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JULY 2020

ISIS Targets Funeral Of 25 Afghan Sikh Killed In Recent Kabul Attack


ISIS Targets Funeral Of 25 Afghan Sikh Killed In Recent Kabul Attack


On March 26, an explosive device targeted the funeral of 25 Afghan Sikh who were killed in a terrorist attack by ISIS a day earlier.

ISIS claimed responsibility for the new explosion through its news agency, Amaq, saying that many Afghan Sikh were killed and injured.

“Dead and wounded among Sikhs and Hindus, when Islamic State fighters detonated an explosive device at a gathering they set up to cremate the bodies of those killed in yesterday’s attack in Kabul city’s 8th district,” Amaq’s report reads.

ISIS’ claims were refuted by the Afghan interior ministry, which said the explosion didn’t result in any casualties. The attack, however, disturbed the funeral prayers and cremation, which were being held near the gate of a crematorium in the capital, Kabul.

The 25 victims lost their lives when suicide attackers of ISIS stormed a Sikh temple in Kabul on March 25 morning. After several hours of heavy clashes, Afghan security forces managed to rescuer dozens of other worshipers who were trapped inside the temple.

The brutal attack is a testimony to the fragile security situation in Afghanistan. ISIS is actively taking advantage of this situation by expanding its operations in different parts of the war-torn country, including the capital.




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