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JUNE 2023

ISIS ‘Sleeper Cells’ Attack Kurdish-Controlled Iraqi Kirkuk: Several Terrorists Killed, Clashes Ongoing (Photo & Video)

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Terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group have attacked several government buildings in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. Clashes are still ongoing. A curfew has been imposed for residents.

ISIS ‘Sleeper Cells’ Attack Kurdish-Controlled Iraqi Kirkuk: Several Terrorists Killed, Clashes Ongoing (Photo & Video)

An attack against government buildings has been launched by terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group in the Iraqi city of Kirkuk. Reportedly, a curfew has been imposed due to ongoing clashes and casualties.

According to police, an attack against the buildings, including a former police station and a security building, which were occupied by terrorists for several hours before they were driven out by the special anti-terrorism forces, was launched by several IS members in the early hours of Friday. As result, Clashes between the security forces and terrorists erupted. At least three car bombs were detonated, and at least six IS terrorists were killed during the clashes.

As the Governor of the Kirkuk city, Najmadin Karim, noted, terrorists have not managed to capture any government building. “The militants were not able to take any government building or even enter them,” he said and noted that “the security forces brought it all under control.” According to a report in social media, the attacking terrorists were suicide bombers, who walked through the streets, dressed in police uniforms. Reportedly, the attackers came from “sleeper cells” that sprung up into action from within the city.

A photo, showing some of the fighters on the street, was published online.

According to reports, clashes are still ongoing. People have heard multiple blasts. It also have been reported about casualties.

The Kirkuk’s Governor has asked people not to leave their homes, and for “even those who carry arms for defense not to come to the streets so that the security forces can do their job.” Police chief Sarhad Qadir also asked residents to “stay indoors until the situation is under control.”

Many residents of the northern city of Kirkuk have fled there from other areas of Iraq, occupied by the IS. Reportedly, Kirkuk became a home for some 700,000 displaced people from southern and central provinces of Iraq, since control over one-third of Iraq was taken by the terrorist group in mid-2014.

According to some reports, the attack on Kirkuk, controlled by Kurds since 2014, is the retaliation by terrorists for participation of the Kurdish Peshmerga in the ongoing offensive on Mosul.

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