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ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)


On March 18, ISIS stepped up military operations against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) along the western bank of the Euphrates River in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to Syrian opposition sources.

The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq reported that ISIS fighters had killed eight soldiers of the SAA after they had shelled their positions around the city of al-Bukamal near the Syrian-Iraqi border with an SPG-9 recoilless rifle. Amaq additionally reported that an ISIS sniper killed two other soldiers of the SAA around the city.

ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)

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Amaq also announced that ISIS fighters had destroyed two 130mm artillery pieces of the SAA in the village of al-Hamdan, northeast of al-Bukamal, with ATGMs.

The Syrian pro-opposition media outlet Deir Ezzor 24 claimed on March 17 that ISIS fighters had been able to capture the strategic T2 station and the village of Humaymah in southern Deir Ezzor from the SAA. However, Syrian pro-government sources said that the SAA had repelled an ISIS attack on the station and the village.

ISIS fighters are likely trying to recapture positions on the western bank of the Euphrates River from the SAA in order to re-unite with the besieged ISIS fighters on the eastern bank.

ISIS fighters destroy two artillery pieces of the SAA:

ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Steps Up Operations Against Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor (Photos)

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  • Sakaramanga

    US unleashed its dog again.

    • Val Shadowhawk

      Which will be put down, by the Syrian Arab Army!!

      • Velva Goins

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      • jerry hamilton

        How long will America hold off firing missiles from their fleets?

        • schiamachy

          The statement by Russia that they will shoot down planes and launching platforms interfering in areas they are operating may prevent the USA testing the water through firing missiles from ships and using aircraft carriers.

          • jerry hamilton

            I know but the West has never believed them before.

    • Nigel Maund

      And ……..equipped them with heaps of TOW anti – tank launchers and missiles. Typical duplicitous, dishonest, deceitful and disgraceful USA Deep State – CIA operations.

      • Sakaramanga

        exactly. coz there was no other f*cking way that a bunch of pedophile wahhabi psychos could form and equip an army of their own.

      • Mikronos

        Those “TOWs” look a lot like Russian-designed equipment.

        • Nigel Maund

          Put up some comparative pictures?

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            Google BGM-71 ATGM could be same as Baktar Shikan ATGM it’s used by Pakistan Army.

        • AlexanderAmproz

          It’s all, but not surprising !

          True is the Wars first victim !


          500 million dollars on its way to fund the next war against Syria

          The Süddeustche Zeitung has shed light on the fact that arms are being transferred from the headquarters of the US Air Forces in Europe, based in Ramstein (Germany) and are making their way to the Syrian “rebels”.

          The weapons, (mainly Kalashnikovs and mortars with their ammunition), have been transferred from the Navy’s arsenal in Crane (Indiana) to the U.S. land army’s arsenal based in Miesau (Germany).

          This trafficking is really an extension of Operation Timber Sycamore, conceived by General David Petraeus when he was head of the CIA. It began in 2013, well before Daesh was created. In December 2015, the Serbian newspaper Večernje Novosti made public the role that the Ramstein base was playing in this operation.

          On the eve of the German Federal elections, the Süddeutsche Zeitung is focussing its attention on the legal aspect of this discovery.

          The US Commander of Special Operations asked the four companies that had been sub contracted, not to declare the nature of the cargo transported, knowing that the German Government could well be opposed to such an operation occurring on its territory. The German Attorney General launched a preliminary inquiry to determine if the Pentagon and the Merkel government had actually complied with German law.

          The fact is that German law prohibits arms being transferred to countries at war. Yet, the Merkel government has already authorized weapons being transferred to Saudi Arabia in the context of the trafficking operation carried out by Azerbaïdjan and its airline company, Silk Way. It was unable to ascertain if the jihadists in Syria were the end consumers.

          The base at Ramstein has already sparked controversy for its involvement in CIA kidnappings (renditions) and their secret prisons, as well as targeted assassinations by drone in the expanded Middle East. Neither magistrates nor parliamentarians have been authorized access to this base due to an agreement declaring that US forces do not fall within Germany’s territorial jurisdiction.

