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ISIS Smashes CIA-Backed New Syrian Army near Syrian-Iraqi Border

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ISIS Smashes CIA-Backed New Syrian Army near Syrian-Iraqi Border

On August 7, the ISIS terrorist group attacked a military base of the CIA-backed News Syrian Army (NySA) in At Tanf at the Syrian-Iraqi border. According to reports, two ISIS sucide bombers remotely detonated vehicle-borne improvised explosive device (VBIED) near the main gate and stormed the base. Then, the bombers blew themselves up inside the base. Pro-ISIS sources say that 12 NySA militants were killed and some others injured.

In turn, the NySA says that the group intersepted an ISIS VBIED.

In June, the NySA failed to advance on the ISIS-controlled areas near the town of Albu Kamal, sufferig significant loses in the manpower and military equipment. If ISIS is able to push the NySA from At Tanf and seize another bordercrossing between Syria and Iraq, it will show one more time that the US has no successfull “moderate” forces on the ground in Syria.

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Boris Kazlov

WHen was the last time muricans won a war? Tehy outspend the whole world yet no results.


New Syrian army? How original….
There is only one real and legal Syrian Army = SAA, these “new”, “free’, “moderate”, CNN-CIA, whatever “syrian armies” are not syrian and not even armies – nothing but terrorists, mercs, criminal gangs paid with foreign money and fighting for foreign interests.

Hanny Benny

New-Syria-CIA-NobodyReallyWantsInSyria-Army… WTF?!?
For whom and for what they fighting?!?

Jens Holm

Well again Hanny Banana. Its written in the article, they dont like ISIS and ISIS dont like them either. That should be a hint.

Jens Holm

Wrong. Look at the map. If Kurds were not there, Assad were serving tea for ISIS in Orlando.

Good. CIA and Mi6 and Mossad are more evil and greater threats then ISIS. They created ISIS. ISIS was here today, and will be gone tomorrow in cosmic time. But CIA and Mi6 and Mossad will remain, and create more terrorist by the millions. Until justice is served and humanity is liberated including the indigenous tribes of Europe and everywhere else as well.

John Whitehot

CIA, MI6 and Mossad are means in the hands of the same evil that created ISIS. Don’t mae the mistake believeing that intelligence services act on their own agendas – there is a higher tier – that’s where “evil” is.

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