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ISIS’ Self-Proclaimed “Caliphate” Is Witnessing Its Last Days In Syria And Iraq

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The self-proclaimed caliphate of ISIS has suffered a double blow in Syria and Iraq. While US-backed forces were democratically negotiating with ISIS-linked Arab tribes in the Omar oil fields and nearby areas, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces and the Republican Guard supported by the Russian Aerospace Forces undemocratically crushed the ISIS defense inside Deir Ezzor city. On November 3, Syrian forces liberated Deir Ezzor after they had retaken all neighborhoods which were controlled by ISIS terrorists in the northern part of the city. On November 4, the SAA secured Kati’ Island north of Deir Ezzor and secured the recent gains.

The SAA lifted the three-years long ISIS siege from Deir Ezzor city on September 5 and from Deir Ezzor Airport on September 10. Government troops needed less than a month to liberate the entire area.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army and the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) often referred by the mainstream media as “Iranian proxies” broke the ISIS defense in the al-Qaim countryside. Iraqi forces liberated the town on November 3.

Thus, al-Bukamal remained the only major town controlled by ISIS on the highway between Deir Ezzor and Baghdad. As soon as the Syrian part of highway is liberated by the SAA and its allies, Iraq and Syria will establish a constant major supply line between two countries. Thus, the last gap in a land route linking Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon will be filled.

Furthermore, a Russian-made T-90 battle tank and a Shilka vehicle equipped with the Syrian-made Sarab-1 active protection were spotted near al-Qaim inside Iraq. The both equipment pieces were operated under the flag of Kata’ib Hezbollah. Kata’ib Hezbollah is an Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia militia. It’s a part of the PMU and operates in both Syria and Iraq. In Syria, the group actively supports military operations of the Damascus government.

This is a clear evidence that Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran and Moscow coordinate their efforts against ISIS in the Syrian-Iraqi border area.

On November 1, November 2, November 3 and November 4, Russian Tu-22M3 strategic bombers conducted massive strikes on ISIS weapons depots, fortified positions and command posts near al-Bukamal. Russia’s attack submarine Kolpino also launched six Kalibr cruise missiles on ISIS positions in the area on November 3.

These strikes took place amid the ongoing Syrian advance on al-Bukamal. The SAA and Hezbollah are advancing on the town from the T2 pumping station direction and the Tiger Forces are advancing from the direction of al-Mayadin. According to local sources, ISIS members are in disarray in the town. So, it will not take many time from Syrian forces to liberate it.

As soon as al-Bukamal and Rawah, the ISIS-held Iraqi town on the eastern bank of Euphrates, are liberated, ISIS’ Caliphate will be officially defeated in Syria and Iraq. ISIS will become a common terrorist group without a unified control over territory and governing bodies.

According to local sources, right now a large number of ISIS members, especially foreigners, are fleeing Syria and Iraq. The former ISIS members will soon appear in their countries of origin across Europe, North Africa, Asia and Middle East. The ISIS leadership may also make attempt to use some African or Asian countries, like Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Malaysia, Philippines, Afghanistan and others, to establish new rear bases and training camps. However, without an independent source of revenue, like illegal oil trading, this effort will be unsuccessful without an additional support of some powers interested in spreading instability in the particular regions.

ISIS, in form of a terrorist state, is witnessing its last days. However, this does not mean that Syria and Iraq will face calm soon. There are still lots of ISIS sleeper cells and former ISIS supporters in these countries, a Syrian al-Qaeda branch (now known as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham) controls Idlib, and the Kurdish-Arab tensions are smoldering in northern Syria and Iraq. These issues cannot be ignored and will become an important part of the post-ISIS standoff in the region.

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Game (almost) over retard jihad fckrs! ✊??

jerry hamilton

Only for now. America is no doubt already planning where to use them next.


YES as per my comment above.


It has only just begun, unfortunately

A THORN by any other name is still a THORN


This will be SouthFront classic
“While US-backed forces were democratically negotiating with ISIS-linked Arab tribes”, “SAA undemocratically crushed the ISIS defense inside Deir Ezzor city”

Jens Holm

I see the same. SDF`s actually has taken many small but defended villages and hamlets along Eufrat, they also alsmost has finished the Khabour valley and has taken away the oilproduction defence lines.

And dont forget the avacuations of 1000`s and 1000`s of refugees sometimes handled as more then 500 extra a say and UN behind there line having need for positive talk and support in food, tranportation, tents – almost anything.

We see too little of that.

