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ISIS Is On Run In Eastern Aleppo. Tiger Forces Liberate 5 More Villages

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ISIS terrorists are on the run in the eastern part of the Syrian province of Aleppo as government forces liberate more villages in the area.

On May 24, the Syrian Arab Army Tiger Forces took control of Battushiyah, Salihiyah, Jabab Musaid Kebir, Jabab Musaid Segirr and Shummari outflanking the ISIS-held town of Maskanah from the western direction.

Then, government forces continued developing advance in the area aiming Mushayrifat Bani Jamil and Kherbet Ghudraf.

ISIS Is On Run In Eastern Aleppo. Tiger Forces Liberate 5 More Villages

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“RUN, US head-chopping, heart-eating rapers!”

Peter Lynch

Wow, every day, getting closer and closer to that sugar plant. I hope it’s a nice consolation prize for the SAA after losing al-Bab, Tabqa and Raqqa to the US and Turkey.


Sugar plant! Who cares about the sugar plant! There are much better things going on. Read this:

“Syrian forces took control of Al Jarah Airport and a number of surrounding towns and villages, following intense clashes with ISIS terrorists, during which more than 3000 of them, top emirs including, were killed in the eastern countryside of Aleppo province.

According to the military sources, army units managed to restore security and stability over Al Jarah Airport, the villages of Al Mahdoum, Al Bailouneh, Jirah Sagheir, Tel Hassan, Um Nesourah, Wajab Ali, Bani Zeid, Kherbet Hassan, Al Khaldieh, Ateireh, Jirah Kabeir, the cattle ranches, Droubieh, Sekarieh, Maziunet Al Jabiri, Al Hamra, Qawwass, Al Reihanieh, Al Samerieh, the third station, the town of Al Naserieh, Al Naserieh train station, Al Ajouzieh, Tel Feddah, Al Mazran, Al Kenawieh, Mohsent Al Khafseih, Rasm Al Hamam Gharbi, Rasm Al Kiwan, and Al Masoudieh.

Military sources also confirmed that operations resulted in annihilation of more than 3000 ISIS terrorists, in addition to destruction of 19 tanks, 5 BMP vehicles, 11 booby-trapped vehicles, 6 cannons, 9 ammunition depots and 61 command centers.

Among the killed terrorists were Abu Mosaab Al Masri, ISIS’ Minister of War, Abu Ahmed Al Kafir Al Abaji, an ISIS emir in charge of security, Abu Odai Al Iraqi, the so-called emir of the eastern Aleppo countryside, Saudi terrorist Abu Abdelleh Mohammed Sameih Al Kisri who was the emir of finances in the eastern countryside of Aleppo, Mahmoud Abdul-Jabbar bin Hassan aka “Abu al-Walid al-Tounsi” who was the emir of Debsi Faraj town, Mohammed Al Hussein Al Jaloud, the emir of Hittin, Obadah Salim Al Daaboul, three Saudi terrorists named Abdelrahman Mitawea Al Dakheil, Abu Muhammad Al Najdi, Sultan Abdullah Al Ghallab aka “Abu Remh Al Saudi” and two Iraqi terrorists named Ali Nazal Qarah Bash and Sufian Mohammed Abboush.

The operations are still ongoing and the army is expected to make new gains pretty soon.”


i love it really :))))

Gary Sellars

Snarky bitter comments from one of the “Assad-must-go” empty-heads? Certainly sounds like it.


US and NATO terrorists training centers and bases will be removed from entire Syria as has been removed previously from Idlib when Russian and Syrian Air forces attacked them. They ran away from North Syria to South Syria but from here where they would run because one side is Iraq and other side is Syria.

98% world population are against USA and NATO efforts in Syria and Iraq.

If USA and NATO coalition attempts to attack SAA conveys as they did before? This will be a direct confrontation with the Syrian, Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah and Palestinian Liwa al-Quds heroes.

Every Syrian soldier and everyone of its allies must have firmly in their minds that all proxies and spies and their masters USA and NATO armies must be wounded, its blood spilled, its reputation stained, its mortality exposed to all the world.

Oh courageous Syria, fight on to live, fight on and destroy the evil; reclaim your culture, dignity and all your glorious, ancient sovereignty!

Jens Holm

Thats rubbish.

The killing of Syrian transportations of course will go on by USA and Israel even when Assads try to make Hesbollah happy.

The 98% world population are against this and that is far out. Many muslims dont like terror in their countries, and the include states as Russia and China.

Assads has provoked a stronghold for them as well as all the other things regime like this has done to its own and do.

There are no need for spies, so clumpsy and incompetent You are kept in a russian parambulator or something like that.


Nobody will take your this crap. Give it to Badanyahu.

Jens Holm

I will contact the Israelian Embassy and ask.

Gary Sellars

Go away HATOstani liar…

Jens Holm

You used Your globe as a football, and pounktured it where Syria – errrh was?


i dont think ur pessimistic views of the war are very welcome here!

Jens Holm

Its realism based on facts not some flying optimisme based on hot and sometimes smelling air.

So Gamel Abdul Nasser went “off” Your flag after his invasion. That was where Baatists showed their dirty faces as they were and are, and almost almost all reforms went into stand bye, som the upperclass could take over again exept putting power so hard to themselves, that it was a law to kill all opposition for whatever they wanted.

