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JUNE 2021

ISIS Summarizes Results Of Its Most Recent Attacks World-Wide

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ISIS Summarizes Results Of Its Most Recent Attacks World-Wide

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On April 9, ISIS’ al-Naba’ newspaper released a report summarizing the results of the terrorist group’s recent attacks around the world. In the report, the terrorist group claimed that its fighters had carried out 60 operations in eight different regions during the last week. The supposed operations were distributed as follows:

  • 29 operations in Iraq – killing or injuring 66 government fighters and civilians;
  • 11 operations in Syria – killing or injuring 22 government fighters and civilians;
  • 7 operations in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula – killing or injuring 18 government fighters and civilians;
  • 6 operations in Western Africa – killing or injuring 85 people;
  • 3 operations in Central Africa – killing or injuring 5 people;
  • 2 operations in Yemen – killing or injuring 3 people;
  • A single operation in India – killing or injuring 3 people;
  • A single operation in Somalia – killing or injuring 3 people.

ISIS claimed that 30 vehicles, including 16 4×4 trucks and 8 armoured vehicles, were destroyed in the course of these operations. The terrorists also burned three military positions.

The first week of April indeed witnessed a surge in ISIS attacks, especially in Africa. Nevertheless, the group likely exaggerated its claims to boost the morale of its supporters around the world.

ISIS focused on hit and run attacks after losing all of its territories in Iraq and Syria three years ago. While the terrorist group is working to re-establish its influence, it is not trying to hold any large territories in Syria and Iraq, at least for now.


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Nwo/cia/tyranny afilliates,of course the phaedo reserve zombie corporatos are very desperate,whats needed is an alliance to put these luciferian control freaks out of buisness for good,now is the time,no need for majot military interventions,may all legitimate elected governments unite against their vermin!

Ashok Varma

Isn’t ISIS a CIA subsidiary?

Jimmy Jim



And where did all these attacks get them? Absolutely nowhere. They are nothing but a pathetic, desperate bunch of deluded desert dwelling fuckwits who have lost everything and gained nothing and are now so hungry for attention that they have resorted to actually listing their pitiful, feeble accomplishments in the hope that they will still come across as all powerful!!! Plus I love how they are referred to as ‘OPERATIONS’!! Fucking pathetic.

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