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ISIS ‘Super Pocket’ In Hajin: ISIS Advances On Positions Of US-backed Forces (Photos)


On November 24, ISIS fighters in the middle Euphrates River Valley launched a series of attacks on positions of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) between the towns of al-Susah and Hajin, according to the terrorist group news agency, Amaq.

A commander in ISIS told Amaq that more than 32 SDF fighters were killed and many others were captured in the course of the attack. The terrorist group also seized a Humvee armored vehicle and loads of weapons.

Meanwhile, many Syrian news outlets reported that ISIS fighters had imposed control of large parts of the town of al-Bahrah during the attack. Some sources even claimed that the terrorist group had reached the outskirts of the town of Gharanij.

A day earlier, the SDF media center claimed that US-backed forces had repelled three attacks by ISIS in the Euphrates River. However, these claims are now confirmed to be false.

Despite the support of the US-led coalition, the SDF has not been able to advance in the Euphrates Valley since the beginning of its military operation there last September. Now, U.S.-backed forces may lose their main positions around ISIS-held pocket.

Photos of ISIS attacks:



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  • Michał Hunicz

    That pocket is a nice farce. As if someone supports terrorists there.

    • BMWA1

      Most perplexing…I wonder who it could be??????

  • Joe

    Anyone believe this bs?

    • Ed

      Why wouldn’t it be true?!

    • Potato Potato

      It is a well known fact SDF cannon fodder stationed around Hajin is incompetent.

  • Jens Holm

    Ir would be nice SDFs gave a lot of open information about it. Until then this is very hard to believe.

    If true its terrible.

  • Concrete Mike

    Holy isis spam….someone blew their data plan sending all these photos

    • You can call me Al

      It was only yesterday or so, when the Iraqis went in and blew them to smithereens killing 40; they just seem to have a never ending flow of vermin. Russia should gather them all up, fly them over to the US and drop them in the centre of DC.

  • zman

    I wonder how long the Kurds will willingly be cannon fodder for the west just to give the west a ‘reason’ to stay? How owned are they to continue to fight a fake enemy and die for the Zionist plan? Do the low level fighters know their betters are sacrificing them for money?… or do they truly believe that this will get them a ‘homeland’?

    • You can call me Al

      The Kurds are a strange lot, first they work alongside the Syrians, then dump the Syrians and work alongside the US and then the US predictably dumps them; I really want to feel sorry for them, but I cannot now – they deserve everything they get.

      • jorge

        Well, they are happy, they have to earn a death, as we can see on the photos. It’s the dark side of the yankee farce.

      • Wolfgang Wolf

        stupid whores… selling their asses for the ones who pays more!! was always like this, and was the reason that they never were able to unite

  • R Trojson

    Guess those ISIS reinforcements from al Safa arrived at the right time. Was so thoughtful of Russia-Syria-Iran to just let them leave al Safa after having them surrounded for almost a year.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      yes airlifted there by their friendly american air.

      • R Trojson

        Very funny, now Putin takes orders from Mattis and just lets US pick up 1000+ ISIS fighters by helicopter and move them over 300miles of SAA territory. That would be close to 200 trips and take weeks.

    • Concrete Mike

      Just like when the yanks flooded the euphrates during liberation of deir ez zor….paybacks a bitch.

      Although your lying , im just throwing back something crass at you in a way you would understand.

      • R Trojson

        At least you agree with my point that ISIS works for Russia. I had dreamed that ISIS would be a common enemy that both Russia and US would work together to eradicate. At least Putin was forced to come out of the closet with ISIS so we all see him for what he is.

        • Concrete Mike

          Me saying your lying was clearly showing my disagreement. Your slander is childish and annoying.

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    now you can see, the “glorious!” SDF forces are totally overrated… and as soon as the weather is bad for close air support of the “sunshine-only” airforce of umerrika, everything goes down the river))))

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    No dead Kurds, just Arab and Christian SDF, I keep telling everyone the KURDS AREN’T FIGHTING HERE AT ALL anymore, they’re on strike, it’s other members of the SDF that are being killed here.
    Isis will go for the Christian SDF like a pack of savage’s, they want to capture them more than anything, they’ll make great propaganda videos with them. The pictures I’ve seen so far don’t show Arab prisoners, they look more like Kurds or Christians [but I’m no expert], and since there are no Kurds fighting here, I’m worrying that they’ve already captured some Christians.
    1 town down already, get ready for a few more to be captured before the Kurds decide to resume fighting Isis. The Kurds will let Isis capture a few more majority Arab towns to make the US squirm, they’re bargaining with Trump right now because they’re hoping to get more than what’s on offer from him at the moment, and by withholding their services, they’re hoping they can get it, it’s called blackmail.
    There’s at least 6500 Isis fighters in the north and at least 50 maybe 60,000 SDF, no match at all, don’t you all wonder how such a small pocket of Isis,1500 at Hajin can withstand the combined might of 50-60,000 ground troops, as well as all the heavy ground support and airpower, pure impossibility.