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ISIS Shares Photos From Two Recent Attacks In Nigeria’s Borno & Yobe

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ISIS Shares Photos From Two Recent Attacks In Nigeria’s Borno & Yobe

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ISIS – West Africa Province (ISWAP) continues to launch attacks against government forces and civilians in the northeastern region of Nigeria.

On October 23, the terrorist group’s cells carried out two “hit-and-run” attacks in the provinces of Borno and Yobe. The group maintain a strong presence in both provinces.

In Yobe, ISWAP fighters attacked a position of the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) located near the town of Katarkwa. According to ISIS news agency, Amaq, three soldiers were killed and a pickup truck was destroyed. Another pickup, a motorcycle and some weapons were also captured. The agency released photos from the attack on October 26.

In Borno, the terrorist group attacked a NAF located near the town of Kombi. A soldier was killed in the attack. A pickup truck and quantities of weapons were also captured. Amaq released photos from the attack on October 27.

ISWAP cells have been successfully developing their operations and spreading their ideology in northeastern Nigeria for the last few years.

With the lack of any meaningful military action from Nigerian government forces, the terrorist group’s insurgency in the country will likely continue in the foreseeable future. The group may even expand its operations beyond Borno and Yobe.


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Peter Wallace

So one of the largest military force in Africa with 70,000 in the army alone can’t go and deal to these groups which going by their attacks are nothing but a few small groups . When are the political leaders going to “send in the troops” and get this sorted. When ISWAP means they have swapped control of the area . Nigeria the most populous country in Africa and one of the richest with oil and gas worth over 50 billion USD exported each year. Of course as Chevron followed by Shell are the largest oil / gas producers in Nigeria there wouldn’t be a need for a foreign military power to be involved , other than to assist the Nigerian government of course.

Basement Dweller Slayer

They can be easily defeated by the Nigerians because the Nigerians are supported by everyone unlike the Syrians.


The Terrorism budget is audit proof and an open cheq to boot. The Nigerian politicians are fantastically corrupt, to quote David Cameron..


iswap? isreal + white anglo pigslop? Sounds about right. The usual sponsors of terrorist groups.


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