by bite and feel no pain for Assads are the spendable ones.

      Im in the same mod as for years. There wil be no solutions unless Assads gived SDFs a real local indepence by Loal Parlaments in the SDF are and voting about the relationsships for the thin SDF areas mainly named as Tabqa Raqqa and “norther” DEZ.

      All Syria should be like that. And the Leaders and the Parlament in Damaskus by that should only get in half of the tax and decide upperparts of the language.

      Sorry for my comment dont cover profesional terms.

    4. Lone Ranger says:

      Well look at it from a reversed standpoint, isis had all the support they need Air support included from the U.S., UK, Israel, France, Turkey, yet they still lost.
      Dead man walking, remnants are being thrown into the meatgrinder before the new admin takes over, thats what it is.

    5. Rafik Chauhan says:

      Friest ther is no hiite fighters or iran allied any shia fighters are fighting in that area. There are all SAA and Alquds and NDF are fighting. If IRan allied fighters and hezbollah or any shia fighters will be involve this terriost will not attack,. for example IsIL are not attacking any shia fighters near al bukamal or border with iraq where shia fighters and PMU or iran allied are station . Bcuz Russia desnt want the to be involve bcuz they want to take care of the border between syria and iraq to avoid isil to trespass. And keep dreaming of Shiite ressitance will collopse . If this ressitance will get involve with isil fight they will Finish them within month. But russia is preventing them to fight.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        You need to find out the truth buddy, you’re as wrong as anyone can be.
        Iran is the main controlling power in southern Deir ez Zor and they have most of their forces located there, IRGC, Hezbollah, Shia NDF militias, Sunni NDF militias, and Iraqi PMU as well, probably 80,000 fighters in total just in Deir ez Zor.
        The regular SAA and the NDF militias loyal to the Syrian Government only make up a small percentage of the people fighting against Isis in Deir ez Zor, and the Russian presence is mainly at the airbase near Palmyra which isn’t even in Deir ez Zor, and they have a helicopter base near Ma Adan in Ar Raqqah, and the only real presence Russia has in Deir ez Zor is a headquarters they set up at Abu Kamal, and they set that up to try and improve coordination between the multitude of different factions operating in Deir ez Zor, and to help try and stop Isis using the border crossing near Abu Kamal.
        The Iranians have controlled southern Deir ez Zor since the end of 2018, and from the time they first moved into Deir ez Zor Isis began to grow, and now after 2 years the SAA and Russia are going in to bail Iran out of the mess it created.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          “You need to find out the truth buddy.”
          You’re sure as Hell not saying the truth, you pitiful parrot troll.
          Who’s “truth” is this ? Or, is it some figment of your hallunination ?
          Whatever it is, it’s not truth. There are elements of truth in this fiction. Insufficient to even spin a narrative that doesn’t read like fake shit.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            I told the truth and instead of trying to prove me wrong, which you wouldn’t be able to do anyway, you troll my comment and call me a troll instead, check the definition for the word troll dickhead, you’re actually the classic example of a troll.
            You’re either stupid, ignorant, or both, everything I said is correct and you can use google to try and prove me wrong, there’s plenty of info on the net if you ever bother to look, and it’ll confirm everything I said in my original comment, the problem is you just can’t face or accept the truth, just like all the other LGBTQI brainwashed halfwits who continue to troll me.
            You thrive on fake shit moron, but soon SF is going to rock your oblivious little mind with some things you wont be able to understand, they’re already letting the cat out of the bag bit by bit, a half a dozen article during the last few weeks should’ve opened up some of your eye’s but they didn’t, but soon you’re going to start thinking SF is sounding a lot like me when it comes to mentioning Iran.

          2. Hind Abyad says:

            This is what islamists terrorists when Erdogan opened his borders with Syria, they tied a 3 years old little Shia girl made her watch her parent killed, then cut up her hartt out while alive they are sub- human.


          3. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            That’s horrible, but it has nothing to do with who the controlling power in Deir ez Zor is.

      2. The Objective says:

        Then where were your Shiite fighters when Assad lost 75% of Syria in 2015? Are you trying to deny that Russia is the one country that saved your asses in Syria?

        1. Hind Abyad says:

          Broken record

    1. Jens Holm says:


  3. Fog of War says:

    What a clown show. Miraculous ISIS is on the come back in Syria and kicking ass in the Sinai. How is this possible folks ?

    1. Hind Abyad says:

      Egypt didn’t accept Robert Ford as US Ambassador, said everywhere he passes brought death.

