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ISIS Rocket Attack Kills At Least 5 British Soldiers In Syria – Reports

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ISIS Rocket Attack Kills At Least 5 British Soldiers In Syria - Reports

A screenshot from www.alwatanonline.com

At least five British soldiers were killed in a rocket attack by ISIS in Syria’s eastern province of Deir Ezzor, according to a January 9th report by Syrian Arabic-language newspaper al-Watan.

The attack targeted the al-Shaafah village in Abu Kamal district of the province and several more soldiers were injured and airlifted to the coalition hospital in Hasakah, in northeastern Syria, according to the report.

As of the morning of January 10th there has been no confirmation on the side of the UK, but if true that would make it the second attack on British troops by ISIS within days.

On January 6th, two British Special Forces soldiers were injured in an ISIS attack, also in Deir Ezzor. A member of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) was also reportedly killed in the attack.

A Ministry of Defense spokesman said: “We do not comment on special forces.” Thus, if there is an actual remaining British Special Forces operation in Syria, it is unconfirmed since British officials deny it, or rather refuse to provide a substantial comment.

Furthermore, British Media reported that the rockets that injured the two soldiers in the January 6th incident may have been produced by the US and supplied to the “moderate” rebels, which it backs in Syria. Speculation is that the arms were subsequently sold to ISIS.

On January 9th, the People’s Protection Units (YPG), which is the SDF’s core, reported that they had detained eight ISIS members of US, Russian, German, Tajik, Kazakh and Uzbek origins.

According to a report by the Daily Telegraph from the same day, a British family was also detained by the SDF. Citing unnamed Kurdish sources, the report claimed that “a mother and her two daughters – in their late 20s and travelling with young children – fled the town of al-Shafaa in eastern Deir Ezzor province late last week among other wives of ISIS fighters and local civilians.” They are under suspicion of being ISIS supporters.

If the latest capture is true, the number of British citizens detained by the SDF on allegations of being ISIS supporters is 13.

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UK may never confirm this even if true – always a no comment on special forces

Jens Holm

Thats not correct. This is no secret operation at all.

Secrets are when we as danes had special troops hidden in the deserts of Sadams laserpinpointing targets for F16s.

If we loose people from places and in jobs like that, it will be delayed having a province name and no position and what the job was.


The British parliament has not authorised any UK military actions in Syria.
There is no UN mandate for any UK troops in Syria.

Ergo, British troops are illegally operating in Syria because the Sovereign State of Syria has NOT invited them into Syria

That Jens is a FACT.


A Boomrang lesson for UK/US….

Jens Holm

A very small one. Which very good microskope did You use.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

work placed hazard. nothing more, nothing less. Off duty soldier was mown down in UK streets on New Years Eve, nobody gave a 5h1t


Innocent Cannon-folders are used to please their boss’s,

without to know Why !


The plan has always to arm the terrorist of Al Qaeda through the US/Israeli paid and so called ”democratic opposition” .

Jens Holm

No, it wasnt at all.

The plan was to help the old FSA having some few johadists as supplement to tol remove Assads or reduce them.

You might start from 0 again and buy a long time calender.

Promitheas Apollonious

was the rockets Uk made?

You can call me Al

The article infers that they were US made.

Jens Holm


It seemes forgotten, that Saudis has given ISIS heavy stuff, which was strictly forbidden by USA. Those missiles were only for self defence and certainly not for Yemen as well.

By that Saudis now again are not allowed to buy the most advanced + + weapons from USA.

You cant say USA has given them as well as they are stolen, if they are gifts from Saudis.


Jens, you are talking nonsense again.
The US knew full well that their weapons were being supplied to UN designated terror gangs bi a series of middle men.
That was the US strategy of ‘Plausible Denial’.

You must realise this as well.

Jens Holm

I dont excuse.

But if any by autopilot only are able to say USA, Jews, westerns, zionists and like that, I say that in those matters those heavy weapons are sold to Saudis and Saudis continued to support ISIS after USA stopped supporting ISIS.

There are no middle men in this at all.

But You can find middle men. In the level below those You can find the Cral Gustav RPGs in Swedush and American versions. Those seemes to be sold by politicians and militaries steeling them from their own armies.

Detonators for mines and morthers is same thing. Big amounts of those has not reached ISIS and ME and factories are stopped in that too.

You cant just by relflex blame USA, when arabs turks and many others do the best they can too.


” I dont excuse. ”

Many of us do however excuse your many silly comments here Jens , as we realise that you are infected with the US ‘ Realityiswhatwesayitis’ virus that only effects Zionists.

Jens Holm

We are part of each other in the world economy. Thats gaining all of us.

We also are part of demilar political systems, which also give results.