Its also forgotten, that most of the fleaing people almost any time prefare SDFs.

We saw the same at Al Bab. Those people didnt go to the Turks for safety. Only bunches went to Assads. The main part went to Manbij and Afrin. Does that really dont matter for the oppinions for the future of it all.

And we see it at Iraqian Kurdistan even before Mosul . At that time 1,2 mio refugges were in the autonome feeling at least more safe then for ISIS. And when Bagdad finanly arrived and people had to be evacuated or ran away, so many went to Afrin (and Kirkuk).

Why does that not count even Barzani has/had a corrupt autonome also made poor of everlasting defences of different kind.

I dont understand, why people deny thats the people oppinion about it. 11-13 million people being refugees is no vote.

I dont understand why medies like fx Soutfront dont support, what all those people prefare and where and how the feel safe.

My sisters husbond once said, that even a hen is clever in its own way. Its not nice to say that as a lesson to You people as well as to the outsiders.

But those refugees are clever in their own way. So if You want those hens back You have to do something to make them come back apart from killing them or keepe thembehind bars supported by guns.


ISIS’ Self-Proclaimed “Caliphate” Is Witnessing Its Last Days In Syria And Iraq…..to be REPLACED by SDF, UNITED STATES, ISRAEL or some other representative name of and for ZIONIST Hegemony.

It has already started with U.S. Bases in Syria ( 4, I believe), Golan Hts., a “New Golan” called a “Buffer” Zone between Syria and Iran on behalf of Israel and RAQQAH, recently destroyed along with over 1000 Syrian civilians slaughtered and OCCUPIED by SDF

“Fun” times ahead with MORE, for Israel to come :

The Continued RISE of the THREE
Israels: https://youtu.be/ej8gmVXq3_c


Keep watching

Jens Holm

If I was Syrian, I would prefare SDF from ISIS anytime.

We also once again se the many refugees from the Valleys of Eufrat and khabour prefare SDF territory.

Why do their votes dont count compared to the ones in Bagdad and Damaskus. I see those refugees as the most normal ones for a future in Your region.

Some will say but Muhammed started with 11 years of hard civile war. Thats corrects. But he also have ideas of his own as well as very important ones from above.

I only see greedy Baals here even Assad is not from Baalbeck


Thanks for stopping by and could you return when you cannot stay so long


Jens Holm

You sell guns or coffins ? You invented coffin systems with build in cooler ?


Send payment in Gold with your order and I’ll see what I can do

Boris Kazlov

If you were Syrian, you would defend your country, and see that the problem is Ziomurikan imperialism= SDF = Daesh= HTS etc., obviously you are neither Syrian nor a man,just an LGBTQ cocksucker.


Anybody has any news about the ISIS civilians (!) who boarded a bus in Raqqa? Where were they redeployed?


To rat heaven


With rat virgins

Tarciso Ribeiro

they did not go anywhere,they still in raqqa,some of them are being used by U.S. as SDF members.


blah. blah blah. An auto repeat rant?

Tarciso Ribeiro

have you thought to be a professional clown……

Tarciso Ribeiro

comment image

Jens Holm

So, whats the joke.


They are all “clowns” ???????

Jens Holm

Thats not funny. If so, I hope they will be removed and replaced.

Tarciso Ribeiro

Use your brain.

Dawn of Svarog

He has none.. or hi is a computer program..

Jens Holm

Baathistas has the name because of You let themcomment image

Tarciso Ribeiro

what????are you in grade 3?

Jens Holm

As usual You forget all the others, which were saved by that.

You might have seen the results of those 275 which traded them to direction DEZ. Its could be the killing of 100 arab refugges close to Hasaka the other say or a few days before a self detonator in the Khabour Valley which made no damage.

It also could be some comming back here for normal crime+terror crime+home to where You come from, if You dont have our passport.

Not nice, but its done and normal for fx Assads as well. Dirty to take humans as hostages as well as shields. But also inhuman not to try to save at least mainparts of them.

Kira Binkley

Wonder when and how El Trumpo is going to take credit for this?

Deo Cass

From the maps provided from the past three weeks by this same news outlet it seems the Syrian government forces are standing put and not advancing at all, from both al-Mayadin and the T2 pumping station area. I hate all this unfounded speculation about advances that never occur because of some power’s behind the scenes agreement with the US colonial imperialist aggressors, invaders and occupiers of Syrian sovereign land. If we had not been in this obsurd situation three consecutive times before I would hope for the better for Syria. But when I see this deliberate procrastination both I and your readers need to be told the truth that al-Bukamal will be handed over to the American/Zionist colonial imperialist invaders to ‘take into consideration Israel’s concerns” as Russian defence minister Shoigu had said in his neeting with Zio/Nazi prime minister Nethanyahu.


