ISIS Seizes Jihar Crossroad And Tyas Mountain West of Palmyra


ISIS Seizes Jihar Crossroad And Tyas Mountain West of Palmyra

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As SF reported earlier today, ISIS units have been flanking Syrian government forces deployed west of Palmyra.

So far, ISIS terrorists have seized the Jihad crossroad, the Tyas Mountain north of the Tyas Airbase and the village of Bi’r Marhitan.

The Tyas Airbase will become the next target of the ISIS offensive. If terrorists seize the airbase, the Syrian army’s front will collapse in the area west of Palmyra.



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  • Takumi Fujiwara

    wtf are the russians doing this ofensive was been going for 4 days they should have some plan by now

  • Byzantines

    Russian General Blames Humanitarian Ceasefire for Loss of Palmyra

  • Karzai

    Russia and Syria air force just reporting the isil opensive and
    Hizbulah is just showing their ass on media

  • John

    For myself, it was surprising but, not a big deal. The Big deal was East Ghouta, followed now by Aleppo. With those pockets cleaned up, ISIS better watch it´s 6 o´clock.

    ISIS is expending a lot here. They are probably suffering unreplaceable losses in terms of material to do this. With using as large a force as it did to retake Palmyra, they re that much weaker. A lot of reserves were just burned up. This is also a PR loss for the West because, it looks like they were let slip out of Iraq. So much for surrounding Mosul and the awesome power of the US led coalition. While the US was busy bombing Iraqi troops, this crew with armor support moved freely to attac in Syria.

    The big question, in my opinion, is how much of a supply train did they bring? Feeding and arming a couple of regiments worth of troops is a tall order. I am probably wrong but, here is my prediction: ISIS will try to hold Palmyra for a few months. After that, the force that took it and reinforcements will be wiped. They will not have the luxury of constructing defenses like they did the last time and everything around them is unstable. What looks to be like a surprize and devastating vicotory for ISIS, could well end up equating to them shooting themselves in their own face.
    I wish a good day to all.

    • Byzantines

      it was a big slam in the Russian face and special to the face of Sergey Lavrov with his humanitarian ceasefires.I Watched tv show of Vladimir Solovyov,everybody blames Lavrov for the Palmyra.If Putin was not a weak president depended on from Russian elite should kick out Sergey Lavrov.

      • chris chuba

        The funny thing is that people in the west think that Russian media is controlled by the Kremlin. They have never seen how vicious they can be when interrogating Lavrov. They put western media to shame :-)

        • Gabriel Hollows

          Can you provide those videos please? If they’re in english.

        • Barry

          Russian in my area just showed me Russian media vilifying their own. no holds barred.

      • John

        Hello Byzantines. I am not going to say this is a pain free experience for those on the receiving end. However, with all things considered it is one bump on a very nasty road. This could be cleaned up more quickly than can be imagined. For me, ISIS in Palmyra now is the German army during the Battle of the Bulge. They are going to get wiped.

        • Byzantines

          Palmyra because of the desert is the perfect place to use all the kind of weapons including mini-nukes.Putin must decide ,he can not win the war depends on what writes about him the west media.


    Hey Lavrov, go and have a cease fire meeting with John Kerry.

    • Gabriel Hollows

      I doubt he will, there are no civilians in that area.

  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Where in NATO regime change war was there cease fire for humanitarian purpose.Lavrov must call NATO Kerry to arrange a ceasefire in Palmyra.Because Syrian troop did not eat or sleep or was for the past 4 days.