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ISIS Shared Summery Of Its Attacks In Iraq, Western Africa In Last Ten Days

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ISIS Shared Summery Of Its Attacks In Iraq, Western Africa In Last Ten Days

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On April 22, ISIS news agency Amaq released an infographic summarizing the group’s attacks in Iraq and West Africa over the last ten days, which were the first quarter of the holy Islamic month of Ramadan.

According to the infographic, ISIS cells carried out 40 operations in Iraq, including the April 15 car bomb attack in Sadr city in the capital Baghdad and the April 17 raid on three positions of the Iraqi military and tribal forces near al-Hliwah Aiport in Kirkuk.

As a result of the attacks:

  • 73 service members, local fighters and civilians, including an officer and a local governor, were killed or injured;
  • 13 vehicles were damaged or destroyed ;
  • 2 electricity towers were destroyed;
  • 40 electricity generator and transformer were destroyed;
  • 9 houses and shops were burned or damaged;
  • 5 thermal surveillance systems were destroyed.

Over in West Africa, ISIS cells carried out a total of seven operations, including the April 15 attack on Nigerien military positions in the town of Mini Swrwa in the Diffa region and the April 16 attack on A Nigerian military base in the town of Camuya in Borno State.

As a result of the attacks:

  • 61 soldiers and civilians, including eight workers in international organizations, were killed or injured;
  • 14 vehicles, including 8 armored vehicles and tanks, were destroyed;
  • 6 pickup trucks were captured;
  • 2 artillery pieces of the Nigerian military were destroyed;
  • 2 bases of the Nigerian military were burned down.

ISIS has for sure exaggerated the results of its recent attacks in Iraq and West Africa in an attempt to raise the morale of its supporters.

The summery, however, shows how the terrorist group have been tirelessly working rebuild its influence in various parts of the world at the same time.


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johnny rotten

And who would be the supporters of Isis? Who and where does the site do as a spokesperson to the ISIS? Exactly, this is Isisrahell, now you have obtained the answer to the demand for those who are the supporters of ISIS in an accurate and irrefutable way.


It is not a surprise, that ISIS is on the rise. Donald Trump is gone and the Demonrats it have now their way. The last time ISIS was on the rise was during the time of the Obama/Hitlery administration. This is no accident. My oppinion is that the Demonrats use their old contacts in Qatar & Turkey again. Like king Salomo said: There is nothing new under the sun. I pray every day, that one day this rats will pay for all the death and destruction fully.

Hind Abyad

They never attack Israel.. they make 1million a day stealing Syrian Oil while Kurd steal Syrian wheat. International World leaders Mafia friends of Israel, protect them. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ec1f7d18b37090a5394985f55fac9a95f0ec27faf7d36002d049f67ec9926ab.png


We don’t protect them, they simply did not attack us when the were right next to us in the Golan area. Why you ask? because they knew what Hezbollah knew, when we go in we kill everyone of them and we don’t back down. That is our mentality and our enemies know it.

Hind Abyad


Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes


bombathon records up to 2020 this years not yet released

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