Thats why I want Assads replaced … and many others too.


that right there tells me u are for sure 100% idiot

Jens Holm

I take it as a compliment You telling me being 100% idiot. Thanks.


lol no problem

Justin Ryan

WRONG…. u have no idea what u are talking about! None at all!
Syria has been under Sunni attack for decades! The reason Assad’s family was granted power in the first place was because Sunni’s (sponsored by Saudi Arabia) SLAUGHTERED a massive population of Alwaites. This became a stain upon France and England who had caused this mess when the redefined the borders of the Middle East at the beginning of the 20th century. So they put alawite s in charge (the minority religion) the Sunni’s AGAIN attacked assad family home town. Then assad’s father (who was the president) returned the favour and has been forced to rule with a heavy hand ever since. There is a 73% Sunni population in Syria and they have been aided and funded by Saudi Arabia for decades. So this bullshit u hear about the assad regime is all lies. Sure he has killed people but it is those killing Syrian civilians who don’t happen to be Sunni. There are literally 16 factions at war in Syria and this was before the ISIS war even begun. So unhave no idea at all of what u are talking about.
This bullshit about “barrel bombs”! Its. Word made to sound bad. Yes assad drops bombs and he drops bombs to kill people (that’s what bombs are for) but for some reason a “barrel bomb” sounds worse than a normal “bomb”! If it kills…. it kills… that’s it job! The most efficient bomb is the best bomb.
USA kills more civilians than anyone. In the 2nd US war in Iraq, 3 million iraqi’s died.

The USA planned since the fall of the Soviet Union to do many things because it was the only super power in the world. So it did the following….

1. Buy up all the Russian resources from the Jewish oligarchs who were in control of Russia.
2. Fund the chechnyan war in Russia’s oil rich caucus region
3. Take out the Serbian forces (whom wee Russia’s best allies) who were making advanced weapons much cheaper than the USA
4. Invade Iraq against their long time ally sadam Hussein
5. Invade Central Asia (Afghanistan) to control Asia and thus containing both Russia and china
6. Create an Arab spring to oust leaders that would not go along with their plans (divide and conquer)
7. Fuck up libya by killing gadaffi, installing Isis and al-quieda after the US “humanitarian bombing ” (what a fucking joke) so that they may come to the rescue later and steal the oil and out in place a puppet leader Nader US and UK occupation
8. Do the same to Syria as what they did to lybia but so they can build gas pipes from Qatar through Syria and into Europe. This will take away Russian energy market from Europe (weakening russia economically and therefore militarily)
9. Begin a coup in Ukraine so that the US may block Russian gas pipes to Europe. (Which is why russia in now making a deal with turkey for the turkstream pipeline and with china)
10. Contain russia with a missile defence shield in Eastern Europe but say its not against Russia but is against Iran (Iran does not have missiles that can reach Europe)
11. All of this is done to economically weaken Russia, contain russia with more NATO bases in more countries joining NATO. The gas pipes through Syria (which is why the USA plan B is to balkanise syria) will ensure the US dollars stays remains the petro dollar and thus the world’s reserve currency, enabling the US to literally print its own wealth.
12. Assad is from the minority religious group of alawite she and u know that Sunni’s and Shiia’ hate each other more than they hate Jews. This Muslim war is funded by Iran and Saudi Arabia and the US s supporting the Sunni side. Saudi Arabia is a waahabist nation as they practice sharia law!they are also the head of the UN human rights council and the the US sucks their dicks every day. Saudi and Qatar are the number 1 financiers of ISIS and ISIS are just another extension of the Sunni wars against the Shiia’ over the decades. So if assad is accused of bombing innocent civilians and must be removed….. u can be sure this is the propaganda put fourth by CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, FOX, BBC, Aljazeera, etc,etc.
What is REALLY HAPPENING is assad is fighting back against the Saudi funded Sunni tribes whose killing civilians in places like idlib and Latakia BEFORE THE FUCKING ISIS WAR EVEN BEGUN.
So why don’t u wake the fuck up!
If Assad attacks Sunni’s who kill Shiia and alawite civilians u think he is a brutal dictator killing anybody he wants! No…. he is countering Sunni militia’s who are funded by Saudi’s to create instability in their geopolitical war with Iran over is Saudi Arabia number one threat IN OIL SALES.
and the USA backs the Saudi’s because the Saudi’s sell their oil in US dollars and the Iranians don’t!
There is ur reasons for this war!
Its about containing and weakening Russia.
Stealing energy markets away from Russia in Syria and Ukraine
Backing saudi who sells oil in US dollars
Sanctioning Iran who doesn’t sell in US dollars.
And creating propaganda so that DUMB PEOPLE LIKE YOU believe that ASSADISTGE BAD GUY when all he is doing is countering a Saudi backed Sunni war against the alawite govt and Shiia population.

So if ure not smart enough to already know all this stuff. Then get off the site. U don’t belong here. U haven’t read enough or educated urself enough on this topic to qualify in making a comment.
U sound like a child who just read a USA story book and now u are making comments. U look like a fool.

Go away and read more. Educate urself. See u in 2 years when u finally realise what the fuck u are talking about.

Jens Holm

Its non run. Its a well ornanized retreat forced by a well done advance in a difficult low populated area.

The good thing is, SAA take land and kill ISIS. The hope should be, that Maskanah will be the last strongpoint there and SAA could connect roads just before Tabqa and clean all up west of it. Its almost desert, but all has to be cleaned up.

One or two wadis along the lake could be the temporary borderlines with no friendly or unfriendly fire – I hope.

Jens Holm

To Justin Ryan. Thank You for Your statement. I agree on half of it.

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