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ISIS Reportedly Shelled US Military Base In Afghanistan With Grad-type Rockets


On February 20, the  ISIS-linked news agency Amaq reported that ISIS members had shelled a US military base in the Afghan city of Jalalabad with Grad-type unguided rockets.

The ISIS statement is likely a propaganda move aimed at promoting itself as a power fighting the Americans in Afghanistan to gain support from the local population. The group is currently involved in a fierce confrontation with the Taliban.



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  • Serious

    It’s a USA propagenda to occupy Afghanistan.

    Americans like to be heroes. So, the american gov make their shepple think that they are the good guys.

    It’s for the shepple of the west and arab world. You know that 80% of people on the earth is stupid.

    • Jan Lavicka

      Exactly, just the mentally ill uSSa fake news. Like in Soviet-Afghanistan war in past people of Afghanistan “gained” hate against US soldiers not against Soviet Union …. very strange “miracle” :-D
      uSSa = just a nation of inferior “human” beings, pedophiles in charge


      • Serious

        Only whores and son of whores like USA.

        • Amanda Adams

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      • christianblood

        (..ISIS Reportedly Shelled US Military Base In Afghanistan With Grad-type Rockets..)
        It is always great news when the coalition of Evil led by the U$ blow each other up.

    • Amine Mansouri

      I think you have a mental disease. Please don’t be a douchebag

      • 911psyops

        Can’t handle the truth I see

  • leon mc pilibin

    More hellywood acting from isis for the american sheeple.The americans shipped them into Afghanistan from iraq and Syria,,everybody knows that,BUT the fake news media just keep on pushing the neocon warmongers lies.These jewsa zionists wont be satisfied untill they have destroyed every free country in the world.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    They are not going to convince the ‘local’ population they are the good guys while they are fighting the guardians of the Afghan people the Taliban.
    Israel and the UK deployed ISIS there to justify the continued Zionist occupation of this Monotheist nation.

  • Tommy Jensen
  • Sinbad2

    As if.
    Even ISIS crazies don’t bite the hand that feeds them.

  • nshah

    The title should be..
    Isis was told by US to attack their military base to have pretext/justification on staying there longer..!
    How can one buy this kinda BS when Isis is us/israhell trained & armed terrorists.?