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JULY 2020

ISIS Targets 3 Units Of Turkish Military Hardware With Guided Missiles (Video)


The ISIS terrorist group has released a video depicting its fighters that use anti-tank guided missiles against Turkish military hardware near the town of al-Bab in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

Earlier today, the ISIS-linked Amaq news agency claimed that the terrorist group had destroyed 1 battle tank and 2 armored vehicles belonging to the Turkish Army northeast of Qabr al-Muqri near al-Bab.

Meanwhile, Turkey’s Doğan News Agency reported that 1 Turkish soldier was killed and 5 were wounded in the same area.



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  • Loveyou

    Where did they get all these Guided missiles from????

    • Alex Claudiu

      From United States of America ! Obama motherfucker jewish !!!

      • EL ZORRO

        Exactly, Alex, you are 100% correct.

        • Jens Holm

          ha-ha. Your level is “Isis tunnel”. It might help, if You took a chair and took Your highheeled on again.

      • Jens Holm

        Not the hindus ?

    • Jens Holm


    • Bob

      When ISIS turned to attacking Iraq in towns like Mosul and Tikrit they overran military bases and got masses of Kornet ATGM’s that US had relatively recently bought for the restructured Iraqi army. ISIS has number of Saddam era ex Iraqi military officer in upper echelons and they knew where many bases/ depots were.

    • Red Tick Alert

      You beat me to it.

  • Daniel Castro

    Why are the turks just lying down like sitting Ducks, they are not fighting back… have they retreated and left the tanks behind? Strange… It seems these western made armoured vehicles are complete crap or their crews don’t know what they are doing.

    • PZIVJ1943

      Crews may be relaxing in a building nearby. Never a good idea to leave your tank exposed and shut down (a sitting duck). Was FSA holding the perimeter, or did they run away the night before?

  • Daniel Castro

    And Erdogan wanted to rebuild the Ottoman empire…

    • Jesus

      Bring on the Janissaries to charge and clean up ISIS positions.

  • Behold a Pale Horse

    No infantry to attack the missile sites? I dont buy it.

  • Ronald

    “Fake Battle” , Turkey still supply’s ISIS , these “reports” , are just media “mis-information” to give the illusion of battles . Blow up some equipment , photos , see “fighting” .

  • Superfly

    Turkish military has proved remarkably inept and has lost over 40 tanks so far, many vaunted German Leo2.