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ISIS Resurfaces In Eastern Homs, Attacks Syrian Army Positions

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ISIS Resurfaces In Eastern Homs, Attacks Syrian Army Positions

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On August 18, ISIS cells resurfaced in the Homs desert and launched an attack on positions of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the area of al-Bardah in the nearby Damascus desert, according to the Syrian al-Masdar News blog. The Syrian pro-government blog said that ISIS fighters managed to storm several positions following heavy clashes with the SAA.

A source in the SAA confirmed to al-Masdar News that the SAA repelled the attack and forced ISIS fighters to retreat back to their hideouts in the Homs desert within few hours.

Syrian pro-government activists believe that more than 1,000 fighters and commander of ISIS are currently hiding in the Homs desert, which lay between the eastern Homs countryside and the western Deir Ezzor countryside.

ISIS attack was clearly aimed at supporting the besieged terrorists in the area of al-Safa, which is also located in the Damascus desert. The remaining fighters of ISIS in the Homs desert will likely step up their operations against the SAA, as it advances deeper in al-Safa.

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Dr. Ronald Cutburth

Not surprising. They had to spare the lives of thousands of ISIS in order to get them to leave the towns and spare the civilians. Those spared will need to be killed. That is good because they will be happier with Allah.

Cedric Hunter

These are men gathered up and trained by the Americans out of Al Tanf.

Promitheas Apollonious

at least now they can kill the bastards with no civilians in the middle that give them evacuation instead.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Where do they get their food and water, fuel, spare parts, ammo, etc.?

Jasminko Grdic

Al Tanf – Blackhawk down, but not shot down. Delivery good’s

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

that shithole needs to be torn apart lol


The 1000 ISIS number sounds way to high.
These raids are probably meant to capture supplies from the SAA.
Sounds like this one did not succeed, :)

Bill Wilson

Could be small bands that are trying to fight their way out and need to take small SAA bases along the way to obtain food, water plus ammo.

Cedric Hunter

Nope. They are resupplied by the Americans out of Al Tanf.

Bill Wilson

From their meager stocks that’s been stashed away out there.


That part of the desert in the Homs governorate never was cleaned up. What was cleaned was the part of the desert in the Deir ez Zor governorate, second the statement, some months ago, of the SAA. So, there has been always a ISIS pockett in the Homs desert, and they have a logistics, as those in Swaida had (now they don’t have).

Cedric Hunter

Maybe you’re right. I suspect that there’s a resupply pipeline coming out of the Al Tanf.

Cedric Hunter

Al Tanf. The Americans and the Kurds.


HA HA HA HA! !!!!Incredible. Just…..fucking incredible!!!! FUCK YOU SYRIA!!!!! YOU FUCKING INCOMPETENT CUNTS!!!!



leon mc pilibin

ISIS again,after being well fed,trained and armed to the teeth by the zionist americans,israhellis and saudis miraculously appear out of nowhere.And trump the Mafia DON,brags about how he defeated isis to the american brainwashed people.Unbelievable.


Yes, ISIS still have ISrael-USA-NATO support. However, I just wonder, didin’t Syria-Russia have night vision drons ? didn’t they have night vision helicopters ? Ok these terrorists are sleeping cells, but are Syria guards also sleeping cell ?


This area may become higher priority after Al Safa is cleaned up.
I believe most of the Russian Helos have been pulled out of Syria, have not seen them in a video in quite some time.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

i miss them lol


I haven’t heard the term helo used since I left the RAN.

Icarus Tanović

Well, BURN THE FUCKERS already with NAPALM from t2 pumping station all the way to the Euphrates.

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