          But what really seizes our attention is the incidental discovery by the Germany daily newspaper, a discovery beyond measure: according to documents of the U.S. Army, the Pentagon launched a tender to buy 500 million dollars of weapons belonging to the former Soviet Union. This contract was awarded in August 2017. Some loads of weapons were then redirected to Croatia.

          Following the “Arab Spring”, Al-Nusra and Daesh, the Pentagon is planning a new war against Syria. This time the Pentagon proxy will be Kurdish troops to which these 500 millions dollar worth of arms are allocated. This new conflict should kick off within the next few weeks, once the Iraqi Kurdistan has been declared independent.

          “Heikle Fracht aus Ramstein”, “Millionen Schuss Munition für Kalaschnikows”, Frederik Obermaier & Paul-Anton Krüger, Süddeutsche Zeitung, 12. & 20. September 2017.

          • jerry hamilton

            Excellent article.

          • AlexanderAmproz

            Maybe you will also like this one

            Four days to declare a Cold War

            by Thierry Meyssan

            The week that has just ended was exceptionally rich in events. But no media were able to report it, because they had all deliberately masked certain of their number in order to protect the story that was being woven by their government. London had attempted to provoke a major conflict, but lost to Russia, President Trump and Syria.


            Although it has the fourth largest army in the world, the United Kindom is unable to defy Russia without the support of allies. It therefore has to invent a casus belli to make its partners react and lead them to stand beside it.

            The British government and certain of its allies, including US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, have attempted to launch a Cold War against Russia.

            Their plan was to fabricate an attack against an ex-double agent in Salisbury and at the same time a chemical attack against the « moderate rebels » in the Ghouta. The conspirators’ intention was to profit from the efforts of Syria to liberate the suburbs of its capital city and the disorganisation of Russia on the occasion of its Presidential election. Had these manipulations worked, the United Kingdom would have pushed the USA to bomb Damascus, including the Presidential palace, and demand that the United Nations General Assembly exclude Russia from the Security Council.

            However, the Syrian and Russian Intelligence Services got wind of what was being plotted. They realised that the US agents in the Ghouta who were preparing an attack against the Ghouta were not working for the Pentagon, but for another US agency.

            In Damascus, the Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Fayçal Miqdad, set up an emergency Press conference for 10 March, in order to alert his fellow citizens. From its own side, Moscow had first of all tried to contact Washington via the diplomatic channels. But aware that the US ambassador, Jon Huntsman Jr, is the director of Caterpillar, the company which had supplied tunneling materials to the jihadists so that they could build their fortifications, Moscow decided to bypass the usual diplomatic channels.

            Here’s how things played out:

            12 March 2018

            The Syrian army seized two chemical weapons laboratories, the first on 12 March in Aftris, and the second on the following day in Chifonya. Meanwhile, Russian diplomats pushed the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to get involved in the criminal investigation in Salisbury.

            In the House of Commons, British Prime Minister Theresa May violently accused Russia of having ordered the attack in Salisbury. According to her, the ex-double agent Sergueï Skripal and his daughter were poisoned by a military nerve gas of a type « developed by Russia » under the name of « Novitchok ». Since the Kremlin considers Russian citizens who have defected as legitimate targets, it is therefore highly likely that they ordered the crime.

            « Novitchok » is known by what has been revealed by two Soviet personalities, Lev Fyodorov and Vil Mirzayanov. The scientist Fyodorov published an article in the Russian weekly Top Secret (Совершенно секретно) in July 1992, warning about the extremely dangerous nature of this product, and warning against the use of old Soviet weaponry by the Western powers to destroy the environment in Russia and make it unlivable. In October 1992, he published a second article in the News of Moscow (Московские новости) with a counter-espionage executive, Mirzayanov, denouncing the corruption of certain generals and the traffic of « Novitchok » in which they were involved. However, they did not know to whom they may have sold the product. Mirzayanov was first of all arrested for high treason, then released. Fyodorov died in Russia last August, but Mirzayanov is living in exile in the United States, where he collaborates with the Department of Defense.

