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ISIS Terrorists Ambushed Syrian Army Convoy In Eastern Homs

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ISIS Terrorists Ambushed Syrian Army Convoy In Eastern Homs

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On October 23, ISIS terrorists ambushed a convoy of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the eastern Homs countryside in the country’s central region. 

The SAA’s convoy was moving on the M20 highway between the ancient city of Palmyra and Deir Ezzor city when it fell into an ambush set by the terrorists. The convoy was targeted with heavy machine guns.

ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, claimed that three military vehicles were damaged in the course of the ambush. A number of Syrian service members were allegedly killed or injured.

The terrorist group stepped up its attacks in central Syria recently. Five days ago, the terrorists launched a large attack on SAA positions in eastern Hama. Clashes are still ongoing in the region. Over 50 terrorists and service members have been killed so far.

ISIS terrorists are moving out from their stronghold, the Homs desert. They are actively working to expand their control in the central region.

The SAA and its allies have, so far, prevented ISIS from making any ground gains. However, more efforts will be need to fully neutralize the terrorist group’s remnants in the central region.


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Gee….carrying m-16’s. I wonder where this scum came from?…..

Jens Holm

I didnt know there was a single ancient M16 in the whole Syria. They – as I recall it – use M14 with infrared.

Assad must stay

SAA you cannot let them expand!!!! Shoot and kill them on sight!

Jens Holm

Its as written before. The Assads are stupidists in education against them and its well described.

Above that the have a loack of soldiers too. Sukna or something again.

We again see it was crackoipe stupid to take the parts Assads tryed to do by political reasons.with too many long lines to cover well.

Assads and mainly Iranians are only “Islands” in that terrain.

Fog of War

The Syrian shit show continues.

Peter Jennings

The SAA need to now neutralise with abandon.

Gone are the heady days of having the SAA on the run and their hideouts are now less lavish. The terrorists are now fighting for a cause that was always lost.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

That’s a change, no mention of Al Tanf and the US backed fighters who are usually accused of helping Isis, and that’s good because they’re probably the least likely reason Isis is becoming such a threat.
Isis is so successful because the local Sunni populations hides them, feeds them, help supplies them, and also gives them good intel, they can’t be successful without that help, so finding a way of ending local support for Isis seem to me to be the best way of finally getting rid of them. Then the hard bit is finding the means of ending local support for Isis, a carrot and stick approach is probably the best answer, give the locals less reason to want to help Isis but also punish them severely if they’re caught helping Isis.
If I had Assad’s ear I’d tell him to remove all the NDF militias from Deir ez Zor, Homs and Hama and send them all to the front lines, and then replace them with regular SAA forces, because some of those NDF militias are nearly as bad as the enemy as far as some of the Sunni population are concerned, that might help stop them flocking to Isis.

Svincius Savickas

How you fight terrorists? – By exterminating also their families.

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