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JUNE 2021

ISIS Suffers More Setbacks Under Syrian Army Pressure In Uqayribat Pocket (Map)

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ISIS has suffered more setbacks under a pressure of Syrian government forces in the Uqayribat pocket in the eastern countryside of the government-held city of Salamiyah.

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 5th Assault Corps, the National Defense Forces (NDF) and the Qalamoun Shield Forces (QSF) have captured  the villages of Mukaymen Janoubi and Mushayrifah, and reportedly entered in the ISIS-held village of Qambar encircling another ISIS-held village of al-Wastani.

If government troops secure Qambar, they will be able to clear al-Wastani and nearby points without significant ISIS resistance and to isolate the key ISIS strong point of Uqayribat from the northern, northeastern and eastern directions.

ISIS Suffers More Setbacks Under Syrian Army Pressure In Uqayribat Pocket (Map)

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Trustin Judeau

8 villages have been liberated today according to the Hezb media which is pretty good for one day – https://twitter.com/C_Military1/status/903206365639925760 .

Joe Doe

Actually, I am not impress and SAA is struggle in this packet, considered that most of the ISIS fighter left for Deir Ezzor and left only local and maybe some foreign fighter.

Let’s face it, SAA has low capability and High COmmand and Fields officers have to face it and try improve the issue. Otherwise, SAA will not able even defend Syria, after the war ends

Trustin Judeau

You are too much of pessimists , too much . I am not really . Every captured village is good . This pocket will be cleared , the question is when

Joe Doe

Yes, It’s good, but you have to look in the future not yesterday and today. Hiding problem under the carpet will not help. Showing loopholes and problem, which allows to analyze and corrected or fixed will be a lot better for SAA and SYria, than portent

John Whitehot

if we were in 2013, the future looked much bleaker for Syria.
at this pace, I wonder how will the future look in a year or two.

Joe Doe

We don’t know, because world is run by corrupt establishments which is waging wars to divided nations and people. Only United people can make change. Right now the world is so divided that will take decades to make the change.


John Whitehot
What another 2 years.
Scroll up, you wrote the Syrian Army has won.

John Whitehot

let’s face it, the Syrian Army has won and the rest is just blathering


John Whitehot
“…the Syrian Army has won and the rest is just blathering..”

You’re not the Syrian Army.

In your own words you are the rest, just blathering.

John Whitehot

don’t concern yourself on who da f is I.

If you could read in english, “all the rest” refers to any other discussion of irrelevant details, which is blabbering. The relevant part, is that the SAA won.


Yes they have, its just mopping up now.




This pocket has become a sideshow. It is not sustainable and will be taken.

The performance of SAA is indeed rather low on the one hand but one must not forget it is now a rather small army with some overworked elite forces and the rest is not too great, which is even more true for the NDF units and groups like the untrained tribal fighters, who are suffering heavy losses in southern Raqqah.

Thanks to heavy intervention by Hezbollah, Iraqi PMU and Iran and the RuAF, the SAA was able to regain the initiative against IS. In a way the real coming showdown will be Idlib. In all the time of this civil war there was just one real major battle between SAA and IS, the battle for DeZ. All the other fights were against IS forces that had first been degraded by the SDF, in North Aleppo, Southern Raqqah. The Badya had a few dispersed IS units and with RuAF airsupport rather easily defeatable.

Oh, I forgot, a year ago SAA tried for Tabqah and were routed by IS. That was a real fight too, but a smaller one. In 2015 there was the IS attack on Hassakah where IS defeated SAA but the city was saved by the YPG.

Joe Doe

I agree, with most what you saying, but SAA need working to improve and this is the time to do it. Syria, can’t count on other to fight for Syria. In addition, Idlib will be challenge for SAA and FSA and HTS has time to rearm, rest, regroup and improve fortification. The first Assad, should do is stop transporting ISIS, FSA fighter to Deir Ezzor and Idlib. Such tactics is good when ISIS or FSA like lay down arms before fight starts, but does not make sense or logic, when provide free passage and transport when ISIS or fSA are defeated. This is only bust FSA and ISIS to fight, as they have nothing to lose. Where is the logic?