            JPEG – 35.4 kb

            Russian ex-counter intelligence officer Vil Mirzayanov defected to the United States. Now 83 years old, he comments on the Skripal affair from Boston.

            « Novitchok » was fabricated in a Soviet laboratory in Nurus, in what is now Uzbekistan. During the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it was destroyed by a US team of specialists. Uzbekistan and the United States, by necessity, have therefore possessed and studied samples of this substance. They are both capable of producing it.

            British Minister for Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson summoned the Russian ambassador in London, Alexandre Iakovenko. He gave him an ultimatum of 36 hours to check if any « Novitchok » was missing from their stocks. The ambassador replied that none was missing, because Russia had destroyed all of the chemical weapons it had inherited from the Soviet Union, as witnessed by the OPCW, which had drawn up a certified report.

            After a telephone discussion with Boris Johnson, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in turn condemned Russia for the attack in Salisbury.

            Meanwhile, a debate was under way at the UN Security Council concerning the situation in the Ghouta. The permanent representative for the US, Nikki Haley, declared – « About one year ago, after the sarin gas attack perpetrated in Khan Cheïkhoun by the Syrian régime, the United States warned the Council. We said that faced with the systematic inaction of the international community, states are sometimes obliged to act on their own. The Security Council did not react, and the United States bombed the air base from which al Assad had launched his chemical attack. We are reiterating the same warning today ».

            The Russian Intelligence Services handed out documents from the US staff. They showed that the Pentagon was ready to bomb the Presidential palace and the Syrian Ministries, on the model of what it had done during the taking of Baghdad (3 to 12 April 2003).

            Commenting the declaration by Nikki Haley, the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs, who had always called the attack in Khan Cheïkhoun a « Western manipulation », revealed that the false information which had led the White House into error and triggered the bombing of the Al-Chaayrate air base, had in fact come from a British laboratory which had never revealed how it came to possess its samples.

            13 March 2018

            The Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs published a Press release condemning a possible US military intervention, and announcing that if Russian citizens were harmed in Damascus, Moscow would riposte proportionally, since the Russian President is constitutionally responsible for the security of his fellow citizens.

            Bypassing the official diplomatic channels, Russian Chief of Staff General Valeri Guerassimov contacted his US counterpart General Joseph Dunford to inform him of his fear of a false flag chemical attack in Ghouta. Dunford took this information vey seriously, and alerted US Defense Secretary General Jim Mattis, who referred the matter to President Donald Trump. In view of the Russian insistence that this piece of foul play was being prepared without the knowledge of the Pentagon, the White House asked the Director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, to identify those responsible for the conspiracy.

            We do not know the result of this internal enquiry, but President Trump acquired the conviction that his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was implicated. The Secretary of State was immediately asked to interrupt his official journey in Africa and return to Washington.

            Theresa May wrote to the General Secretary of the United Nations accusing Russia of having ordered the attack in Salisbury, and convened an emergency meeting of the Security Council. Without waiting, she expelled 23 Russian diplomats.

            JPEG – 23.2 kb

            Published one month and a half before the attack in Salisbury, Amy Knight’s book presents what was to become MI5’s thesis. The author herself maintains that she has not the slightest proof of what she is claiming.

            At the request of President of the House of Commons Interior Committee Yvette Cooper, British Secretary for the Interior Amber Rudd announced that MI5 (Military Interior Secret Services ) is going to re-open 14 enquiries into deaths which, according to US sources, were ordered by the Kremlin.

            By doing do, the British government adopted the theories of Professor Amy Knight. On 22 January 2018, this US Sovietologist published a very strange book – Orders to Kill – the Putin régime and political murder. The author, who is « the » specialist on the ex-KGB, attempts to demonstrate that Vladimir Putin is a serial killer responsible for dozens of political assassinations, from the terrorist attacks in Moscow in 1999 to the attack on the Boston Marathon in 2013, by way of the execution of Alexandre Litvinenko in London in 2006 or that of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow in 2015. However, she admits herself that there is absolutely no proof of her accusations.

