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ISIS Shared Summery Of Its Attacks In Africa During June

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ISIS Shared Summery Of Its Attacks In Africa During June

Illustrative image.

On July 2, ISIS newspaper, al-Nab’a, shared an infographic summarizing the terrorist group’s operations in Africa during last June.

According to the infographic, ISIS terrorists carried out a total of 39 operations in Somalia, Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso last month. The operations included 19 raids, ten attacks with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), eight ambushes, one suicide raid and one suicide bombing.

Al-Nab’a claimed that 171 civilians and soldiers, including three French service members, were killed in the operations as follows:

  • 61 were killed in Nigeria;
  • 30 were killed in Cameroon;
  • 23 were killed in Niger;
  • 18 were killed in Mali;
  • 18 were killed in Somalia;
  • 17 were killed on Congo;
  • 4 were killed in Burkina Faso.

A total of 12 vehicles were destroyed during the attacks. Six military bases and building were also burned down by ISIS terrorists

The terrorist group’s largest attacks were:

  • An Attack on Nigerien and French troops near the town of Inarbin in Nigeria on June 11;
  • An attack with IEDs on the convoy of senior officials of the Puntland State in Somalia on June 26;
  • The bombing of a church in the city of Beni in Congo on June 27;
  • An attack on a base near the town Maroua in Cameroon on June 27.

ISIS has been showing special interest in Africa lately. In the last few days, the group’s news agency, Amaq, shared photos of several recent attack in the continent.

The terrorist group is apparently working to build a new “Caliphate” in Africa after losing all of its territory in the Middle East.


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A clown like you

I have a feeling that the yanquis taking the L from M.E and moving to loot Africa.
In no way the yanquis could do anything in M.E…from Afghanistan – Iraq and soon Syria.


isis can be anyone or anything. In this case it is groups of ragtag maurading idiots likely very high on one substance or another.

Once they clash with professional forces they will easily be exterminated. China & Russia continue to expand cooperation with various governments.


BTW, what happened to the Sunni terrorist group in Syria called “raiders of the lost cause”? Did any of them survive?

JC Denton

I heard they are being held in the Temple of Doom…

Chess Master

There is a high chance for ISIS to control Africa soon, simply because it’s too expensive to combat them, there.


By far the dumbest comment ever seen on this site.

How much crazy glue do you eat per day?

Chess Master

You didn’t read my comments about Putin, yet.

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