  4. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

    Some of you ignorant retards have to be educated, you don’t understand the difference between National Defense Force militias [NDF] and the Syrian Arab Army [SAA], or how either of them are constituted.
    The SAA is loyal to Assad and the Syrian Government in most cases, however there are elements of the SAA that aren’t completely loyal to the government because they have duel loyalties, or they’re conscripted from opposition groups [they’re never loyal].
    For Iran it’s the 4th division of the 1st army corps and Air Force Intelligence, they show Iran just as much loyalty as they do Assad, and that includes many of the Alawite officers who serve in the SAA 1st army corps.
    For Russia it’s the SAA 4th and 5th army corps [the 4th is no longer active], they obey Russia’s orders and not Assad’s, even though they are regular SAA soldiers.
    So that’s how the regular SAA operates, it has 3 masters, Assad has the most soldiers but they use the worst equipment and get the worst training and have the worst discipline of all.
    Then the Iranians have their loyal followers in certain divisions, they give them the best training, best weapons, and best equipment [which is usually Russian], and they’re by far the most disciplined of all the SAA.
    And lastly we have the Russians, they also give their people the very best weapons equipment and training, but sadly their soldiers aren’t always the most disciplined, and they don’t all get along together either, which occasionally presents the Russians with a headache or 2, but they also don’t like the Shia SAA or NDF militias either, which creates even bigger headaches for the Russians and the Iranians.
    So that’s the easy to understand part out of the way, now we’ll tackle the NDF militias.
    These are a rag tag set of militias that usually protect their own home territories, some of them do get some support from Assad’s Government and do loosely follow his directives, but usually they’re very unreliable and poorly trained [if at all] and if under Assad’s direct control usually underequipped.
    But Iran is the Nation funding most of the NDF militias in Syria, it funds most of the Alawite militias, it probably funds all the Orthodox Shia militias, it also funds several Sunni militia groups, and believe it or not even one of the Druze militias affiliated to the ‘Men of Dignity’ organization [usually pro Israel but this group is totally anti Russian].
    So without Iranian funding at least half to probably close to three quarters of the NDF militias in Syria would collapse.
    I know Russia used to have some NDF militias under it’s wing but I’m not sure they do anymore, I haven’t heard anything for years now so I suspect they’ve been incorporated into the 5th army corps, or possibly moved into Assad’s sphere of influence.

    An article on SF a few days ago stated,
    ‘Isis was growing in Syria because a lack of coordination by the controlling powers in Deir ez Zor’
    And they were right, a lack of coordination is helping Isis grow, but that’s exactly what happens when you have too many chiefs and not enough Indians.
    Assad’s supposed to be the Commander and Chief of all the SAA and all the NDF militias, not the Commander and Chief of the least effective parts of the SAA and some of the most underequipped and undertrained NDF militia groups.
    If Assad wants to do anything he has to first coordinate with the Iranians to get their IRGC, Hezbollah, pro Iranian NDF militias to participate in any actions that Assad may want to commit to, but he doesn’t have that problem with the Russian backed forces, they coordinate actions all the time and usually follow Assad’s orders [to a point, in Darra they didn’t].
    So not only is it hard for Assad to take any preemptive actions if he wants to, because he has to first coordinate everything with other parties who then also have to coordinate with their subversive parties who don’t always want to comply to Iran or Assad’s requests, so just imagine how hard it is for Assad to coordinate defensive actions if ever he needs to.
    Just imagine an isolated village being attacked by an overwhelming force of Isis, you have 2 nearby villages that you could send reinforcements from to help reinforce the besieged village, but first you have to contact the Iranians and ask them to help, and then the Iranians have to ask/tell their unit/militia commanders to assist. And sometimes the units don’t want to assist the besieged village, there may be a long running history of animosity between them, they could even flat out refuse to assist, so guess what, it’s pot luck whether or not any reinforcements will arrive at all, leave alone arrive on time to help.

    Iran is the problem in Syria, you trolls can try to howl me down as much as you like but the truth is becoming more and more obvious every day.
    “Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians”.
    3 big War Chiefs and a hundred tribal Chiefs, did someone say ‘lets coordinate’.