            The European Liberals then joined the fray. Ex-Prime Minister of Belgium Guy Verhofstadt, who presides their group in the European Parliament, called on the European Union to adopt sanctions against Russia. His counterpart at the head of their British party, Sir Vince Cable, proposed a European boycott of the World Football Cup. And already, Buckingham Palace announced that the royal family has canceled their trip to Russia.

            The UK communications regulator, Ofcom, announced that it might ban the channel Russia Today as a retaliatory measure, even though RT has on no occasion violated British law.

            The Russian Minister for Foreign Affairs summoned the British ambassador in Moscow to inform him that reciprocal measures would soon be indicated in retaliation for the expulsion of Russian diplomats from London.

            President Trump announced on Twitter that he had fired his Secretary of State, with whom he had not yet been in contact. He was replaced by Mike Pompeo, ex-Director of the CIA, who, the night before, had confirmed the authenticity of the Russian information transmitted by General Dunford. On his arrival in Washington, Tillerson obtained confirmation of his dismissal from White House General Secretary General John Kelly.

            JPEG – 26.8 kb

            The ex-CEO of the largest multinational in the world, ExxonMobil, thought he was untouchable. But to his great surprise, Rex Tillerson was brutally dismissed by Donald Trump. The former believed he was serving the Anglo-Saxon world, while the latter considers him to be a traitor to his country.

            Ex-Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is a product of the Texan middle class. He and his family worked for the US Scouts, of whom he became the National President (2010-12). Culturally close to England, he did not hesitate, when he became President of the mega-multinational Exxon-Mobil (2006-16), not only to wage a politically correct campaign favouring the acceptance of young gays into the Scouts, but also to recruit mercenaries in British Guiana. He is said to be a member of the Pilgrims Society, the most prestigious of Anglo-US clubs, presided by Queen Elizabeth II, a number of whose members were part of the Obama administration.

            During his functions as Secretary of State, the quality of his education provided a bond for Donald Trump, considered by US high society to be a buffoon. He was in disagreement with his President on three major subjects which allow us to define the ideology of the conspirators –

            – Like London and the US deep state, he thought it would be useful to diabolise Russia in order to consolidate the power of the Anglo-Saxons in the Western camp ;

            – Like London, he thought that in order to maintain Western colonialism in the Middle East, it was necessary to favour Iranian President Cheikh Rohani against the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei. He therefore supported the 5+1 agreement.

            – Like the US deep state, he considered that the swing of North Korea towards the United States should remain secret, and be used to justify a military deployment which would be directed in reality against the People’s Repubic of China. He was therefore in favour of official talks with Pyongyang, but opposed to a meeting between the two heads of state.

            14 March 2018

            While Washington was still in shock, Theresa May spoke once again before the House of Commons to develop her accusation, while all around the world, British diplomats spoke to numerous inter-governmental organisations in order to broadcast the message. Responding to the Prime Minister, Blairist deputy Chris Leslie qualified Russia as a rogue state and demanded its suspension from the UN Security Council. Theresa May agreed to examine the question, but stressed that the outcome could only be decided by the General Assembly in order to avoid the Russian veto.

            The North Atlantic Council (NATO) met in Brussels at the request of the United Kingdom. The 29 member states drew a link between the use of chemical weapons in Syria and the attack in Salisbury. They then decided that Russia was « probably » responsible for these two events.

            JPEG – 78 kb

            Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO, and permanent representative for the United Kingdom to the North Atlantic Council Sarah MacIntosh. She is the ex-Director of Defence and Intelligence questions to the British Minister for Foreign Affairs, a post that she handed on to Jonathan Allen, current chargé d’affaires at the UNO.

