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ISIS Says 390 Soldiers Killed In Its Advance In Central Syria


ISIS Says 390 Soldiers Killed In Its Advance In Central Syria

An ISIS members is in Syria

On October5, the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq released an infographic about the ongoing ISIS attack in the eastern Homs countryside. Amaq announced in the infographic that ISIS fighters attacked the following areas around al-Sukhnah city:

  • the Eastern al-Hayr Palace east of al-Sukhnah town;
  • Hail gas field west of the town;
  • Tayibe village east of the town;
  • Shanhas villages northeast of the town;
  • Al-Dahik mountains north of the town.

ISIS fighters also attacked al-Qaryatayn town, the al-Qaryatayn dam, Mhassa Mount and Jubail Mount in the southern Homs countryside, according to Amaq’s infographic.

Also ISIS conducted 5 VBIEDs attacks, and 1 attack with a suicide belt against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the eastern Homs countryside. Aamq also claimed that ISIS fighters killed 390 Syrian Soldiers and “Russian fighters”, while they had captured 2 Russian fighters and two Syrian soldiers since September 28.

Moreover, Amaq claimed in its infographic that ISIS fighters destroyed 11 battle tanks, 3 BMP-1 vehicles, 2 Shilka vehicles, 3 rocket launchers and 3 vehicles of the SAA during the ongoing attack.

So far the SAA is still preparing to launch its counter-attack around al-Sukhnah and al-Qaryatayn towns. The SAA counter-attack and the ongoing SAA advance on the  ISIS stronghold of Mayadin will likey force ISIS to withdraw from the recently captured areas in central Syria.



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