Ypu seemes not being allowed to see it also make a lot of good results as well as few bad ones.

When You name my comments as silly, its because You dont understand even You see our results. You not even try to copy our good parts. Yolu dont copy China or India as well.

None here would live in the way we mainly see in MEE. None. You damage Your own possibilities again and again and even blaming us.

Our stealing oil is a very good example. WE do pay exact the same for oil in Norway, Nigeria and Iraq as anybopdy else.

And You still dont get, that the incomes for oil is for products and not the crude oil or fuel and produce even Ypu have oil for the lowest prices apart from stealing.

Well, it might be true a lot is stolen, but much of that are Your leaders and Your system gain stealing as well as above that corruption. Its about Your simple strings systems. Only the PYD program in the whole Syria propose, what we see as normal here dividing power as well as responsibility.

And that back to Our world. Here the power is divided and well organized and mainly give better results then anyone else.

What do we have to copy Florian ?

You not even get, that the EU economy is as big as the USA haves and we by that also own them. USA has its own internal problems. We are one of them selling them more, then we buy from them.

But if they come in big trouble for real, we will help them to make it as a very soft down hill, because else they cant effort to buy our products.

The real problem today is China, which we are depended in today as well. Those dont sell and buy to fair prices and stealing out tech. making to many bad copies of almost anything having our names on. We cant go into their markets as they can in ours.


Your written English was a lot better a couple of weeks ago Jens and now it is very difficult to understand. I shudder to think what a non English speaker would achieve if he/she used Google Translate into another language :)

You must have an alter ego Jens :)

Jens Holm

I only use a dictionary.

But I do translate arabic to english or danish and get very big problems too.


Try spellcheck Jens :)

Jon Gruntha

Don’t know if this is a separate attack, al-Watan doesn’t give any date or whether it was different. British deaths were previously reported on Twitter regarding Jan 6 attack.

Jens Holm

Yes, it seemes to be a supplement to the rapported 2 hard wounded send for medical treatment. So the information could be dripped not given the group or dead – or it can be a lie.

Jon Gruntha

Al-Watan is pro-government, so it’s not impossible they’re exaggerating in propaganda against NATO forces.

Gregory Casey

As a minimum of 5 SAS have been killed in Syria one might wonder at the legal basis relied upon by British Government upon which British Securi-State has deployed SAS & British Military to Syria : NONE as far as I am aware ………. other than the usual sneaky skullduggery employed by Whitehall

Jens Holm

You certainly is not aware of very much not even knowing, that GB is in the Coalision.

True they havnt been much in Syria, but they are in Iraq. GB was Co starter of Al Tanf by their good relations in Jordan.

SAS and othere special forces are used, where the hardest fighings are only. Seemes that pocket is a hard one.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

if the USA led coalition can carpet bomb raqqa and mosul civilians with impunity, they wouldnt think twice about turning the whole are into pink mist. its a strategic location so they can continue ISIS supply routes from SDF out of Syria

Gregory Casey

There is NO Parliamentary Authority for the deployment of British Soldiers in Syria. None! Their very presence in Syria is illegal and not just in accordance with Syrian and International Law but also, illegal in accordance with UK Law.

Peter Moy

To the geniuses and Einsteins at the Ministry of Defense: “ES IST KRIEG!” Why should anybody be shocked when their own troops are killed or wounded. That type of arrogant attitude is similar to the attitude of the senior Japanese military leaders in the early years of World War II (`1937-1941) when they believed that “only other people are bombed and killed by the thousands.” That attitude changed after the April, 1942 Doolittle Raid. So the families of the recently deceased should expect a very nice, proper, bombastic letter of condolence from Sir Gavin and the usual phony show of sympathy.

Jens Holm

Thats right.

I have 25 books aboút WW1. Most people were happy about the war to clean the air as well as it probatly only would take a year.

Too many are quite naive that goes for general, leaders and civilans.

I think Vietnam changed that a lot.

But here we see the same arrogance. Hardly none talk about the many dead ones but mainly making enemies and expections for, that winning war is the important thing.

I have tryed so many times here. People wont.

Tudor Miron

That’s what happens when isis commanders are airlifted by “unidentified” helicopters out of the harms way and those ordinary daesh members feel lost, abandoned and even betrayed. Naturally they start shooting all over the place.

Jens Holm

You dont know anything like that at all. It could be like that, but there is no verification for Your speculations.


I would think that even you Jens would be rather angry if you and a few comrades were abandoned by your officers to die as sacrificial lambs.

Even you would fight to the death if you realised that the alternative was surrender, torture and death.

viktor ziv

Friendly fire?