            In New York, the permanent representative of Russia, Vasily Nebenzya, proposed to the members of the Security Council that they adopt a declaration attesting to their common will to shed light on the attack in Salisbury and handing over the enquiry to the OPCW in the respect of international procedures. But the United Kingdom refused any text which did not contain the expression that Russia was « probably responsible » for the attack.

            During the public debate which followed, UK chargé d’affaire Jonathan Allen represented his country. He is an agent of MI6 who created the British War Propaganda Service and gives active support to the jihadists in Syria. He declared – « Russia has already interfered in the affairs of other countries, Russia has already violated international law in Ukraine, Russia has comtempt for civilian life, as witnessed by the attack on a commercial aircraft over Ukraine by Russian mercenaries, Russia protects the use of chemical weapons by Assad (…) The Russian state is responsible for this attempted murder ». The permanent representative for France, François Delattre, who, by virtue of a derogation by President Sarkozy, was trained at the US State Department, noted that his country had launched an initiative to end the impunity of those who use chemical weapons. He implied that the initiative, originally directed at Syria, could also be turned against Russia.

            Russian ambassador Vasily Nebenzya pointed out that the session had been convened at London’s request, but that it is public at Moscow’s request. He observed that the United Kingdom is violating international law by treating this subject at the Security Council while keeping the OPCW out of its enquiry. He noted that if London had been able to identify the « Novotchik », it’s because it has the formula and can therefore make its own. He noted Russia’s desire to collaborate with the OPCW in the respect for international procedures.

            15 March 2018

            The United Kingdom published a common declaration which had been cosigned the night before by France and Germany, as well as Rex Tillerson, who at that moment was still US Secretary of State. The text reiterated British suspicions. It denounced the use of « a neurotoxic agent of military quality, and of a type developed by Russia », and affirmed that it was « highly probable that Russia is responsible for the attack ».

            The Washington Post published an op-ed piece by Boris Johnson, while the US Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin, established new sanctions against Russia. These are not connected to the current affair, but to allegations of interference in US public life. The decree nonetheless mentions the attack in Salisbury as proof of the underhand methods of Russia.

            British Secretary for Defence, the young Gavin Williamson, declared that after the expulsion of its diplomats, Russia should « shut up and go away » (sic). This is the first time since the end of the Second World War that a representative of a permanent member state of the Security Council has employed such a vocabulary in the face of another member of the Council. Sergueï Lavrov commented – « He’s a charming young man. He must want to ensure his place in History, by making shock declarations […] Perhaps he lacks education ».

            JPEG – 23.2 kb

            Throughout its long history, England has never hesitated to lie and betray its oath in order to defend its interests. This is how it earned its French nickname of « perfide Albion » (after the Latin name for England)


            In the space of four days, the United Kingdom and its allies have laid the premises of a new division of the world, a Cold War.

            However, Syria is not Iraq and the UNO is not the G8 (from which Russia has been excluded because of its adhesion to Crimea and its support of Syria). The United States are not going to destroy Damascus, and Russia will not be excluded from the Security Council. After having resigned from the European Union, then having refused to sign the Chinese declaration about the Silk Road, the United Kingdom thought to improve its stature by eliminating a competitor. By this piece of dirty work, it imagined that it would acquire a new dimension and become the « Global Britain » announced by Madame May. But it is destroying its own credibility.

            Thierry Meyssan

          • jerry hamilton

            Quote “Throughout its long history, England has never hesitated to lie and betray its oath in order to defend its interests.”
            It sounds like a Clown convention that all the clowns attended.

          • Merijn

            Next they will start training New Headchoppers in Ramstein….to Replace the Old Dead Ones….mark my words….

        • David Pryce

          The US buys up Baltic supplies of Russian hardware
          At one stage they couldn’t keep up with the demand from the CIA
          for more supplies
          I’m sure the US has plenty of international arms traders to use. I think the NATO atgm had to be redesigned because it was seeking out nearest heat source and not intended target,this fault was spotted by the Dutch.