Maybe it’s related to the US-Jihadi build up at Al-Tanaf.
If there are really 20,000 salafi forces in Al-Tanaf so close to Damascus, it’s not wise for SAA to deploy most of it’s forces at Bu-Kamal.
Let’s wait and see.

Langaniso Mhlobo

Brilliant point.

Mauro Craizer

al-Tanaf should be under constant watch but, nevertheless the wahabbi numbers you cited true or not, it doesn’t matter much, not even highly backed “SDF” & “Peshmerga”couldn’t do shit without all out present ISISrael air force-US coalition.
The real courage and determination is attacking while knowing that jihadi are waiting on you deeply entrenched and armed with numerous TOWs. Only SAA and allies demonstrated that courage, they’re fighting for their country not for money, Pentagon is having trouble understanding lessons(which they didn’t learn) from Vietnam and Afganistan. But who cares? Those who are pushing for wars are not sending their children to fight them. I’m really baffled when will American ppl say, “enough, what we have of all this wars? Are we safer? Exactly the opposite, so far, we have gained only more crosses at Arlington while fighting mostly for Isreal foreign policy.”
Wake up USA, don’t be fooled when they target your patriotism every time they wave that flag saying US wars protect Americans and their “freedoms”, now ask the same questions again. US veterans commit horrible amount of suicides, they’re neglected socialy and imo, they realised real reasons for their service, US freedoms are taken one by one and US is not safer. Only safe things are war contractors and their lobbysts.

Jens Holm

You have no realtions to realism and numbers at all. My own estiamate would be close to 500 semi-FSAs.

I cant estimate estimate US & Britts well. It must be below 500, but they can get help fast from their minibases in Jordan.


If you’re going to reply to me, the least thing you could is to read my comment first.

If I receive one more unrelated reply from you, I’ll put you in the block list and rid myself of your spamming.

Jens Holm

I dont write to You. I write so people dont ask why there are not 20.000 ready to go soldiers east of Dara.


Then you need to read – carefully – what I write so you yourself don’t confirm what you are.

I know it’s hard to meet your quota, but you can at least try to be accurate while earn your living.

Kira Binkley

The neoconservatives are going to court. The International Criminal Court. As defendants. Leave Netanyahu out of it. Neoconservatives are American, not Israeli. Perverted Americans. Psychopaths, even. That doesn’t include the Israelis or Netanyahu.


Clearly, SDF recruitment will increase as Al Qaeda goes through a “democratic” metamorphosis. Remember, In Libya, an Al Qaeda preacher was discovered to be a Mossad agent. Thus, we now know that a Muslim cleric is the favorite disguise of Mossad.


Impossible … U$ american Citizens every one a volunteer donned in combat gear of various types are still all over the ME, Africa, Asia and Europe !

Tie they went home … Kenya, where last Pous came from ?

Solomon Krupacek

go, caliphate, go!, … in the hell :)))


After all the so called alledgedly glorious advances of the so-called SAA, it is beyond clear that SAA proper is hardly involved in all those advances. For propaganda reasons everybody is talking about the venerated Tiger Force, in itself an acceptable regiment or so, every one knows it has been the RuAF, the Iranian gueards, Hezbollah and afghan regiments that fought in the Badiya, in Aleppo-east and a few token NDF that ran every time and some Tiger Forces that acted as firemen every time their collegues of NDF, other SAA units and Command screwed up.

Without those 70k+ of foreigners, far beyond IS ever utilised, SAA would have been wiped out and Assad would be now in exile in either Iran or Russia or having been executed as a traitor.

Bet that this will be rewarded by ranting ass-adophyles.

Jonathan Cohen

Why do they keep talking about establishing a supply route when they have had them for months from Al Zouf to T-2. at this point what makes another one so allfired important???? ABORTION RIGHTS IN AL-BUKAMAL!

Jens Holm

I am relative good in maps and finding things. I cant gues Your transportline for Iran and not even by Palmyra.

I can only gues You have spelled and seens Al Tanf also spelled Tanif wrong and have not seen that route is blocked by ISIS, FSA and US/Brits.

Even hard try to forget it. Things can trick You. They do to me.

