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ISIS Says Only 12 Of Its Members Stormed Syria’s Al-Hasakah Prison, Confirms ‘Many’ Escaped

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ISIS Says Only 12 Of Its Members Stormed Syria’s Al-Hasakah Prison, Confirms ‘Many’ Escaped

Click to see full-size image. Source: the Hawar News Agency.

On January 28, ISIS’ weekly newspaper, al-Nabaa, revealed new details about the terrorist group’s attack on Geweran prison in the northeastern Syrian city of al-Hasakah.

A fierce battle broke out as a result of the attack on Geweran which began late on January 20. Eight days into the battle, the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are still struggling to secure the prison.

A security commander of ISIS told al-Nabaa that the attack on the prison was carried out by two suicide bombers and 12 fighters only. The small strike force managed to freed thousands of their comrades, many of whom took up arms and went on to control the prison and nearby areas.

Previously, the SDF claimed that hundreds of ISIS terrorists attacked Geweran likely to hide their failure to guard the prison.

According to al-Nabaa, ISIS terrorists killed or wounded 260 fighters of the SDF during the battle in Geweran prison. The terrorists also destroyed or damaged 27 vehicles of the group.

Al-Nabaa also confirmed that “many groups” of ISIS captives managed to flee Geweran prison during the attack. The newspaper said that the escapees and are now in “safe places,” without providing any further details.

A recent report by the London-based al-Quds al-Arabi revealed a secret deal between the SDF and the terrorists holding up at Geweran. Under the deal, the SDF allowed 200 terrorists to withdraw from the prison to al-Badia in exchange for the release of 23 of its own fighters who were being held as hostages.

On January 26, the SDF announced that its fighters had regained control of Geweran and nearby areas. However, as of January 28 morning, clashes continue in the prison where dozens of terrorists are still holding up, according to the SDF’s own statements.

The SDF and the US-led coalition were well-aware of ISIS plans to attack Geweran Prison. In November and December, two booby-trapped vehicles, which were prepared for the attack, were destroyed. Despite these measures, the terrorist group’s cells were able to carry out the attack.

The information revealed by ISIS exposes the SDF’s poor security measures in northeastern Syria as well as the US-backed group’s attempts to mislead the public on the situation there.


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Alexandre Moumbaris

SDF will at some point have to décide whether they want to be Turkish subjects or Syrian citizens. They rely on US, despite the debacles in Afghanistan, Vietnam … As it is they play a funny role with ISIS US proxies. It will not last forever.

jens holm

Actually they choosed to not run away. You should have learned that years ago and also show that attitude respect. At least 8 million Syrians had left before SDF existed.

Most of the rest of the refugees are made by Turkey, which also did support and took Afrin and much more to it.

It seemes Erdogan oneway TV is the only source allowed for You. You are correct. He will punish You even more then Allah will. Soon he will be Your next Prophet as well.

Chris Gr

These peoples are in between three countries. They will have to choose.

jens holm

I dont think so. All in Syria need local structures for local devellopments by local Governess. Its a disfunctional state as it is. No progess has been done because influence and tax the oil money included has been spendid into corrupt pockets.

And its a bad one string system. Turkey has a strong center structure, which partsly are able to reach all corners(thats the French system). By that they can decide a lot well but also has lacks, which they by political reasons deny to solve.

But the change anytime should be Syria has local independensy in about 50% of the decidings. Locals know whats needed. They also can reward and punish incompetent people in te local parlamants as well as high ranked employed better.

Sober initiatives can come through.

Corruption will lower too. Id some local area has corruption its not spread to the rest and dont reach the Goverment.

The Goverment and its Parlament can handle things better. They are few and they can focus.

Chris Gr

You are missing the main point here. The thing called AANES is another Kosovo. It is used by Americans to create more and weaker states in the region to control them. It is in Greek interests for Syria to get stronger. It is in Greek interests for Turkey to become weaker. We are more neutral on Iraq and Iran, however, I wouldn’t like Iran to become strong.

jens holm

and 2: If I was Kurd of that kind, I would continue to resist and hope Assads and Erdogans collapsed.

I think it ignored what the disputed in Syria comes from. The uorisers mainly are unimployed in the rural districs as well as same kind and others being urbanized having no jobs and no jobs for getting even a simple living lift.

Shold they return to that. I would not. Many parts of Syria was like that and – of course – even worse today.

Assad, Erdogan and for that matter shiitisme in the Iranian way is no choise for them. Its a never go.

They belong with the many moderate muslims and the sober non muslims, which should tke over but in a sober way.

Thats makes sense.

Chris Gr

Kurds can’t unite by themselves. Kurds are not one nation but a spectrum of nations like the Tibeto-Burmans.

Erdogan and Iran have almost the same model.

Chris Gr

Syrian probably.

Lazy Gamer

Radicalization and training was completed. lol Assad should take control of prisons like these to prevent ISIS reinforcement.

jens holm

Try again.No one want that job. As long as SDFs has their part of those poeple, Assads has more soldiers.

jens holm

Thats relatives. It would be strange if many from the inside didnt. participated.

As I see it both are over- and underestimating things. That includes the escapers.

So far I add the highest and lowest numbers and divide with two.

jens holm

So far two objects cant divide with two. Maybe they are Hesbollas having only one leg saving money buying shoes in pairs with discount:)

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