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ISIS Sustained Heavy Losses In Sinai, About To Collapse: Egyptian Official


ISIS Sustained Heavy Losses In Sinai, About To Collapse: Egyptian Official

Egyptian Army soldiers in Sinai peninsula, By the Egyptian Ministry of Defense

ISIS cells in the Sinai Peninsula have sustained heavy losses and they are about to collapse, an Egyptian official told Germany’s DPA on April 2.

According to the official, who declined to be named, the Egyptian military inflicted heavy losses on the terrorist group’s remnants in Sinai over the last few days. Dozens of terrorists were allegedly killed.

The official revealed that the Egyptian Air Force (EAF) have been pounding ISIS personnel, equipment and hideouts in different parts of Sinai for more than five days now. The airstrikes targeted the areas of Rafah, Bir El Abd, Jail, Tufaha, Fatir and Sheikh Zuweid.

“Warplanes bombed ammo and explosives depots, hideouts, shelters, gatherings and armed 4×4 vehicles,” the official said.

The official stressed that the Egyptian military will continue its campaign until all terrorists are neutralized, saying that Sinai will be soon announced free from terrorism.

In 2018, the Egyptian military and security forces launched a large-scale operation against ISIS cells in Sinai. Most of the terrorist group’s assets were neutralized in the operation, dubbed Sinai 2018. However, less than a year later, the group’s remnants resumed their activities in the region.

The Egyptian official’s statements to DPA indicate that Cairo is determined this time to end ISIS presence in Sinai once and for all. While this is completely possible, it will not likely be easy or fast.




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  • Ed

    Problem is we’ve heard all this before. The Egyptian military claim Daesh are defeated and yet after a while they just re-appear again!

    • xTheWarrior22

      I don’t understand why ISIS could reappear there after the 2018 operation.

      • FlorianGeyer

        US Travel Inc is a favourite provider for ISIS followers.
        Its a sort of Wild Camping holiday with guns. :)

        • Jens Holm

          I Egypt in corporation with Israel = NO WAY.

      • Jens Holm

        Well I see, You systematicly deny to understand most things about ISIS and the rest in Syria.

        Imany times has told You, that extremists grow in numbers, if You dont treat people well. Thats exact the same for PKK in Turkey. They can kill many but they make new one themselves.

        Unless they and fx Assads bahave different, they and You will grow extremists.

    • Raptar Driver

      They are being refreshed by their sponsor.

      • Jens Holm

        ISIS only had Saudis as sponsors. Hard to see they should be against Israel as well as support ISIS in Yemen.

    • Jens Holm

      Thats right. I hope half is correct.

  • good american

    Poor Israelis, lost their friends to the north, now losing them to the south. Guess it will be a while longer until they get to have the Sinai.

    • Azriel Herskowitz

      We could have held the Sinai in 1967. But we were generous and gave it back to the Egyptians as a sign of goodwill. Remember, they attacked us.

      • Jens Holm

        USA paid both of You.

  • AM Hants

    Sounds good.

  • khalkha

    There was a time egyptian and syrian army and arabs in general made war to israelis now they fight their own countries and populations and they are proud of it…

  • Hos Ng

    Only after ridding themselves of the terrorist thiefs in power can Egypt or Europe survive. DOWN WITH ZIONISM AND WAHABISM

  • Jens Holm

    That sounds nice.

  • Assad must stay

    good thanks God inshallah they (daesh) leave the earth forever

  • cechas vodobenikov

    ISIS is an American creation and only survives w US funding—the amerikans have long employed primitive fundamentalist groups as proxies…birds of a feather