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ISIS Targeted Gas Pipeline In Egypt’s Northern Sinai Peninsula (Videos)

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On November 19, a large explosion struck the al-Arish-al-Qantara gas pipeline in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Videos from Sinai showed flames and thick black smoke rising from the explosion scene, west of the city of Arish in northern Sinai.

ISIS Targeted Gas Pipeline In Egypt's Northern Sinai Peninsula (Videos)

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ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack right away. In a press release, the group’s news agency, Amaq, said the gas pipeline was blown up with several improvised explosive devices. The group claimed that the pipeline is used to export gas from Egypt to Israel.

A spokesman for the Egyptian Armed Forces, Bridger General Tamer Rifai, confirmed that the al-Arish-al-Qantara gas pipeline was hit by an explosion.

“A limited explosion occurred in the gas pipeline in Sabika, west of Al-Midan by 10 km, without causing any injuries or losses,” Brig. Gen. Rifai said on Facebook. “An investigation is underway to determine the causes and circumstances of the incident.”

ISIS has been active in the Sinai Peninsula since 2014. The terrorist group stepped up its attacks against government forces in the last few weeks.

The attack on al-Arish-al-Qantara gas pipeline is a dangerous development. ISIS cells in Sinai may be planning to attack other important facilities in Sinai, or even to resume attacks on civilians in the Peninsula.


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Colleen Crouse


This article was informative. I found it helpful in an ongoing investigation. It appears that today is 14 days after a deal by the Egyptian Gas and Oil Ministry around three companies. 14 days is generally a period of time during which one can appeal a federal district case effort in the U.S. One of the companies is connected to an oil field in Iraq. I had done a spot investigation of pending reconsiderations
on outstanding tenders on Iraq’s oil field at the end of last year; it would seem that now is a good time to review this information again. There were numerous fields that were listed as having their halfway mark on their current contracts at the end of last year or beginning of this year. At the time I believed it might be connected to other plans then pending. I will follow up as needed.

Colleen Crouse

6:41 pm CST
Nov. 11, 2020
Dallas, TX

Peter Jennings

There is no ISIS, only the US, the isreali apartheid regime, and nato.

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