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ISIS Says Kabul Airport Bomber Was Freed From Prison During Taliban Takeover

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ISIS Says Kabul Airport Bomber Was Freed From Prison During Taliban Takeover

Abdul Rahman al-Logari.

Abdul Rahman al-Logari, the suicide bomber responsible for the August 26 Kabul airport attack, was freed from an Afghan government prison during the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, ISIS al-Naba newspaper revealed in a report released on September 2.

The suicide attack claimed the lives of 13 US service members, most of whom were Marines, and injured at least 18 others. This was the deadliest attack on US forces in Afghanistan in a decade. 170 people, including two British citizens and 28 fighters of the Taliban, were also killed in the attack.

Al-Naba’s report revealed that al-Logari fought in the 2018 Battle of Darzab against the Taliban. The battle, which took place between July 12 and August 1, saw the Taliban expelling ISIS-Khorasan Province (ISIS-K) from the district of Darzab in the northern Afghan province of Jowzjan.

Al-Logari, whose name suggests that he is originally from the eastern province of Logar, was apparently among dozens of ISIS-K terrorists who surrendered to the Afghan government and were evacuated from Darzab via helicopters.

In its 2018 quarterly report on Afghanistan, the US Department of Defense claimed that the Taliban’s victory against the ISIL-K in Jowzjan as its own. Early on, both the US and Afghan government tried to label the surrender of ISIL-K fighters to Afghan military as a “successful operation” conducted by the Afghan military. Although the ISIL-K surrendered as a result of defeat at the hands of the Taliban.

President Joe Biden vowed to “hunt down” the perpetrators of the Kabul airport attack. So far, the US has carried out two drone strikes on alleged cells of ISIS-K in Afghanistan.

The information revealed by al-Naba highlights

ISIS Says Kabul Airport Bomber Was Freed From Prison During Taliban Takeover

Abdul Rahman al-Logari.

the US complete failure in Afghanistan. It also raise some serious doubts about the Taliban’s ability to counter the threat posed by terrorist groups like ISIS-K.


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Christian J. Chuba

I’m still curious about how the freeing of prisoners took place. Did govt forces free them just before the Taliban took over or transfer prison control to the Taliban?


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Last edited 23 days ago by Norm

Exactly what you would expect from an outlet of the CIA.

Only when the governments of the US, UK, and Israel fall we will be free from the current fake terrorism.

Are we back to calling them Corusan, I mean ISIS fortified with K (ISIS-K), or Khorasan?!

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