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ISIS Shares Summary Of Its Recent Attacks In Central Africa

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ISIS Shares Summary Of Its Recent Attacks In Central Africa

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On November 18, ISIS’ al-Nabaa newspaper released an infographic summarizing all the operations carried out by the terrorist group’s branch in central Africa, the Islamic State-Central Africa Province (ISCAP), during the last four months.

According to the infographic, ISCAP cells carried out 70 operations during the said period, including 12 ambushes, five attacks with improvised explosive devices, two assassinations, 49 raids and two suicide attacks.

39 of the operations took place in Congo, 27 others took place in Mozambique and the remaining four took place in Uganda.

ISCAP recent operations resulted in:

  • The death or injury of 269 military personnel and civilians;
  • The destruction or damage of 39 vehicles;
  • The destruction of 13 military bases;
  • The destruction or arson of 69 civilian houses.

The terrorist group’s most notable attacks were an ambush near the northeastern Congolese town of Beni that claimed the lives of ten soldiers on September 2, a large offensive on four towns in the northeastern Mozambican province of Cabo Delgado that claimed the lives of at least ten policemen on November 13 and a double suicide bombing in the Ugandan capital, Kampala, that killed and wounded 30 people on November 16.

Al-Nabaa has, without a doubt, exaggerated the results of ISCAP recent operations in order to raise the morale of ISIS supporters around the world.

After failing to make a comeback in the Middle East and North Africa, the terrorist group appears to be focusing now on the Western and Central regions of Africa.


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