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes



Brits may leave Europe but never the Middle East. Colonialism in their veins.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

a colonist will colonise an unregulated and uncontrolled land mass. if nobody was there and we made a boat, landed and colonised the land. why is that a bad thing?


Because history shows us that any indigenous people within those lands have been and are usually disenfranchised and slaughtered by the colonisers.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

not entirely true, commonwealth was successful in part because of its many thousands of treaties. You do understand britain stopped the islamic slave trade, was the leader in abolishing the slave trade worldwide, and before white people came to africa, blacks were selling their own kind to muslims.

The Crusades were fought because of islam’s abhorrent rule and expansion through war

European countries actually spent just as much time fighting each other in faraway lands as the land was up for the taking, nobody owned large portions of it. And certainly even the largest tribes had no real rule of law and were killing each other in wars since well before we even arrived


The Crusades were actually fought because Europe for decades had had poor harvests and starvation and disorder were rampant.

This loss of wealth for the elite and church together with social unrest was dealt with in the time honoured way of taking other peoples wealth.

The Muslim countries of the East at the time were enjoying much prosperity and academic learning. As such they were a perfect target.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

so without refrigeration techniques the crusades were fought to go and get food from the ME?

are you simple?

and what disorder? if there was disorder, you do understand armies run on discipline yeah?

mohhammed was a war monger who was brutally slaughtering christians in the ME at every given possible opportunity. and increasing the mulsim faith with the point of a sword, and rape..

you do understand that Jesus was born in the ME yeah? that both christianity and islam originated in the ME?


You need to take a few more Red Pills I suspect as your cognitive ability is that of a child.

42 degrees south

Crrrraaaaappp! The Crusades were the result of 1. Aggressive expansion of Islam. 2. Muslims taking over the Holy Land from Christians. 3. Said Muslims robbing and murdering Pilgrams on their way to or visiting the Holy Land. You should really stop reading modernist, secular, Christian hating garbage. Bad harvests lolol


During the many months it took the Ist Crusade ,led by a Monk, to reach Constantinople the Crusaders plundered settlements of various religions, including Christianity , all along their route.

The 1st crusade failed by the way, partly due to the fact that the rank and file were untrained peasants seeking to escape poverty and hunger in Europe.


All the artwork they plundered was the Christians’. The Muslims didn’t built up those cities in the first place. The Eastern Christians were the biggest victims of the Crusades. The Muslims actually expanded easier in the aftermath of the Crusades because they had so weakened the Eastern Orthodox Christians.


Whilst the masses in Europe were creating cave paintings, the masses in the Middle East were using words and books to advance their knowledge. Eastern medical knowledge was far in front of European knowhow .

Egyptian knowledge of the stars was far in advance of knowledge in Europe.

Oh, before I forget. The crusade that captured Jerusalem was ‘celebrated’ by butchering the circa 100,000 population in 10 days of bloodlust. None were spared, Muslims, Christians or Jews. Tis said that ‘All dressed and looked the same’ , so all were massacred as the killers could not see who was who.

mmm,where have I heard that before :)


The Byzantine Empire inherited a lot of the Greek books and teachings. And Constantinople wasn’t built by Muslims, nor was Jerusalem. The gold and valuables in those cities also wasn’t the Muslims’.


It was not Christian either.


Not Christian, but not Muslim. The point I am making is the Muslims were not near that big of victims of the Crusaders as is hyped in modern times.


Perhaps we should all tell the Israeli’s that today :)

They make being a ‘victim’ into an art form


Israel is helping the Islamic terrorists in Syria. Notice Israel isn’t a target of ISIS, al qaeda, al Nusra/Sham, etc. Israel bombs SAA when it is fighting terrorists.

I also do see Palestinians as victims of Israel. Israel even destroys Palestinians’ olive and fruit trees, diverts water from them and their crops (and that is not to mention the killing and destruction of their homes).
It is one thing when Israelis shoot Palestinians throwing rocks at them, but when Israel regularly sabotages them from living peacefully (destroying or preventing them from growing their crops and fruit trees), or confiscates their land for more settlers then it is the one most in the wrong.


This we 100% agree on.