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          You are thinking the Baktar Shikan ATGM and not the Russian variant as this one uses the same guidance system.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        BGM-71 TOW Guess the US loves to showcase their weapons for sale especially by their advertising firm CENTCOM and ISIS film production team selling “Toys for Big Boys” videos!

      • schiamachy

        I note the militants firing the TOW launchers have their faces covered. Could they be special operations soldiers from Israel or the USA.

    • Smaug

      Oh good lord- THIS IS A SERIOUS MATTER!

      • Smaug

        And the tirade begins……….

  • Ishyrion Av

    This is not ISIS, is US. And is just the beginning of a direct attack of the coalition forces against Syria and allies. I hope the Defending Axis has a plan to counter this final wave of destruction which US, Israel and proxy forces will unleash against Syrians.

  • AlexanderAmproz


    Comment by the Information and Press Department on US threats to launch military strikes at Syria

    During the discussion of Resolution 2401 on the ceasefire and the humanitarian pause in Syria in the UN Security Council on March 12, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley implied that the US might launch military strikes at Syria similar to last April when such actions were based on unfounded unilateral US accusations of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Government. Russia and Syria were also accused of violating the ceasefire and causing the suffering of civilians, primarily in East Ghouta.

    Such unfounded aggressive statements by the US Ambassador evoke indignation and extreme concern. This is the height of hypocrisy – to hear assurances of support for the political process in Syria on behalf of the US that is occupying a considerable part of Syrian territory in violation of the fundamental principles of international law and the UN Charter. In effect, Washington is going all out to protect and retain terrorist groups operating near Damascus and in other Syrian provinces. The real situation in the Damascus suburb of East Ghouta is being completely distorted in the process. Terrorists continue the systematic shelling of residential buildings in the Syrian capital from this suburb. The crimes of terrorists are not mentioned at all, including the shooting of those who would like to use humanitarian corridors. At the same time, nothing is said about the fact that real humanitarian relief is coming to this region only from the Russian Centre for Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides and with its assistance.

    Attempts by the US and its allies to distort the meaning of UN Security Council Resolution 2401 that provides for the continued resolute struggle against ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorist groups are absolutely unacceptable.

    Against the background of the US Ambassador’s bellicose statements, there is growing concern that the militants may stage a false chemical attack by Syrian government forces against civilians to justify US unilateral strikes against Damascus and Syrian state-owned facilities.

    Such criminal actions could create a threat to the life of Russian military advisors, including representatives of the Centre for Reconciliation of the Opposing Sides who are at offices in Damascus and the Syrian Defence Ministry’s facilities. In this case the necessary reciprocal measures will be taken.

    • AlexanderAmproz


      Covert Action

      Although the principle of state sovereignty lies at the heart of international law, the super powers have not refrained from corrupting governments, destabilising societies, eliminating their leaders and even overthrowing regimes by means of covert action. While this form of interference is relatively inexpensive when weighed against the potential gains, it inevitably undermines trust among nations.

      The Anglo-Saxons have become the masters of the game. As joint signatories to a 1948 secret military pact (UK-USA + Canada, Australia, New Zealand), they fashioned espionage and covert action tools to serve their common project: the Cold War. They were rivaling in this field against the Soviet Union, over which they had already attained undeniable superiority. Both Maoist China and post-colonial France also resorted to analogous means with a view to securing zones of interest, mainly in Africa.

      The landscape changed completely after the demise of the USSR. China stopped financing armed revolutionary groups all around and concentrated on pragmatic intelligence efforts to sustain economic cooperation development. France withdrew from its private reserve in Africa to leave room for the European Union. Having outlived the Yeltsin abyss, Russian intelligence set about restructuring at the national level and in their historical area of influence (newly independent ex-Soviet states) by mobilizing against external intrusions rather than interfering in the affairs of other countries.

      As of 1995, the Anglo-Saxons invested massively in their secret services, whose budget tripled over a 15-year period. In addition, they have drawn the Israeli services into their structure either as full members or as subcontractors. In 2009, the Anglo-Saxon services (except Israel) operate on an employment level of 250,000 men and a budget exceeding 100 billion dollars (i.e. 15 times higher than Russia’s, virtually their main competitor). In effect, espionage and covert action have become the essential tools of forced globalisation.