Jonathan Cohen

Al-Zouf is East of Al Tanf and is spelled as spelled in the southfront map. It appears to be a speck in the desert with only tracks, but the natural terrain tracks are good enough for semi trucks according to the videos.

Jens Holm

I cant find it either. Many tracks out there. Soutfront might have spelled wrong. I only see Fata Morgana there. I wish You luck but would try to forget it.

Jonathan Cohen

I found my mistake, I mistook a Q for an O on the map. The months old supply route runs thorough Al-Zqof, not Al-Zouf; https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Al-Zquf+Syria+supply+route&atb=v88-7_f&ia=web

Kira Binkley

Me, too.


You’re right. Without foreign intervention the SAA would have collapsed. Just like the Kurds. Where would the SDF be without US air strikes and weapons?

Hint: There wouldn’t even be a SDF. And ISIS would have taken Kobani. And probably other YPG territory as well.


SDF is just another proxy created by US, can’t do shit themselves, they want to start a government,, hahahah don’t make me laugh, they couldn’t start a bar.

Jens Holm

They dont ask for a goverment but local governes based on sekularism based on Karl Marx.

You are right. Those kurds were nothing until they got same conditions as anybody else. You migt be drunk or at somethings else or blind Yourself, if You cant see that has grown into SDF, which by some help todays is 20% of Syria having 20% of its population as well.

And You are right its because Assad has made that uprise. By that You should not blame kurds for being neutral to it. You more should support them for cleaning their own space as well as making trenchlines for it.

Assads wasnt even Emirs of Latakia with no help.


But they do, they want autonomy now and later they wanted to merge with iraqi kurdistan, failed now, 20 % my butt, those are occupied arabic territories, sdf is still nothing, foreign support does make it seam that they are building something but they are nothin, Assad was and is a leader of a proper country, kurds are landgrabbers and thieves, the uprising was sposored and made possible due to foreign intervention.


They don’t need to even”start a bar”.They only need to “front” manage it for Zionist ISRAEL’s PROXY – Zionist UNITED STATES


Yes, the SAA had lots of help from very gracious allies. However the counterpoint to that would be that without heavy backing from the U.S., Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, and Israel, the so-called “moderate rebels” wouldn’t have ever gained a significant foothold in Syria. It’s been confirmed back as far as 2012 (at least) that these groups were being used by the west as an instrument for regime change. Additionally, it’s always worth noting again that this policy was an epic failure. Anyways, if you haven’t read this document I would highly suggest doing so. I got it from the U.S. Department of Defense via Judicial Watch. It’s pretty crazy considering the fact that it’s 5 years old. Here’s the link.


BTW, regarding the US Defense report document from the last post. If you don’t feel like reading it, this video breaks it down very well. So here is the link to the video about the document. Lol.


Melissa and Aaron DYKES are among the BEST for reporting TRUTH. I use links to their videos all the time

Keep up the good work “SUB-“

Jonathan Cohen

I have seen video of the months old Al-Zouf supply route from Iran to Syria, but now 3 search engines and google maps have nothing on Al-Zouf Syria, despite it’s being on the map in the above video and being the current key to the Shia Crescent. WHERE ARE THE LINKS TO AL-ZOUF??????


Try duckduckgo.com

Jonathan Cohen

I did, and dogpile.


Excellent article. For sure Israel-USA-NATO will try to use terrorists to attack IRAN and Russia. However, I doubt they will be so successful as in Syria. In addition, Russia looks like it has woke up at last, and we still waiting for China to join to Russia to act together in tnternational conflicts. Of course, this will be a nightmare for Israel-USA-NATO.


This is a good article, clear and simple,

done by an Historian(Laurent Courtois),

but in French.

URSS – Russie : 40 ans de combat contre la chimère américano-wahhabite (Partie 1 – 1979-2013). Pétrole-Djihadisme et CIA


Don Machiavelli

Can’t read it but that chart in article speaks for itself.


Don’t worry, Jacob Rothschild still has a lot of money that he can pay those ISIS fighters with.

Jens Holm

?? You are strange kind of stinking cigar by writing this. Has no relevance. You dont understand the structure of USA and they run most of it by lobbyisms.


Trump and secessionism


by Thierry Meyssan

While the neo-conservatives were hoping to create a « world revolution » by exporting their form of « democracy » by means of war, President Trump is basing his foreign policy on the respect for State sovereignty. Consequently, he has put a stop to all US support for separatism. Thierry Meyssan reminds us here of the ambiguities in the US position on secession, then demonstrates the common features of the events in Kenya, Iraq and Spain.

