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JULY 2020

ISIS Resistance Is Over On Syrian-Lebanese Border


On Sunday, the Lebanese Armed Force (LAF) and the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) announced that a ceasefire agreement with ISIS fighters on the Syrian-Lebanese border was reached. According to the LAF and the SAA the ceasefire took place 7:00 in the morning.

The SAA confirmed in its official statement that ISIS fighters will be allowed to withdrew to ISIS-held areas in Deir Ezzor governorate. Moreover, a report of the Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen news TV channel said that ISIS will reveal the fate of the 4 LAF soldiers [UPD: 8 LAF soldiers. Al-Mayadeen made a mistake] it captured back in 2014 as a part of the deal.

Also according to Al-Mayadeen report, ISIS will hand over the bodies of 5 Hezbollah fighters who been killed in different battles with ISIS in Syria. ISIS will also release a Hezbollah fighter who was captured in the eastern Homs countryside month ago.

This is considered the first time ever ISIS release any captive of any citizenship.

No timeline for the deal was released by any side yet, however it is believed that the deal will be executed faster than usual. Furthermore, some sources claim that the media might not be allowed to cover the withdrew of ISIS.

Hezbollah and SAA troops are on the border:

ISIS Resistance Is Over On Syrian-Lebanese Border ISIS Resistance Is Over On Syrian-Lebanese Border



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  • Trustin Judeau

    But the bigger news is that for the first time since 2011 the Syrian Lebanse border will be under full goverment control . Where are the rebel fanboys now . Back in the day they were boasting how they will go into Lebanon after they finish Assad

    • Solomon Krupacek

      if i see livuamap, there are two green pockets on libanese border.

  • Ivanus59

    Guess they want to save some ISIS for later. :P well, I’m glad they dislodged them from the entire border.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      so, you welcome negotiation with isis? but in raqqa you were against.

      • Ivanus59

        At least they are sending ISIS into the areas where they will have to fight them again, while the SDF was sending them into ares to fight against SAA…
        But honestly I don’t know why they would not take this opportunity to destroy them completely now that they have the perfect opportunity for that.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          do not see other fool. these guys can fight also in east of euophrates, that means, against sdf

          • gustavo

            Sorry,, but the fight is not against SDF (USA) but against SAA.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            they fight with both. sorry, that is the reality.

          • gustavo

            Just remeber that USA-NATO-Israel are the creators of ISIS-Daesh-Nustra and anexas terrorists in Syra, with the help of Turkey-Suadis-Qattar-Jordan,

          • Solomon Krupacek

            you try to turn the discussion in other direction.

            i wrote only, should be the same judge about same things. personally, i do not agree with transfer os isis terrorists.

      • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

        This is the HTS faction , the last time HTS faction members went to Idlib they were executed in the scores. They would rather take their chances with ISIS/Daesh in the desert than HTS/Daesh in Idlib. The ones in Idlib are hardcore there than in the desert which might be in more need of fighters, they get live another day and fight.

    • Joe Doe

      This is not deal, when ISIS fighter are transfer to Deir Ezzor and SAA will have to fight them again, better arm. I hope SAA deal include that those ISIS will fight against americans in Syria

      • gustavo

        ISIS is already lost wherever they go, and the know it and SAA knows it. They just fight Alah and their 70 virgens in DZ.

  • Robert Duran

    I dont understand that deal.allow living ISIS scum to go ti DZ were they can if not will cause more deaths in exchange for 5 dead Hez martyrs and 4 dead Lebanese soldiers.I would kill every ISIS scum on their way to DZ

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They will be terrified of some of the towns in there as they are continuing to kill the local ISIS and Daesh scum in the region, more helicopter evacuations of the scum continue by the US.

    • goingbrokes

      The “deal” is not, I believe, done with ISIS but with their foreign backers. Among the insurgents there are foreign intelligence operatives (always among the last ones alive), and they are very much wanted alive back home. Certainly in the last two years israelis, Saudis, West Europeans, CIA, Turkish intel officers have been spotted/captured. They are ransomed back to their owners. In E-Aleppo I think it was $2 million per head. The deal, which is always highly secret, may stipulate that no one is executed. So this time the deal might be that Intel officers are “bought” back and the lot is delivered to Deir Ezzor area “alive”, where the officers still have to be picked up by a helicopter or a car by whoever owns them.
      If you go in and simply execute everyone, the word will get out and every besieged insurgent then knows they won’t make it alive so might as well take as many as possible on his way out. An army of suicide bombers is not something you want to create by always shooting everyone. It seems morally repugnant to negotiate with ISIS but everyone who dies fighting them is a loss we all want to avoid.

  • Bru

    Congratulation Hezbollah, this was one of best conducted battles against the terrorists.


    The SAA confirmed in its official statement that ISIS fighters will be allowed to withdrew to ISIS-held areas in Deir Ezzor governorate. Moreover, a report of the Lebanon-based Al-Mayadeen news TV channel said that ISIS will reveal the fate of the 4 LAF soldiers [UPD: 8 LAF soldiers…No good, they should be arrested and send to prison and condemned for invasion as SEPOYS at the ORDERS of a foreign country.