ISIS Retreats From More Villages Southwest Of Al-Bab


ISIS Retreats From More Villages Southwest Of Al-Bab

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ISIS terrorists have retreated from two more villages southwest of the terrorist group’s stronghold of al-Bab in the Syrian province of Aleppo.

Last night, pro-Turkish militant groups, backed up by the Turkish Armed Forces, retook control of the villages of Tell Rahhal and Kharabishah, according to pro-Turkish sources [UPD: This has not been confirmed].  Turkish forces also continued to clash with ISIS units in the village of Seflaniye south of Qabasin and seized about a half of it.

The Turkish forces activity southwest of Al-Bab was likely aimed to build a buffer zone between government forces and the ISIS-controlled town.

Meanwhile, the Syrian army and the NDF continued attacks on ISIS positions along the Aleppo-Al-Bab road and south of the ISIS stronghold.

The villages of Arran and Alaoechih will likely become a mid-term target of the  Syrian army in the area. If they are liberated from ISIS, the terrorist group’s forces in al-Bab will be cut off from the southern direction. This will play an important role in the long-awaited storm of al-Bab.

We recall, on January 23, the Russian Defense Ministry reported about joint Russian-Turkish airstrikes against ISIS targets near al-Bab, adding that the operation was coordinated with the Syrian military.



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  • abuqahwa

    Al-Bab is a mess, imperative SAA re-take or invest Deir Hafir then east to JIRAH airbase. Then all Dai’sh in the pocket up to 212/M4 twin highway line will be finished.

    • PZIVJ1943

      SAA is moving well. Hope they stop a few miles short of Al Bab and let Turks and FSA clean up the mess (if they can). SAA can move east to Arran from here. And then launch attack towards Deir Hafir.