JPEG – 78.9 kb

Over the last few years, the CIA has supported secessionist movements in favour of the Luo people in Kenya, the Kurds in Iraq and the Catalans in Spain. These groups, which still believed only recently that they could create new artificial independent States, have been abandoned by the United States since Donald Trump’s arrival at the White House, and are now on the brink of collapse.

United States – secession, entirely at the service of organised pillage

The United States have always maintained a variable concept of the right of peoples to self-determination.

In 1861, Washington would not accept the will of the Southern States to continue living as a Confederation, while the Northern States intended to impose a Federation with customs duties and a single central Bank. As soon as he was elected to the White House, President Abraham Lincoln put down the secession. It was only during the civil war that followed that the moral question of slavery progressively identified the two sides. It is very easy today to forget the million people who died in this war and condemn the Confederates as racists, while at the beginning of the conflict the question of slavery had nothing to do with it, and the Federation also included several « slave » states.

During the construction of the Panama Canal, just before the First World War, Washington invented a Panamanian people, supported their movement to separate from Colombia, and was the first country to recognise their independence. Washington then installed an important military base and took over the construction of the Canal, de facto, right under the noses of the French investors. As for the pseudo independence, President Omar Torrijos, who renegotiated the sovereignty of the Canal in 1977, never saw it come to fruition, and was murdered in a plane crash. The Chief of Staff, General Manuel Noriega, never saw it either, when Washington decided to get rid of him at the end of the war against the Sandinistas (Iran-Contras). Accused of having been responsible for the death of a US soldier in 1989, he was imprisoned by the United States Army, and his country was then devastated during Operation « Just Cause » (sic).

Washington therefore has no moral authority concerning the right of people to self-determination.

JPEG – 19.7 kb

Kenya – the « good use » of racism

Kenya has only been independent for 53 years. Despite the influence of the Communist Party during the struggle for independence, the population remains organised along tribal lines. From then on, the conflict opposing outgoing President Uhuru Kenyatta and his perennial challenger, Raila Odinga, has been a rivalry between the Kikuyus, who represent 22 % of the population, and the Luos, who represent only 13 %, but who, allied with the Kalenjins, can unite 24 % of the electorate. Over the last few years, the majority has been fluctuating ceaselessly with every change in the ephemeral alliance between the Luos and the Kelanjins. Historically, it was above all the Kikuyus who obtained the independence of their country and had to face, in the 1950’s, the terrifying barbarity of the British repression [1]. It was the Kikuyus who won the Presidency in 1964, with Jomo Kenyatta. He chose as his Prime Minister a Luo leader, Oginga Odinga, who stood with him against apartheid and the monopolisation of the agricultural lands by the colonists. However, the tandem did not work, and now, half a century later, they are faced with an enduring conflict which sets their children one against the other.

Any political reading of this rivalry quickly reaches its limits, because the leaders of both sides have frequently changed their minds and their alliances – the only constant fact being their ethnic difference. No democracy can function in a tribal or ethnic society, and it takes a minimum of a century to evolve from clan-based allegiance to personal responsibility. Everyone must therefore accept Kenya for what it is – a society in transition within which neither ethnic nor democratic rules can fully function.

In 2005, the Kikuyu President formed an alliance with China. In reaction, the CIA gave its support to his Luo opponent. When they discovered that a US parliamentarian was a Luo, and that his father had been an advisor for Oginga Odinga, the CIA organised a trip to Kenya in support of Raila Odinga. Inserting himself into local political life, the senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, held electoral meetings with Raila in 2006, and went so far as to affirm that he was his cousin [2].

Since the United States organised a vast provocation by sending racist SMS messages to the Luos when the results of the Presidential elections were made public, and events degenerated, causing the death of more than a thousand people and 300,000 displaced, this operation has been expunged from memory.

Cambridge Analytica (CA), a firm close to the Pentagon which participated in the US campaign of Ted Cruz and then that of Donald Trump, acted as the advisor to Uhuru Kenyatta during the Presidential campaigns of 2013 and 2017 (in other words, while Steve Bannon was briefly a share-holder of the company) [3]. As for Odinga, he called on Aristotle Inc., a company which is possibly linked to the assassination of Chris Msando, the number 2 of the IT service of the electoral committee, who was killed by persons unknown on 29 July [4]. .

