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JUNE 2021

ISIS Reportedly Destroys Technical And Disabled Battle Tank Of Syrian Army East Of Salamiyah

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The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has released a statement claiming that its members have destroyed a technical armed with machine gun and disabled a battle tank belonging to the Syrian Arab Army near Shayhk Hilal village northeast of Samaliyah city.

Last week, ISIS units operating in the area easft of Salamiyah, their key stronghold is Uqayrabat, were encircled by government forces.

ISIS Reportedly Destroys Technical And Disabled Battle Tank Of Syrian Army East Of Salamiyah

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You know your own side is losing once the official propaganda is no longer showing images of fresh conquests and defeated enemies, but talks of successful defensive actions and tallies of attackers being killed. It may still inspire true believers, but anyone can look at a map and realize that once ISIS stood from the Turkish border in Northern Aleppo to Mosul and Samara in Iraq, and now they’re fighting in the Euphrates valley and some godforsaken pockets in central Syria. Apparently Allah no longer smiles down upon them.

John Whitehot

you are right. But they often find assistance by some Soros or Mossad paid ziotrolls.

The propaganda in the age of social medias has some new interesting features.
One of these, we see every day on many sites, included this one: publishing the news is just half the job. The other half is deploying a brigade of trolls that start talking about it, steering the discussion towards the ends their manipulation is tending.

What makes the discussion valuable propaganda-wise, is that the trolls present theirselves as being “on your side” (and on SF this means appearing being on the side of the Syrian state).

Imho probably it’s something that is still largely under study – they are still trying to relate causes to effects to record what are the most effective ways of misinformation.

I wouldn’t either discount that in a not so far future we’ll even see “propaganda bots” doing the dirty job of trolls, at least so it seems based on some techniques that are being used.

Moussa Saab

The comment section Jerusalem Post just made*

John Whitehot


Moussa Saab

I have been going on to Jerusalum post, an Israeli news site for a while just to see what Israeli propaganda has to say. And they finally made a comment section on their site. Now if you go check it out, you can see the stupidest things they say. I am not sure they are trolls or just brain-washed retards.


How are they taking Allah not smiling on them anymore?? What is their religious excuse ??

DJ Double D

There are likely to be underground Tunnels connecting the Idlib side to the Central Syria side. There has to be some strong reason why they are fighting tooth and nail to hang in there and holding on for so long. But there days are numbered.

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