From Wikipedia, and none of this enormous theft and destruction described here was from Muslims. What Muslim built city was destroyed?:

The Crusaders looted, terrorized, and vandalized Constantinople for three days, during which many ancient and medieval Roman and Greek works were either stolen or destroyed. The famous bronze horses from the Hippodrome were sent back to adorn the façade of St Mark’s Basilica in Venice, where they remain. As well as being stolen, works of immeasurable artistic value were destroyed merely for their material value. One of the most precious works to suffer such a fate was a large bronze statue of Hercules, created by the legendary Lysippos, court sculptor of Alexander the Great. Like so many other priceless artworks made of bronze, the statue was melted down for its content by the Crusaders. The great Library of Constantinople was destroyed as well.[9]

…the Crusaders systematically violated the city’s holy sanctuaries, destroying or stealing all they could lay hands on; nothing was spared, not even the tombs of the emperors inside the St Apostles church.[10] The civilian population of Constantinople were subject to the Crusaders’ ruthless lust for spoils and glory; thousands of them were killed in cold blood.[11] Women, including nuns, were raped by the Crusader army,[12] which also sacked churches, monasteries and convents.[11] The very altars of these churches were smashed and torn to pieces for their gold and marble by the warriors.[10] …Rather than wantonly destroying all around like their comrades, the Venetians stole religious relics and works of art, which they would later take to Venice to adorn their own churches.

It was said that the total amount looted from Constantinople was about 900,000 silver marks, or 600,000 troy pounds.[citation needed] The Venetians received 150,000 silver marks that was their due and the Crusaders received 50,000 silver marks. A further 100,000 silver marks were divided evenly between the Crusaders and Venetians. The remaining 500,000 silver marks were secretly kept back by many Crusader knights.


Actually it was the Eastern Orthodox Christians whom the Crusaders stole from and plundered and sacked. These Eastern Christians were under threat from the expanding Muslims but the Crusaders made them weaker, which allowed the Muslims to expand even more after the Crusades.
It wasn’t Muslim artworks and cities built by Muslims that the Crusaders attacked and took over, but Christians’. The Muslims had newly expanded into much of that area and the Crusaders took advantage of that and used the Muslims as an excuse to plunder the Eastern Christians.
It is said that the artwork and books taken from the Eastern Orthodox peoples is what helped to kick off the Renaissance.


The route of the Crusades to get to Constantinople first passed through Western Europe and then the Orthodox Eastern Europe.

Villages and towns along the route all suffered from the rapacious Crusaders ‘en route’.


crimes against humanity can not be defended.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

islam and communism have a lot to answer for then……….


you are a confused person.


So do ALL religions.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

communism isnt a religion……


Religions are all cults built upon fables and Marxist communism is just another ‘religion’ that is designed to control the masses.

Every political party is also a form of cult as well.

42 degrees south

the typical go-to argument by atheists who are apologists for Islam.


A true argument, nevertheless.

You can believe in fables such as ‘Rising from the dead’ if you want to and all the other abject nonsense peddled by the ‘High Priests’ of other cults and religions.

Including your own belief cult that attacks both sides of the same debate. :)

42 degrees south

yet you blindly follow the (((freemason))) inspired cult of secular society with politicians, media/movie celebrities, critics and ‘thinkers’ as high priests who espouse its degenerate fruits, normalising all sorts of regressive behaviours. You are 1% of the worlds most fortunate yet denegrate Christianity, without which youd be barely better off than some third world savage. I suggest you read ‘How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilisation’ by Thomas Wood. Btw, ill be the first to criticise the Catholic Church for its faults, 100% resulting from corrupt, power hungry men and more recently the modernist heretics in the Vatican. The present fake pope is an adomination to the One True Faith whose rhetoric is completely in step with the globalist, anti western scum.


You are about 180 degrees out in your ramblings.


Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

i agree, the murder of white south africans, and the racist policy of expropriation without compensation is abhorrent. and will turn SA into a cesspool of disaster like zimbabwe. Black communist government is currently running SA into the ground


having fun?

Jens Holm

Those families and friends seemes to be more clever then You. The purpose is well described for years and those are professionel soldiers.

Its åprobatly true You feel nothing for dead people and their families. So far about 550.000 has beeen killed there mainly by own reasons.


Yes, why feel bad for invaders/occupiers over those who were maimed and killed in their own homeland, and due to foreign government policies, such as Britain’s, which supported the anti-Syrian government uprising, war, terrorist groups and terrorist-aiding and propaganda staging “White Helmets”.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

They call that ‘blue on blue’

Bigaess Wangmane

I wouldn’t be surprised to find out these “special forces” were fighting in ISIS[US/Israeli proxy forces] attire, got killed by the SAA/PMU/IRGC and their deaths are only being announced.

Gregory Casey

That is my own belief.


>>Furthermore, British Media reported that the rockets that injured the two soldiers in the January 6th
incident may have been produced by the US and supplied to the “moderate” rebels, which it backs in Syria. Speculation is that the arms were subsequently sold to ISIS.<<

The irony……., so delicious……, must……, resist……, urge……

Two scoops of ice cream grade irony for everyone!


yes good news! vive jeanne d,arc!!

Jongle Wongle

Nice, if true.

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