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ISIS Targets Another Turkish Tank With Guided Missile, Pushes Pro-Turkish Forces From Al-Bab (Photos)

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ISIS Targets Another Turkish Tank With Guided Missile, Pushes Pro-Turkish Forces From Al-Bab (Photos)

Click to see the full-size map (a pro-Turkish source)

ISIS terrorists have hit another Turkish main battle tank with an anti-tank guided missile near the Syrian town of al-Bab, according to photos available online. The event allegedly took place at the Aqeel Mountain on February 17 in the outskirts of the ISIS-held town.

Since pro-Turkish forces entered al-Bab last week, they have been pushed to retreat from almost all areas captured in the terrorist stronghold. ISIS units successfull counter-attacked pro-Turkish militants, backed by the Turkish army, at the al-Bab Rounadbout and in the western part of the town, inflicting heavy casualties to pro-Turkish forces.

Now, the Turkish army and its proxies are incontrol of the Aqeel Mountain, the al-Bab Hospital and some points near it. In other words, pro-Turksih militants and their Turkish counterparts gained little ground in al-Bab.

Clashes are ongoing.

ISIS Targets Another Turkish Tank With Guided Missile, Pushes Pro-Turkish Forces From Al-Bab (Photos) ISIS Targets Another Turkish Tank With Guided Missile, Pushes Pro-Turkish Forces From Al-Bab (Photos) ISIS Targets Another Turkish Tank With Guided Missile, Pushes Pro-Turkish Forces From Al-Bab (Photos)

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Jens Holm

At whats next. Are Turks and FSA saving troops for Afrin and Manbij or what ? Reduced by political solutions or what. I dont get it at all.


This is the end of the turkish campaign I think. In cooperation with the russians, they made sure to link up, now the kurdish territories will not be connected and Turkey will have a seat in whatever talks there are in the future about the future of Syria.

The turkish goal is to avoid being left out of these talks because they fear a powerful kurdish state. Which was on its way to being created after the kurds liberated Manbij, they were going to link up to their western territory and Turkey would face a very long, consolidated border with the kurds!

Anyway, when they take Al Bab and the two small towns near it, Erdogan can declare victory (lol) and avoid further losses, there will be a referendum soon.

Jens Holm

A very friendly version. Lets hope so.

I still cant see any sign of any powerfull kurdish state. In Syria they are very small and divided in several concentrations and mixed with others. Its the poorest parts of the countries, even they now posses som oil and gas wells.

Iraq is same thing. Barzanis, Talebanis and a few more. Barzanis are the leading ones and certainly dont agree much with YPG/YPJ in Syria. They seems to have their autonomi even it should need several improvements.

Well the wast majority is in Turkey and are the same for many years.


Iraqi kurds want their own state and have no – stated – ambitions for other parts of Kurdistan. Most likely because the kurds there are mostly PKK oriented, with whom Barzani has very bad relations and because Barzani needs Turkey to be able to sell KRG oil.

Parties with Ocalan philisophy – PKK and PYD – do not aspire independence but a local or regional autonomy, something like the present KRG but with more democracy,less corruption.

Igor Dano

Democracy has corruption implied per we. Democracy is based on the corruption, corruption is the blood of democracy. Democracy would not work without corruption.


It depends on the local culture. Northern European cultures tend to have less corruption, others tend be more relaxed towards it. If anything I’d say that democracy is less favorable towards corruption because it is more transparent then other forms of government and elected officials can be held accountable. Thus we see that in democracies there is impetus against corruption. Even in countries like the Ukraine and Nigeria which are MASSIVELY corrupt. It stands or falls however with how much people feel included in the democratic process. People who disenfranchised and suspect the authorities will be more inclined to corruption and/or tolerate it, those who feel included will not. On average.

Autocracies on the hand THRIVE on corruption. It’s logical, all power flows from the man at the top, so he who has his ears can market that access. In every autocratic state corruption is encouraged by the El Presidente for Life because it A: lines his own pockets, B: has his underlings busy lining their own pockets and C: underlings who are busy lining their own pockets are probably too busy doing just that or scheme against the other underlings for a better position so they can line their pockets even more, rather then scheme against El Presidente for Life. And D: it also tends to make them complicit to the regime, giving them a stake in its survival, rather then its overthrow.

The average citizen has of course no say whatsoever in the process or the state so they don’t care about efficient government. After all, its a machine to favor the people at the top, not the average citizen. Thus it becomes all about who do you know in which high places. Strategically placed familymembers and close friends matter more then going to the nearest local civil servant.

Igor Dano

If a Kurdish state has to exist,then any power has to back it.
Russia, China , us, Eu. Or local powers, Turkey, Iraq, Iran.
NONE of the named ones will back Kurds and support them.

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