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ISIS Suicide Attacker Targets Key SDF Base Near Raqqa


ISIS Suicide Attacker Targets Key SDF Base Near Raqqa

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On March 2, an ISIS suicide attacker targeted a key base of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the town of Jdeidat Khabur, which is located 30km southeast of the city of Raqqa.

“The attack targeted the base of the Military Public Relations [of the SDF], the Inghmasi [Islamic term for suicide attacker] entered the base and opened fire killing five fighters of the PKK [ISIS term for the SDF] and 7 local tribal leaders,” a security official of ISIS told the Amaq news agency.

According to the official, the attacker engaged in a firefight with the base guards for more than 30 minutes. Then, SDF reinforcements arrived the area and managed to kill him.

Sputnik reported that officials from the SDF’s security forces were holding a meeting with local tribal leaders in the Jdeidat Khabur base when the attack occurred. According to the Russian news agency, 3 tribal leaders were killed by the attacker, who also managed to injure 12 other people, including personnel of the SDF.

The attack appears to be a response to the SDF’s final operation against the besieged ISIS fighters in the Middle Euphrates River valley. ISIS cells in northeastern Syria are likely going to conduct similar attacks in the upcoming few days in order to pressure US-backed forces further.

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