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ISIS Summarizes 30 Days Of Attacks By Its Terrorists In West Africa

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ISIS Summarizes 30 Days Of Attacks By Its Terrorists In West Africa

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On July 10, ISIS’ al-Naba’ newspaper released a summery of the terrorist group’s recent operations in the “West Africa Wilayah.”

According to the newspaper, the group’s terrorists carried out 25 operations against the armed forces of Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon between June 7 and July 6. The operations included raids, ambushes, bombings and assassinations.

ISIS claimed that more than 290 Nigerian, Chadian and Cameroonian soldiers were killed in the operations. Moreover, 14 vehicles were destroyed and 14 others were captured. The group terrorists also burned 10 houses and destroyed 6 military posts.

The terrorist group listed the following operations as the most significant:

  • The June 9 attack on the town of Gubio in the Nigerian state of Borno. ISIS claims that 90 pro-government fighters were killed.
  • The June 15 suicide attack in the town of Krinwa in the Cameroonian area of Marte. ISIS claims that 34 service members were killed.
  • The June 28 attack on the towns of Maiduguri and Damboa in the state of Boron. ISIS claims that 16 service members were killed.
  • The July 7 attack on Maiduguri-Damboa road. ISIS Claims that 40 service members were killed.

ISIS’ branch in West Africa, previously known as Boko Harm, is active in the Nigerian, Cameroonian and Chadian areas surrounding Lake Chad.

Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad are conducting operations against ISIS remnants near Lake Chad on a regular basis. The three countries should improve coordination between their forces to address the growing threat of the terrorist group.


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Ivan Freely

When these nations coordinate in tackling this issue, they also need to follow the money. Someone is funding this BS.

Peter Moy

Yes I believe the ultimate goal of the invisible hands supporting these murderous savages is control of the vast Nigerian oilfields and the mineral wealth of Chad and Cameroon.


Oh dear. Are we supposed to be the slightest bit scared or intimidated by these desperate, attention seeking wankers? And why do people still keep insisting on calling them ‘ISIS’?

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