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JUNE 2021

ISIS Takes Revenge: Sharia Judge, Two Turkish-Backed Militants Targeted In Syria’s Al-Bab (Photos)

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ISIS Takes Revenge: Sharia Judge, Two Turkish-Backed Militants Targeted In Syria’s Al-Bab (Photos)

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On May 30, the Turkish-occupied Syrian town of al-Bab in the northern countryside of Aleppo experienced two attacks.

In the morning, an improvised explosive device blew up the SUV of Tala ‘Abu, the General Judge of al-Bab. The vehicle was severely damaged. However, the Sharia [Islamic] judge survived the assassination attempt.

According to opposition sources, ‘Abu was the head of al-Bab’s local council, which was formed when Turkish forces captured the town from ISIS in 2017. He is also a former leader and judge of the Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sham Movement.

Later in the Afternoon, unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle shot and killed two personnel of the Free Syrian Police, a law reinforcement body backed by Turkey, in al-Bab.

The two attacks were most likely carried out by ISIS cells in al-Bab. Eyewitnesses who were at the scene of the second attack said that the gunmen shouted “the Islamic State is remaining” before fleeing the area. This is the official slogan of the terrorist group.

ISIS cells may have launched a new campaign against Turkish-backed militants in response to a recent operation that targeted their commander in al-Bab. The operation was carried out the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army and the Free Syrian Police.


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Peter Wallace

Looks like all are not happy with the rulers .. No doubt the judge now believes God has saved his ass and so he must be right.. Need to blow his visage off to correct his mistaken belief.


immoral amerikan brain “cells” pretending to be ISIS


sharia law better than danish cheese constitution where even atheists pat national church taxes—US constitution worse than cheese—encourages dictatorship, made for ruling class–DEBS, c Beard, Kurt godel….CIA ed, Jens hindoo prefer to live in dictatorship must settle for police state oligarchy

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