In any case, in the context of the disorder of the IT service of the electoral committee, Raila Odinga managed to have the 2017 Presidential election cancelled and then refused to present himself when the time came for a new election. The idea was to launch the secession of the Luo territory. Odinga then claimed the annexation of the Luo territories of East and Central Africa in the name of the work already completed by his father, the Ker (spiritual leader) of the Luos, Oginga Odinga.

However, the US embassy suddenly backed away from its ex-protégé. Having boycotted the second ballot of the Presidential election and discovering that he had been abandoned, Raila Odinga demanded a new cancellation and a third ballot.

JPEG – 72.6 kb

Iraqi Kurdistan – as in Israël and Rhodesia, independence for the colonists

In the framework of its plan for remodelling the Greater Middle East, the Pentagon had envisaged, as from 11 September 2001, to dismember Iraq into three distinct States, one of which was to be awarded to the Kurdish population. A variation of this idea rose to prominence after the proposition by the Council on Foreign Relations, in 2006, to federalise the country into three autonomous regions [5]. The project was presented as a bipartite proposition to the US Senate by Joe Biden (D.) and Sam Brownback (Rep.). However, the Israëli Chief of Staff pushed to make these three entities effectively independent so that they could install missiles on the frontiers of Northern Syria and Western Iran.

The word « Kurd » designates a nomad people who lived and travelled all over the Near East. In the 19th century, some of these people settled in what is now Turkey, in a region where they became the majority. During Operation Desert Storm, in 1991, the United States and the United Kingdom created two no-fly zones, one of which became the refuge of the Kurds opposed to President Saddam Hussein. Iraqi society was organised along tribal lines – the Sunni Kurds followed the Barzani family, while the Chiite Kurds followed the Talabani family and the Yazidi Kurds followed the Baba Cheikh (spiritual leader). With the regrouping of the population in the no-fly zone, a rivalry blew up between the Barzanis and the Talabanis. The former called on President Saddam Hussein, asking him to get rid of the latter, but Hussein was following a different agenda. In any case, when « Saddam » fell, in 2003, the United States placed the Barzanis at the head of the region which was now known as « Iraqi Kurdistan ». During the second war against Syria, the CIA used Iraqi Kurdistan in particular in order to supply the jihadists with weapons. In 2014, when it organised the Caliphate, it authorised the Barzanis to profit from the confusion and conquer new territories. Their stronghold grew progressively by 80 %, annexing the Muslim Arab and Christian populations. On their way, the Barzanis allowed the jihadists to massacre or enslave the Yazidi Kurds.

When, in contradiction of his country’s imperialist policy, President Trump decided to destroy Daesh, and set his armies to work, the non-Kurdish populations living under the yoke of the Barzanis asked to be connected with Baghdad once again. In order to maintain his grip on power beyond his term, President Massoud Barzani pretended that it was impossible to organise elections during the war, and organised a referendum on independence. This was a way for him both to regularise his power and also recognise his territorial conquests.

During the referendum campaign, the Barzanis assured that they enjoyed the support of 80 States, including the USA and France, who would come to their help if Iraq and its neighbours refused independence. Barzani’s allies, although they assured that this was not the right moment for independence, nonetheless avoided denying the position that the Barzanis had allotted them – with the exception of Israël, which publicly supported independence. Many States were more subtle, and sent high representatives to the region, thus showing by deed rather than words that they did indeed support the Barzanis.

However, once the results of the phony ballot were in, and the Barzanis announced that the people were 92 % in favour of independence, and thus de facto in favour of their dictatorship, Iraq, Turkey and Iran threatened military intervention. But none of the 80 States named by the Barzanis reacted. This was because in the meantime, President Trump had opposed both the project for the partition of Iraq and the recognition of the conquests of the Iraqi Kurds.

All of a sudden, the balloon deflated. Turkey and Iran, who were preparing a joint invasion of the new State, were suddenly overtaken by the Iraqi intervention. Within 48 hours, the troops from Baghdad freed the territories annexed by Erbil, while more than 100,000 Kurdish colonists fled the scene. However, they did not continue their progression to Erbil, thus admitting the legitimacy of the historical claims of the Kurdish people, but rejecting the pretentions of the Barzanis concerning an alleged Kurdistan on Arab territory.

A great number of Iraqi Kurds refused to support the independence of the pseudo Kurdistan. This was first of all the case of the Yazidis, who, on 25 July, created their own autonomous province, named Ezidikhan [6], and this was followed by the cantons of Germian and Souleimaniye, once the most severely repressed by Saddam Hussein, which boycotted the election [7], and then the Chiites and the Talabani family, who welcomed General Qasem Soleimani of the Revolutionary Guards, who had come to prepare the liberation of the Arab territories, and finally the colonists, who left to settle in Kirkuk, and who find themselves today in a similar situation to the French pieds-noirs during the independence of Algeria.