    1. Jesus says:

      Iranians are not the problem, they control militias that can support their influence in Syria and fight against ISIS in the countryside, the Russians have at their disposal the 5th corps and the Tiger forces configured into the 25th division and Assad has the 4th division that coordinates with the Iranians and other troops of lesser capabilities.
      Isis fights a guerilla style war and Iranian backed militias would suffice to check them, whatever tactical miscues occur they can be ironed out.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        The tiger forces are the elite fighters in the 25th division and the 25th division is a part of the 5th army corps.
        The 4th division are the vanguard/spearhead of the SAA, and they’re also the most elite fighters in the SAA. Most of their commanders are pro Iranian and they take orders from both Assad and the Iranians, but if Assad says yes and the Iranians say no, the 4th division say no too.
        Recently they’ve been used in Darra to put down the anti Iranian protests that were getting out of control, they moved in and replaced the 5th corps SAA that were already doing the job, but the problems escalated so the 8th Brigade from the 5th army corps was moved back in, now they’re sharing the responsibility for security with the 4th division troops.
        But southern Deir ez Zor is burning and Isis is the group burning it to the ground, and what is the SAA’s most elite division currently doing, it’s putting down anti Iranian protests in Darra, Quneitra, and As Suwayda.
        That’s why I say Iran’s the problem, they’re more concerned with quelling anti Iranian protests that potentially harm their interests in Darra than they are about the problems Isis is causing, not just for themselves in Deir ez Zor, but for everybody else nearby as well.
        Sunni children in Deir ez Zor now have to learn Shia ideology while they’re attending school, before the Iranians took over two and a half years ago that was illegal, it’s not anymore, and people wonder why Isis gets so many recruits and such good intel, the Iranian’s are the reason, they sow resentment everywhere they go.
        “The situation in Darra is spiraling out of control”, I’m quoting SF there, and the reason it’s spiraling out of control is the same reason Deir ez Zor is spiraling out of control, and the reason is Iran’s causing them both to spiral out of control. SF has been trying to tell you that recently in some of their articles, at least 4 articles over the last 2 weeks told you all the truth, you must’ve missed them telling the truth because you didn’t read between the lines, but I got the message loud and clear, and I’m sure pretty soon SF will make sure you do to.
        Do you think Russia would ever come out and directly offend it’s ally in Syria by making public statements criticizing their behavior, does any other country in the world do that?
        Russia wants the whole world to come in and help rebuild Syria, but they know that will never happen while Iran’s building threatening military infrastructure right near the Israeli border, who would want to come in while Iran and Israel are throwing stones at each other, they’d build hospitals, schools, utilities etc, only to have them blown up in the next bout of Iranian/Israeli hostilities, and how would they ever get their money back then.
        I know you never believe a word I say so may I suggest a compromise, just check out what official Russian news and information sites have to say about the rebuilding process they have in mind for Syria after hostilities end, see what they have to say about the problems that inhibit that process, I’ll guarantee you’ll get a shock.

        1. The Objective says:

          I’m still pretty much in disagreement with you regarding how you touted Russia’s ability to fight Turkey with very little casualty. I also have to correct you on the notion that Turkey hasn’t long range missiles, or that their missiles are too few. Turkey is a member of the missile control regime. You don’t have to publicly test a long-range missile to convince the world that you own it. I have no doubt that Iran has missiles of over 5000 km, but Iran has never publicly tested a missile of more than 2500 km range. If you did some investigative research on Turkey’s missile program since 2012, you’ll realize that Turkey had successfully developed longer-range missiles than Iran in 2014.

          America’s economic war against Turkey has deep roots. It’s not just about the S-400 or Syria. It’s about Turkeys brave and persistent effort to become militarily independent in terms of weapons. Even NATO warned years ago that Turkey’s missile program is intended to produce longer-range missiles, because no country starts a new missile program just to add 20 km to its current missile range. That warning was in reference to Turkey producing a 280 km precision missile before deciding to start a whole new program. The missile control regime limits missile ranges to just 300 km.

          You and I are more of allies on this forum than foes. I was an avid supporter of Iran in the past. Check my comments prior February 2020 and you’ll know there was no greater supporter of Iran than me. I even prayed for them severally, and asked my neighbors to pray for them. There was a time I almost made an official request at a Sunni mosque for people to pray for Iran. That was all before I understood their deep sectarian policy towards Sunni Muslims in general. When I researched deep, I realized with shock that Iran represented a much graver threat to Sunnis than both the U.S and Israel combined. The country I had pinned so much hope through which God will help the Muslims in this time of distress turned out to be the greatest threat to the Muslims of the middle east both now and in the future. Your sincere comments just reinforce my opinion that Sunni Muslims should not support Iran anywhere. In fact, they should be praying for God’s punishment on the Iranians for causing so much suffering in Muslim communities across the middle east.

          Iran sows discord anywhere it goes. It tries to empower the Shiites over the Sunnis instead of focusing on bringing them together to face a common threat. It puts more effort on coercing Sunnis to become Shiites rather than working to unite them. what kind of a strategy is that? How on earth does Iran ever hope to win against the U.S.?

          Just like you said, Iran is the major obstacle in resolving the Syrian crisis. And I fear it is too late to get them out of Syria without a ground invasion by Israel or the U.S. we’ll most likely see the rift between Russia and Iran deepen. In the end, Russia would be forced to strike a deal with the U.S and Turkey that preserves Russia’s interest in Syria while giving space for the U.S and Israel to deal with Iran in Syria. This would be the most likely endgame because Iran isn’t going to give up its militias in Lebanon or Syria. In fact, it is even likely to lead to a crisis in the Assad government as they divide over support for Iran.

          Lastly, I wanted to ask you to provide links to the Russian sources discussing Syria’s reconstruction, and any other links that provide a much deeper insight of the Syrian crisis.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            “You and I are more of allies on this forum than foes.”

