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JUNE 2023

ISIS Suicide Bombers Attack US Military Base in Northern Syria

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ISIS Suicide Bombers Attack US Military Base in Northern Syria

According to the ISIS-linked media outlet, Amaq Agency, 7 suicide bombers broke through a residential area near Tishreen Dam east of Aleppo where a U.S. military outpost and the operation room for Manbij operation were located.

3 bombers detonated explosives in a group of guards, mostly Kurdish fighters, other 4 entered the buildings. Before these 4 terrorists were neutralized, at least 41 US soldiers and Kurdish fighters had been killed and injured, according to Amaq.

Amaq has not been able to provide photo or video evidence of the attack.

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Hate to see American soldiers killed for ambitions of psychos in Washington DC. Such a waste!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Wow, if this story proves true, then it proves president Assad right! You cannot support terrorist, and then not expect tp become a victim of terrorism yourself. These US solders chose to back an imperial Empire. and 80% of them do it for financial gain. And freebies. Most American Patriots these days do not join the imperial forces, but rather utilize their energy on saving the Republic from the Empire here at home.

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