Isolated, Massoud Barzani has just resigned, probably to the profit of his nephew, Nechirvan Barzani.

Catalonia – false secessionists and real conspirators

JPEG – 37.4 kb

“Catalonia Today”, Carles Puigdemont’s English-language magazine, targets his Anglo-Saxon supporters.

Some people believe that Catalan independency was forged in the resistance to fascism. They’re wrong. The first Catalan independent party, Estat Català, was founded in 1922, in other words, just before the dictatorships of Miguel Primo de Rivera and Francisco Franco in Spain.

Some people believe that its founder, Francesc Macià (the « grand-father »), intended to create an independent State which had never existed, in order to save the region of Barcelona from fascism. They’re wrong. He hoped to annex Andorra, the South-East of France and a part of Sardinia because, according to him, « Catalonia » is oppressed by Andorra, Spain, France and Italy.

Some people believe that Catalan independentists are pacifists. They’re wrong. In 1926, Francesc Macià attempted a coup d’État after having enrolled a hundred or so Italian mercenaries and organising an army.

Some people believe that the Catalan independentists are historically left-wing. They’re wrong. In 1928, in Havana, Francesc Macià, founded the Catalan Revolutionary Separatist Party, with the help of the pro-US Cuban dictator, Gerardo Machado,..

The Catalan independentists have never been supported by the anti-imperialist States, and in particular, not by the USSR during the Spanish war (although Francesc Macià went to ask for help from Moscow as early as 1924, where he gained the support of Boukharine and Zinoviev). At the most, Macià was able to form alliances with members of the Second Internationale.

Claiming to be inspired directly by Macià, (and not his ex-leader, Jordi Pujol), and thus implicitly supporting the project for the annexation of Andorra and parts of France and Italy, Carles Puigdemont has never attempted to hide his Anglo-Saxon supporters. He is a journalist, and created a monthly magazine in order to keep his sponsors up to date with the evolution of his combat. Obviously enough, it is not in Catalan, but in English – Catalonia Today, of which his wife, the Roumanian Marcela Topor, has become the editor in chief. He also animates associations which promote Catalan independency, not in Spain but overseas they are financed by George Soros [8].

The Catalan independentists, like their Luo and Iraqi Kurd counterparts, have not integrated the change that has taken place in the White House. Relying on the Parliament, where they occupy a majority of seats, although they registered a minority of the votes cast during their election, they proclaimed independence following the referendum of 1 October 2017. They believed they could count on the support of the United States and consequently that of the European Union. But President Trump did not support them any more than he supports the Luos and the Iraqi Kurds. As a result, the European Union remains opposed to this new State.


The above examples of secessionism have no connection with decolonisation, which gave birth to the right of peoples to self-determination. Indeed, in these three cases, the States mentioned are not viable unless they annex other territories which have asked for nothing, as is hoped by Raila Odinga and Carles Puidgdemont, and as Massoud Barzani had anticipated.

It is common today to hear the claim that President Trump is mentally ill, that he supports those nostalgic for racist Confederacies, and that he has no foreign policy. Nonetheless, we note that he has managed for the moment to halt the operations launched by his predecessors and maintain relative stability in Kenya, Iraq and Spain. That’s worth pointing out.

Thierry Meyssan


Pete Kimberley

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Jens Holm

I wouldnt quote anything Trump. It might be totaally different different tomorrow are already now.

I cant see Catalonia fit into anything even close to the Autonome of 2004. Im have in words supported that people up there should have an autonome and altså it could be a little wider in the Constitution as well as in Land for a little more then practical matters.

I have also supported in words, that Bagdads should give Sunnis, Kurds and others in the northern parts their % part of the oil money. It still surprice me fx Maliki are not in jail in some dungoun.

I would finally say, that it was very unwiese to announce any country up there. My own oppinion is, that Bagdads can never run those part in North well and they should learn by doing.

After some years they might feel released if Kurds took over parts of it meaning the areas, which Barzani would take againt the Const. of 2004 and the borderlines of 2003. Thats how deals should be.

I dont see the autonome runned much better then the rest. Well some. But the point is both can gain themselves with no asking spending less money for war.


Barzani problem is to be a US/Zionist Colonial proxy
autocrat butcher.

