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JULY 2022

ISIS Says Al-Qaeda Started A War With It In West Africa

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ISIS Says Al-Qaeda Started A War With It In West Africa

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Al-Qaeda appears to have started a war against ISIS in West Africa, the caliphate’s newsletter Al-Naba reported.

Al-Naba reported that Al Qaeda’s men “never miss the chance for treachery,” as they recently “started a war against” the caliphate’s men in the middle of a “raging Crusader campaign.” In other words, the Islamic State accuses Al Qaeda of launching attacks on its fighters as they were battling the “Crusader” France and its allies.

The West African branch of al-Qaeda – the Group for Support of Islam and Muslims (or “JNIM”) has a very significant presence in Mali, and the entire Sahel.

According to the al-Naba report, Al Qaeda’s men “organized their armed movements and fronts in northern Mali” from “all kinds” of groups, including both those who are opposed to the “apostate government” and those who are “loyal to it.” Al Qaeda has even worked with the “idolatrous” “tribal movements,” according to Al-Naba.

ISIS declared that JNIM “accepted an invitation by the apostate Malian government to negotiate and to set themselves up as guards of the borders of Algeria and Mauritania.”

ISIS, also accused France of failing to actually adequate combat al-Qaeda militants. It said that the “Crusader campaign in the region” of failing to “target [JNIM’s] soldiers or the areas in which they are stationed.”

In the same way, ISIS criticized the Taliban for signing a deal with the US, for its withdrawal, in return from disallowing groups to carry out attacks from Afghan soil on other countries.

From April, French troops have carried out several operations targeting ISIS in the Sahel, but according to al-Naba, it avoided carrying out operations against JNIM.

The Islamic State claims to have conducted several attacks against al-Qaeda’s men in the Sahel, from northern and central Mali to northern Burkina Faso. In central Mali, the Islamic State reports that its men “repulsed two attacks” by Al Qaeda in the Mopti region.

So, essentially, ISIS is complaining that France and others in the region are fighting against them, while it is trying to fight against other terrorists, which are being disregarded by the other factions.

Local media has reported intense fighting between the jihadist groups in these same areas.

In early April, clashes were reported in the localities of Dialloube, Koubi, Djantakai, and Nigua in the Mopti region.

And in March, fighting between the two was reported near the Mauritanian town of Fassala, which sits on the border with Mali.

On April 18, one of the largest battles between the two was reported in the Ndaki area of Mali’s Gossi commune. According to local media, a large contingent of JNIM fighters targeted the Islamic State’s men in four different towns in the area.

On April 20th, a firefight was recorded near the locality of Pobe inside Burkina Faso’s Soum province, while another occurred in Keraboule in the Koutougou department of the same province.

Further battles in Arbinda and Nassoumbou have also been alleged.

In conclusion, it would appear that the “war” between al-Qaeda and ISIS is the most significant deterrence from terror attacks, since the French operations and the local forces in the Sahel appear to not be doing enough.


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How convenient for Zioterrorists selling “antiterrorism” assistance from US and Europe. The plandemic opening new markets for the merchants of war.


I despise ISISrael as much as I despise ZioNazi, filthy bastards needs to be bombed back to pit of hell along with McCain.

cechas vodobenikov

they merely emulate their creator—the amerikans…2 branches of the same tree, nearly indistinguishable—no different than in the USA where many of these idiots apparently believe that differences exist between dims and GOP….the apple does not fall far from the tree

Free man

Good luck to both sides.

cechas vodobenikov

agree–hopefully they will nullify each other, permitting civilized people to live peacefully and enjoy their lives

Rafik Chauhan

this isil are thugs and thief using islam as scapegoat to spoil islam and muslim. Pure muslim should rise and killed this Zionist whabhi bootlickers soon. before they destroy name of islam and muslim. and create strife between Cristian and muslim.

Icarus Tanović

Such an stupid comedy, it is great performance, fake and smokescreen.

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