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JUNE 2021

ISIS Suicide Bombers Attack Mosque In Northwestern Afghanistan

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On March 25, two suicide bombers attacked Nabi Akram Mosque in the city of Herat, the capital of the northwestern province of Herat, according to the Afghan TOLO TV. Herat police chief’s spokesman Abdul Ahad Walizada told TOLO that the Afghan Police had been able to kill one of the suicide bombers, but the other one blew himself up right next to the mosque.

According to the Chinses Xinhua News Agency, one civilian was killed and seven others were injured in the attack.

“Police and the rescue team reached the site following the attack and all the injured were rushed to Herat Regional Hospital for treatment,” Walizada told Xinhua News Agency.

Few hours later, the ISIS-linked news agency confirmed that the two suicide bombers had been fighters of ISIS. Amaq said that ISIS had targeted the Shiite worshipers in the mosque and claimed that 12 of them had been killed or injured in the attack.

ISIS Suicide Bombers Attack Mosque In Northwestern Afghanistan

The two suicide bombers, click to see the full-size image

The new attack confirms that the ISIS influence has reached the northwestern part of Afghanistan after it had been limited to the eastern part of the country, mainly within Nangarhar province.

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Pave Way IV

Hmmm… targeting innocent Shias while they were praying. Now what fanatical, nutjob death cult masquerading as legitimate form of Islam would do something like that, and who would be sponsoring them? I think their Crown Prince is in the US now. Maybe I should ask him.


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Look like these guys are here to stay and they will never be defeated.

You can call me Al

Which of course is the excuse needed, for the Yanks to stay. It is all smoke and mirrors.


So you think that if the US were to leave, the bombings would stop? Hmmm, don’t think so. Cool name and pic by the way!

You can call me Al

Yes I do think so and thank you.


Yeah, Afganis, this is beyond sanity, everyone of you should know this, Its lower than cowardliness, this is what the Saudi-barbarians have done throughout the Arabian lands for decades, run covert wars for decades, payed their whores, the Wankees to fight their wars, and the Europeans, well, takes the meaning is been an ass-liker to new and unprecedented heights, down there at the foggy bottom, where creatures as Bozo The Clown rules the flow of manure this days, so bad its biblical.

ISIS, is Saudi:uISISs and ISISraels doing, the rest, MI6/CIA is arming and founding them, done that for an century now, how many millions have they not killed, how many millions have they dont displaced, and we are feed images of an demonstration against an f…. gun, but non of this PC creeps have ever said anything against their own Gov. the Kosher Nostra.
Not an pip.
And now we are been “rewarded” with even more bonkers neo-CON and ISISraeli but cheek spreaders, much worse than the scums before, its simply amazing.

ISIS will be gone within an week the day uISISa is gone, I dont doubt that, Taliban would wipe them out, they, the ISIS is created for been an safe haven for the Scums, thats why they are growing, and of course, Heroin, yeah, tons of cash, and that isnt an exaggeration, containers of cash.
Afghanistan have one problem, the uISISa.
Taliban have one problem, their battle field is among their own people, and that hampers, when the Wankees uses scorched earth tech, aka carpet bomb anything in front of you, yeah entire villages pulverized, and nobody cares, but whines about Taliban.
And have been ongoing wothout break for 17 years, 17 years of war, 17 years in hell and we watch whining shit heads drool about Guns on the bloody Tube, camouflaging their evil,ignorance, etc and compliance to the wars by silence, with to me is equally to compliance to the war crimes, yapping bullshit about something like caring for humanity, never before have the puke level been so thru out as it is this days.


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