Rajoy-Puidgemont did all wrong and clumsy, instead of
“Velvet glove iron hand” they used a Franquiste Nationalist
approach condemned to fail.

Instead of the US/Soros/CIA/ Zionist Catalugna support
I will follow the Denis de Rougemont teachings

The great pioneer of European integration Denis de Rougemont believed in a cultural Europe, a Europe of direct participation of people beyond the nation-state. Sixty years ago the Swiss philosopher became a founding father of the European Cultural Foundation (ECF). He passionately believed in culture as a vital ingredient for Europe’s post-war rebuilding and healing. De Rougemont stated that a peaceful and democratic Europe could only last if European leaders and people work together towards an integrated Europe, anchored in a federal system. He presented the nation state as the main obstacle to a European federation and believed in a ‘Europe of the regions’: regions representing ethnic and cultural units that ensured more direct participation.

Read Denis De Rougemont’s L’attitude fédéraliste (PDF).

How relevant are the ideas of Denis de Rougemont on the role of Europe as a political and cultural project today, in light of the dramatic rise in nationalism in Europe these last few years? An increasing number of Member States of the EU concentrate on national priorities jeopardizing Europe as a political and cultural project. We need a new, shared idea of Europe that inspires, levers new energy and confidence in the future.


Jens Holm

Thank You for Yor link. The PDF is downloaded and I will read it next time the wether is really bad. November often is bad wether here. Dark, cloudy, storms with rain and salt and sand in the streets.


I have rain and “Bise” (north wind), it’s cold,
snow on the mountain tip around, heating is on,
winter is coming…
On ARTE tv this morning there was a documentary
on the BREXIT, it’s interesting, “Le Brexit, c’est le Brexit”
(but it’s in French or German)

I can’t resist to copy and past some of
Denis de Rougement famous quotes

— Why should neurotic, selfish, immature people suddenly become angels when they fall in love … ?

— Falling In Love, Selfish, Angel save quote report

Having fallen from the eternal, the Evil One’s desires are endless, insatiable. Having fallen from pure Being, he is driven by the desire to possess, to fill his emptiness. But the problem is insoluble, always. He is compelled to have and to hold, to possess and consume, and nothing else. All he takes, he destroys.

— Evil, Desire, Investing save quote report

Animals do feel like us, also joy, love, fear and pain but they cannot grasp the spoken word. It is our obligation to take their part and continue to resist the people who profit by them, who slaughter them and who torture them.

— Pain, Animal, People save quote report

Happiness is indeed a Eurydice, vanishing as soon as gazed upon. It can exist only in acceptance, and succumbs as soon as it is laid claim to.

— Happiness, Acceptance, Vanishing save quote report

Social confusion has now reached a point at which the pursuit of immorality turns out to be more exhausting than compliance with the old moral codes.

— Sex, Confusion, Moral save quote report

To love in the sense of passion-love is the contrary of to live. It is an impoverishment of one’s being, an askesis without sequel, an inability to enjoy the present without imagining it as absent, a never-ending flight from possession.

— Passion, Love Is, Inability save quote report

Romance only comes into existence where love is fatal, frowned upon and doomed by life itself.

— Love Is, Romance, Existence save quote report

One possessed a thousand and three women (in Spain alone), the other only one. But it is multiplicity that is impoverished, whilethe entire world is concentrated in a single being infinitely possessed. Tristan no longer needs the world–because he loves! While Don Juan, always loved, cannot love in return. Hence his anguish and his frenzied course.

— World, Juan, Return save quote report

Passion and marriage are essentially irreconcilable. Their origins and their ends make them mutually exclusive. Their co-existence in our midst constantly raises insoluble problems, and the strife thereby engendered constitutes a persistent danger for every one of our social safeguards.

— Marriage, Passion, Problem save quote report

What stirs lyrical poets to their finest flights is neither the delight of the senses nor the fruitful contentment of the settled couple; not the satisfaction of love, but its passion. And passion means suffering.

— Couple, Mean, Passion save quote report

Both in the lower and the middle classes the wiseacres urge young men ‘to think it over’ before taking the decisive step. Thus they foster the delusion that the choice of a wife or husband may be governed by a certain number of accurately weighable pros and cons. This is a crude delusion on the part of common sense.

— Marriage, Husband, Men save quote report

A life allied with mine, for the rest of our lives… that is the miracle of marriage.

— Marriage, Miracle, Mines save quote report

Fallen myths can instill venom.

Denis de Rougemont

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