ISIS Run Away From 4 More Villages In Eastern Hama Countryside (Syria Map)


On Monday, ISIS terrorists retreated from 4 more villages in the eastern Hama countryside under the pressure of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA). As a result of this, government troops Mas’oud, Tawbiyah, Marami and Um Ramal and secured these areas.

Last weekend, the SAA liberated the town of Uqayribat from ISIS and the terrorist group’s defense collapsed in eastern Hama.

ISIS Run Away From 4 More Villages In Eastern Hama Countryside (Syria Map)

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  • They are coming!
    The tigers are really hungry and they are very much pissed off.
    It’s hunting season in Deir Ezzor now.

    • Gregory Louis

      Those are lions but ok…:p

      • Michael Qiao

        lions of Deir EzZor

      • Gladius et Scutum

        Hahahaha, well, at least lions lived in Syria in ancient times. Tigers only ever existed in Syrian zoos.

      • Alex Black

        Have you heard of Liwa?

        • Mahmoud Larfi

          Liwa ?

  • Langaniso Mhlobo

    USA rats are tuning to tunnels but it is very easy to find them in ground as their making sounds like frog wakbar.

  • Justin

    So….. is it 5,000 RG in DeZ or is it 10,000?
    I always hear conflicting stats!
    ISIS has 27,000 fighters left! DeZ is their capital so it makes sense they would need a lot to defend it!

    I just wanna know how many bean bags will spill out when DeZ is liberated!