Who made you a military strategist?

Wahid Algiers

You are always writing what you are dreaming on. The terrain is very difficult. That is what you finally have to get. And your so beloved SDF kurds are chewing on Raqqa like on a hard piece of leather. None of the Syrian Elite Forces is overworked. And the other parts of the army are doing their job very well. So leave us alone with your extremly pro-kurdish comments.


Delusional still?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just to dispel the Myth many left this pocket is false since many are local and why would they leave their home. Why do you always get this pessimistic idea that they aren’t doing enough , they are allowing them a safe corridor to leave so far. They are trying to capture this area with the least amount of bloodshed and destruction as this area is dotted with hills making it difficult to fight in.

They created 2 pockets now and will try to have them leave before they lay siege to the area which is just a waste of time and troops to maintain. The SAA as exceptional commanders and some solid field officers they continue to grow and improve where many countries have been failing dismally in.

Look at it this way this army is better than the dismal IDF forces who crumble in a real fight.


Yes indeed a great day, they always new that pocket would be hard to crack, such swift movement is amazing.


Good news, keep going Syria-Russia-Helzbolah-Iran forces, do not may deals with terrorists, just eliminate them as soon as possible. Dear Ezzor must be reached this week, if Russia makes a strong effort to do this (aerospace force).

Wahid Algiers

The SAA/allies now should try to create a second pocket in the far northeast region of the eastern Hama pocket. That will increase the pressure on the roaches and let them better smell their last burnt hopes and dreams.


The main battle line isnt there, thats an surrounded pocket and is more of an clean up job than regular war fare as they probably will encounter further east, capice, dont waist more men than strictly nessesery, and let the locals deal with the uISISa storm troops, the happy head chopping “moderates” is whats left, encircled, where the “rebels” whom is happy head chopping in the east still rules and have the uISISA as their air force, and I know the Yankikes wants one thing now, since the grand Syrian theater is slipping, Kurdistan.
One thing is to deal with the Turks, in their home yard, but with the Kurds, they have totall control, and thats something else, and what to chose huh, Trumpyboy.

Yeah, even our otherwise totally rotten MSM is unusually quiet this days.

The war, so far is over, what comes next, is an similar but with an different character, the Kurds and their fake History, witch, in this Crimean times, is remarkable hypocritical, even in Norway, they and the MSM whines about Crimea, while the Kurds is Heroes, poor people, and if you ask our Politicians about Palestine they turn blue, and starts to stutter something about Security and all of them refuses to acknowledge Palestina, even more remarkable, when we know the history, but the politicians and the MSM lies about that all the time, and yet the same scums without shame screams and points their fingers on others, truly despicable.
Yeah, how to debate with people that lack basics as shame, and morale, whom twists and lies about everything, all the time, and when confronted with the truth, goes bonkers in an hart beat.
Yeah, fascinating isnt it, for amateur anthropologist, its an downright inner 10.
I am having an ball of an life time, its an global freak show in real time.
The next time you watch the News, if you want to see whom is lying and by the you must be able to differentiate between ignorance, witch you will see, since they appear more “sincere”, but never the less, the deliberate lairs and others that lives by lying, as politicians are more experienced liars, but again, you will see it, eventually, and then you can turn On the sound and hear what is they talking about, tema isnt relevant, its the way its dealt with that matters, its much easier to do so when you turn of the sound and watch their appearance instead, very revealing, just an tip.

I dont think Israel will do anything, what this freak whines about is to make sure the Yankikes is listening, since they want the uISISa to attack Iran, and Trump is their bitch, 6 feet of pussy.
Because Israel will loose the next war, we all know it.

The SAA and Russia will continue to chew their way, sometimes it easy, it depends as much on terrain as enemy’s, but everything takes time, give em an month +/- a week, and I ges the area is cleaned.
Just look at Lebanon, when the finally got their thumbs out of their asses, not Hezb, but the rest, witch as far I am concerned, I leave no trust in, what so ever, to much American lap dancers and European cheep whores rampaging the land and its people, but this is an beginning, to may be something better.
Time will tell.


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