            You’re honest and objective, that’s the reason we’re more like allies than foes, we may barrack for different teams but you also applaud the good plays from the opposition teams and call out all the fouls by your own side, and I try my best to do the same.
            So we always have some common ground even if we barrack for different sides, the truth is the truth, sadly most SF readers/subscribers wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and hit them in the face.
            Here’s a few I use regularly but I use many dozens of others to gain info.



            I also use these 2 sites from Turkey but they’re very unreliable and more propaganda than news, but they do serve a useful purpose from time to time.



            But independent sites like this one are the best ones for getting more of the story than SF ever provides us,


            and this one,


            Just like you I also used to barrack for Iran but changed my opinion, I started reading news from official Russian sites, both from Government sources and their NGO’s, and discovered what the Russians really think about their ally, and it’s not the same thing propaganda sites like SF tell us.
            But not anymore it seems, because SF has started telling us the truth lately, they started to let the cat out of the bag a couple of weeks ago with some very interesting articles, not that any of the retards who read their news understood what they were being told, but soon they might. SF seems to be sending out an honest message for a change, and they’re saying it more often and saying it louder and louder, so eventually even the halfwits will catch on and understand what they’re being told. Iran is the problem.

            And this is the very best Russian site to use bar none, it tells the truth more than any other Russian site does, and I use it to answer to all my questions concerning Russian objectives and opinions,
            but for some reason my computer isn’t loading the page I want so I can’t provide the link, but just search for the ‘Russian International Affairs Council’, it tells the public the truth warts and all, unlike the official Government and propaganda sites. There’s one very old article in particular I like to link to the pro Russian supporters who hate me bitching about Iran, I think you’d also find it interesting so I’ll try again later to link it to you.

            The truth is the most important thing of all, and you can never find out what the truth is if you only listen to your own side, no matter what side that is, you have to listen to everyone, even the people you don’t agree with or don’t like, and I try very hard to do that, I think you do to.

          2. The Objective says:

            Thanks mate. I’ll definitely look it up. And I agree with everything you say on this post. Although I’m pro-Turkish, not all the news on TRT, Anadolu, etc. are believable. I used to dismiss many outright as propaganda and don’t even care to read some articles that clearly have a propaganda headline. But I do get useful info from time to time.
            Here’s another site I’ll like to share that talks about Iran’s evils: https://iranintl.com/en
            Another balanced source if find is: responsiblestatecraft.org

        2. Jesus says:

          The way I see it, the 5th corps and other SAA units are poised for Idlib, while Iran and their sponsored militias control the countryside and are entrenched in south Syria.
          Syria does not have the manpower to have troops all over Syria, the idea of making 5th corps a genuine corps with combined arms capability is of Russian concept and implementation.
          I read south front, look at the maps and I make a personal determination of what makes sense militarily.

          1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

            If an operation starts in Idlib/Hama it won’t be the sort of operation you’re probably expecting, it’ll be the sort of operation Assad’s been promising to start.
            Assad’s been saying for more than 12 months now he wants to liberate the eastern parts of Hama, he’s said many times he needs to liberate this very fertile land so the Government can increase food production, which means he also needs to liberate the areas of Idlib that border that area, a buffer area.
            If an operation starts it’ll be this operation, not the one SF keeps hinting might happen, always trust what someone says over what someone else thinks, Assad says he wants to do something and SF thinks he might do something else, I’m trusting Assad on this one, not SF.
            I regularly use about two dozen news sites from at least a dozen different entities to help me work out what I think is actually happening, and I use many other sites from time to time as well, I’ve found relying on just one or two sites means I miss out on too much important info, and I like to know as much as I can.

          2. Jesus says:

            Hama is under Syrian government control along with southern Idlib. My statements reflect my personal views on whatever subject might be.

    2. The Objective says:

      Even if everyone criticized you on this forum for spilling the truth, I’ll always appreciate your effort to enlighten us more. I respect your deep knowledge of the Syrian crisis, and hope you’ll continue to be brave in sharing the truth with those of us who care. You’re doing a great job. Stay brave and keep it going until SF community or much of it understands.

      1. Willing Conscience (The Truths says:

        Thanks for saying that, I really appreciate it.
        I’ve got a pretty thick skin but the barrage from ignorant trolls does take it’s toll after a while, but comments like yours do help me stay on track and help me stick to my guns, so thanks.

        1. The Objective says:

          You’re welcome. I will always appreciate the hands-on knowledge you are bringing to the community. You and I are likely to agree on more things than we disagree.

  5. Assad must stay says:

    not good GET IT BACK!!!!!

  6. James Adams says:

    Islam is cancer.

    How is ISIS still this powerful? 75 airstrikes a day and still nothing.

    1. Hind Abyad says:

      Israel create ISIS, who’s the cancer?

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