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ISIS Suicide Bomber Targets Syrian Army Troops In Western Daraa. Casualties Reported

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ISIS Suicide Bomber Targets Syrian Army Troops In Western Daraa. Casualties Reported

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On July 10, a suicide bomber from the ISIS-linked militant group Khalid ibn al-Walid targeted positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) at the village of Zaizoun in the western part of the province of Daraa.

According to ISIS-linked sources, about two dozens of SAA troops were killed in the incident. However, this number is clearly overestimated. Pro-government sources say that less than 10 SAA troops were killed or injured in the attack.

There is no confirmed data or photo and video evidence allowing to confirm or deny claims of the sides.

Zaizoun came under control of the SAA on July 9 after non-ISIS militants had surrendered in the area.

Khalid ibn al-Walid has increased its activity in the province of Daraa amid the ongoing SAA advance in the area. The group’s leadership clearly understands that as soon as the SAA finishes its operation to retake the city of Daraa, the SAA command will start a military operation to defeat the ISIS-linked group.

Meanwhile, reports started appearing that some members of militant groups surrendering to the SAA – their radical part – already joined Khalid ibn al-Walid to participate in the battle against pro-government forces.

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Michał Hunicz

Looks like a growing cooperation between moderate and jihadist rebels! Let’s send few Tu-160s to wipe out some Daesh strongholds.

Al Holmes

The smell of smoked Daesh in the morning… Coming soon… very very soon…

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Yes syria only has one black spot near the Golan that should be like a big X for T 160 bomber practice.

Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Hello Jordan. Here we are on your front door wanting to make fair trade. We will give you 1000 dead ISIS butchers for every newly painted running Toyota pickup truck. Russia only supplies us with military weapons, military intelligence, bomber air support, humanitarian aid, military police but no Toyota trucks.

Icarus Tanović

Russia actually suply them with ZIL pickup tracks, Lada Nivas, etc.


Looks like those IS fucktards trust zio pigs to defend their filthy asses in Golan area. Question rises: will zio scum open the gates if IS run like hell once SAA attacks?

leon mc pilibin

Israhell wont open its borders to isis,who they have been supporting for 7 years,so it looks like isis will find out the hard way what scumbage they got into bed with,lol.


Many of These Isis militants here were Palestinians brainwashed by Saudis imams who taught them Israel is their friend, Syria and Iran are their enemy. Israelis love theses taqfiri Saudi imams, they want one preaching in every mosque in the west bank.


Destroy the ISIS pocket now SAA!

Feudalism Victory

Isis wants them to fight and die there. I bet some try to surrender how successfully cant say.


Coming soon: “Millions of tons of captured israeli war hardware”

Only in theaters!

Icarus Tanović

Someone gave them intel…


All this and the world cup too. Well done them Syrians.


after elimined the city of daraa elimined the pocket djihadiste hts of quuneitra and after the pocket of isis kill,m all!!!

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