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ISIS Shared Photos Of Recent Large-Scale Attack On Northeastern Nigerian Town

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ISIS Shared Photos Of Recent Large-Scale Attack On Northeastern Nigerian Town

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On May 5, ISIS news agency Amaq released photos of a recent attack by the group on the town of Kanama in the northeastern Nigerian state of Yobe.

During the attack, which took place on April 29, ISIS terrorists stormed Kanama. The terrorists managed to enter the town, that’s located a few kilometers away from the border with Niger, after overrunning a post of the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF).

According to Amaq, ISIS fighters killed four Nigerian soldiers and captured three others. Many other service members were wounded in the battle.

The terrorists also burned or destroyed a Turkish-made Otokar Cobra armored vehicle, a French-made Panhard ERC armored car and an Austrian-made Saurer 4K 4FA armored personnel carrier. Five pickup trucks were captured by the terrorists, along with loads of weapons.

ISIS cells have been working to expand its influence from Borno state, which neighbors Lake Chad, to Yobe since the beginning of the year.

In January, ISIS terrorists attacked a gathering of the NAF near the town of Gujba in Yobe. At least five soldiers were killed in the attack.


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John Tosh

The Nigerian Army must immediately change their communication equipment. A few years ago, the Nigerian Army allowed the US Military to use the defense headquarters in Nigeria. During that period, all communication devices used by the Nigerian Army were secretly observed. All Nigerian Military signals were decoded and the CIA got hold of that information giving it to ISIS The CIA works with ISIS with the hope of fragmenting Nigeria so as to steal oil exactly like in Syria. The Nigerian military is confused, not sure how ISIS seems to know exactly where they are and what the Nigerian Army or Airforce is up to. This is the reason for such military losses.

Nigerian Army and Airforce needs to contact Russia or China for New Communication devices especially GPS devices using China’s new satellite Navigation equipment. The communication devices will change the fate of this war if the Nigerian authorities heed this warning.


After what they had done in contributing to terrorism in Africa and Latin America throughout the Cold War, I don’t think so. Their track record is no better than the “West” in that regard. The political entities throughout the Western and Eastern hemispheres are two sides of the same globalist coin, this has been the case ever since the conclusion of the Second World War. They fool the masses worldwide with their false Hegelian Dialect to distract the masses from the unfortunate fact that nearly all of their rulers are the true enemies of humanity, the Cold War was a ruse to overthrow any government that was not yet under their control.

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