  • Wolfgang Wolf

    the usual propaganda shit.. why publish such crap? to gain more readers?

  • Domenic Patrone

    More distraction away from the main front. Turkey is getting ready for cross border attacks or movements in a number of rebel held areas but will bounce back soon enough. Ahem. The main thrust to rid the world of the evil accomplice of Putin, as it is planned, may occur in about 2 months after today. Too many loose ends up north. Allies want Syr/Rus/Iran forces allocated all around so the center will be weak when the battle begins in earnest.

    • AlexanderAmproz

      Don’t forget,

      NATO tray to kill Erdogan and do a Coup in Turkey !

      PKK became a US/Zionist proxy !

      Général Başbuğ: once Ocalan was jailed, the US took over as the controlling mind of the PKK

      During his stay in Washington, during which he participated in several conferences, the former Turkish Chief of Staff, General İlker Başbuğ, made the following bold declaration: in his opinion, the United States and Israel had arrested Abdullah Ocalan in 1999 so they could take control of the PKK, an organization of Turkish Kurds.

      General Basbug follows Kemalism. He was trained at Sandhurst Military Academy (United Kingdom). At the end of the Cold War, he considered that there was no longer any reason for his country to continue to automatically serve Nato and, anxious to diversify its alliances, made contact with the Chinese Chief of Staff. Along with everyone else who participated in this initiative, he was arrested in 2013 and charged with belonging to Nato’s Ergenekon network. Following 7 months of imprisonment, he was set free and the entire Ergenekon proceedings was cancelled [1].

      According to General Basbug, in the period that Ocalan was exiled in Damascus (from 1979 to 1999), the PKK was manipulated by the Syrian Secret Services but it gradually became a tool of the US following the imprisonment in Turkey of this communist leader.

      The PKK leaders were moved from Syria to Denmark, where they remained till 2010. In 2013 they re-appeared in the North of Syria, in the territory occupied by US forces.

      During recent years, the PKK abandoned its Marxist Lenin doctrine to adopt the anarchist ideology of the American Murray Bookchin. The PKK, previously an organization of the extreme left thus shifted to the right and is working with NATO [2]

      Several former members of the PKK have assured Voltaire Network that Ocalan, who continues to be imprisoned in Turkey, was effectively a stranger to this 1800 ideological rotation of the political organization that elected him its leader in 1978.


      Anoosha Boralessa

      [1] “Turkey : The AKP’s Judiciary Coup”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Roger Lagassé, Voltaire Network, 19 August 2013. “The Turkish Supreme Court cancels the Ergenekon trial”, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 23 April 2016.

      [2] “NATO’s Anarchist Brigades”, by Thierry Meyssan, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 12 September 2017.

  • XJ5

    Who gave ISIS these ATGM’s? Has ISIS been trained to use these ATGM in an attack on theSAA by some outside force?

    • jerry hamilton

      You already know who trains them.

      • David Pryce

        The so called SDF on the east of the eupharties are a mix of kurds ISIS and AlQaeda all working under the direction of the US regime forces

    • Smaug

      Stole them during one point or another during this war, or bought them on the black market from some Iraqi logistics officer. Keep in mind that at one point ISIS had more territory and influence in Syria and Iraq than the Kurds currently do.

  • AJ

    These maggots are like zombies – they wont stay dead

  • Christopher Higgins


  • northerntruthseeker .

    Notice the American made weaponry….. Being used by American paid for mercenaries, operatives, and murderers…

    I hope American taxpayers take note… Billions of dollars now going to these “terrorists” around the world, while American citizens continue to live on the streets or in tent cities at home…

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    SDF have changes clothes and know fighting in ISIS CLOSES

  • Eskandar Black

    The only way to persuade people not to join ISIS, when they get paid in $$$ and armed with US weapons is to make the stick far more persuasive than the carrot.