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ISIS Reportedly Withdrawing From Maadan In Southern Raqqah (Map)

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ISIS has been evacuating its members from the key town of Maadan in the southern Raqqah countryside, according to pro-government sources.

Earlier this week, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies reached Maadan and seized a number of villages near it threatening to encircle the ISIS-held town. On Thursday, the SAA secured the village of Shueayb Al Fatimi directly west of Maadan and deployed in a striking distance from its entrance.

This situation allegedly became a main reason behind the ISIS leadership decision.

ISIS Reportedly Withdrawing From Maadan In Southern Raqqah (Map)

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Joe Doe

This would be great news, but I would be very support ISIS withdraw from Maadan without any fight or resistance. Most likely this information are wrong, but let’s wait and see


The reality of the matter is, ISIS is loosing badly, rank and file knows about it and their bravado has turned into a whimper.

Jan Tjarks

Well, Ma’adan is difficult to defend when being surrounded with the Euphrates in the back.

The terrain south of the city is more suited for a defensive stand, we will see if Deash will take position there or not. If not, then Deir Ezzor will soon be free, but I doubt that.

northerntruthseeker .

The defense of Maadan is basically untenable.. With the fraud ISIS pinned against the Euphrates with no bridge over the river and no other escape route, to try to stay in Maadan would assure their destruction.. Therefore a withdrawal was their only option and too bad for the SAA that would surely have wanted to trap as many of these scoundrels and US murderous mercenaries there…

Jc Plancarte

The air force should intercept these fleeing rats and burn them with cluster bombs. If not, these rats might provide enough reinforcements at Deir Ezzor to overcome the SAA defenses. Syrian and Russian air forces must work around the clock to exterminates all rats heading towards Deir Ezzor!!!!

Jan Tjarks

SAA in Deir Ezzor already managed to widen their pocked again. After the cemetery advance, cutting of supply lines for Daesh, now the city parts being cut of have partly being taken.

Most people intensively stare at Deir Ezzor, which is what SAA wants.

There are several indicators that Deash is hugely lacking manpower. This is why they retreat to the south from Ma’adan, getting rid of the front line with SDF too. Furthermore, troops have been moved from the west, around Hama/Homs to Sukhna, making it easier to narrow down Daesh presence there.

The attacks on Sukhna are bleeding Daesh, the same way they are bleeding at T2 and the whole front line there. Question is, how much manpower Daesh really has left. I can only guess that Deash is reaching breaking point sooner than later.


Good points and well stated.The end can’t come fast enough.


what i wanna know is from which border(s) they are getting reinforcements, and which areas exactly on those borders

Jan Tjarks

Borders are only existing in our minds. Else, we try hard to make them show up in the landscape by planting border stones, walls, fences and checkpoints, or by creating schools for different languages on both sides of the “borders”.

but you will not locate any natural border between the countries. Besides, the rivers have been turned to borders, instead of main traffic routes for trade and prosperity.

Smugglers know this very well.


well areas/roads then where the reinforcements are coming thru

Jan Tjarks


Well, there are constantly smugglers around, even at the pocket in Damascus they get supplies. Most likely it’s hidden in trucks getting close to the area in question and then injected into the pockets via tunnels.

No one can seal off these areas completely, not enough manpower to do so.


they should be of utmost importance!!! if they are sealed off and secured, no more goodies for the bastards and they all die in short time!!

Jan Tjarks

True indeed, but sadly it’s not easy to prevent smugglers from getting in and out again. In the end, it is just a matter of time and manpower.

Poor soldiers who have to fight these battles.


If SAA puts enough priority and men on it, surely things will get better


Exactly, and I think, it is Russia responsibility to eliminate these terrorists since Russia has the intelligent information and can see and ear everything in Syria land.


Helos would be best for search and destroy, targets of opportunity. But there are no working air bases close to Maadan! (The US coalition controls Tabqa air field). One must consider that ISUS is moving along the roads in small groups and will disappear into the next village before they can be hit even if detected. Syrian and Russian air usually launch strikes against known targets and do not have time to loiter and look for a few pickup trucks dashing down the road at night. DAESH do not usually form into large convoys.


whats the closest airbase? they should setup a temporary one near it

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