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JUNE 2021

ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills, Injures Several Fighters Of Popular Mobilization Units In Iraq

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ISIS Suicide Bomber Kills, Injures Several Fighters Of Popular Mobilization Units In Iraq

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On August 21, a suicide bomber of ISIS blew himself up in a position of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in the district of al-Shirqat of the northern province of Saladin, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

ISIS claimed that seven fighters of the PMU were killed and ten others were injured in the suicide attack. An armored vehicle was also destroyed as a result of the explosion.

A day later, the PMU acknowledged in an official statement that several of its fighters were killed and injured in an attack by ISIS in al-Shirqat. The PMU added that its units are currently conducting a security operation in the district to neutralize the remaining cells of the terrorist group there.

“The situation is under control now and there is nothing disturbing the security and stability in the village and the surrounding areas,” the PMU statement reads.

ISIS cells resurfaced in the northern and western parts of Iraq earlier this year. Since then, these cells have conducted hundreds of attacks against Iraqi government forces, despite of the strict security measures imposed.

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Pave Way IV

Seriously, CIA… ISIS suicide bombers? That’s all you got left to throw at the Iraqi PMUs for your Deep State Zio-Wahhabi masters? No wonder you absolutely suck at winning useless wars (that you start). Why don’t you boys stick to what you’re good at: heroin and cocaine trafficking.


They’re also involved in the secret space program. Which is a hidden driver of events that almost nobody talks about publicly.


Naturally. Plenty of space on the moon for them. Next to the moon Nazi’s.

Feudalism Victory

The moon is an alien base and is hollow. People were never allowed on it.


As long as the US controls part of Syria, these areas will be a source of terror. Iraq has a similar problem with a 20 year US occupation, and the US presence there may be a contributing part of the problem in Egypt also. The Egyptians got rid of their Jews. But when they let the US in, they reintroduced a Jew internal security threat that has caused them a lot of problems.


Wahabis, ISIS and Israel are Trojan viruses of US, UK and France. These are malicious viruses that mislead and destroy the world nations.

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