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ISIS Repels Syrian Army Advance In Al-Safa After Intense Clashes

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ISIS Repels Syrian Army Advance In Al-Safa After Intense Clashes

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On October 28, ISIS fighters repelled a new attack of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) on their positions in the heavily fortified area of al-Safa, which is located north of the governorate of al-Suwayda, according to the terrorist group news agency, Amaq.

ISIS claimed that its fighters killed 16 personnel of the SAA and destroyed a battle tank and a bulldozer with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) during the clashes in al-Safa.

A source in the SAA’s 9th Division, which is participating the attack in al-Safa, confirmed to SouthFront that ISIS repelled the army attack. However, the source said that the clashes resulted in the death of two soldiers and the injury of two others only.

Earlier this month, the Damascus government and ISIS cells in al-Safa reached an agreement, which forces the terrorist group to withdraw from the area and to release more than 20 civilian hostages, who were abducted in a brutal attack in late July. However, it appears that ISIS violations led to the collapse of the agreement that was allegedly sponsored by Russia and the U.S.

In its first response, the SAA resumed its military operations in al-Safa on October 27. Now, the army is planning to deploy the elite 4th Division around the area in order to increase the pressure on the terrorist group.

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I think it’s fair to say now that Syria is a lost cause and is pretty much finished at the hands of a far more powerful force. Time to lay down arms and admit defeat to Daesh. Victory is now hopeless.


Does your statement apply to the SDF and the US-led coalition because they are not even better.


It applies to both the SAA AND The SDF/US-led coalition Jerry!


and then you woke up in the middle of the night.


Cunt alert…jewish terrorist cunt alert…


Oh look. A typical Jew hating clueless moron. You must be one of Southfront’s finest. Go kill yourself you pathetic excuse for a human

j. jaxson

until russia comes in and missile strikes the rats out of there.
far from over-it’s just starting Mr. Ed.

Concrete Mike

Ill translate for you.

The plan to establish a salafist principality north of Jordan has failed, we poured in tons of money weapons advisors, but the more powerful force of syria and her allies kicked the shit of our boots on the ground.

When your head is in the sand your ass is in the air. Ed.

matew ivanson

poor SAA soldiers,, Safa region is completely under ISIS control and SAA cant advance either 100 metres, every dan ISIS snipers and bombs massacre SAA soldiers like burned rabbits

Gary Sellars

STFU jiahdi-rat MFer.

You can call me Al

How many vermin are left now ?.

Concrete Mike

Just like you guys torch palestinians kids all day everyday??



The best way to judge the war is to observe how Israel is now devoting most of its energy to trolling media outlets such as Southfront.


Yes, but they are day by day more and more schizos.


Thanks to your comments Bibi can’t sleep at night

northerntruthseeker .

Here is a solution.. stop.arms from reaching this position from the Americans in al-tanf!
That and intercept any illegal munitions arriving via US helicopters.

John Mason

Chlorine will get them out and saves SAA lives also.


Syria doesn’t have any chemical weapons. Chemical weapons are used by Saudis trained terrorists. Saudis buy chemical weapons from France and Britain.

John Mason

If you are being falsely accused then it shouldn’t matter if you resort to using CW, besides Syria didn’t ask for the terrorists and has a duty to protect it’s citizens which means using any form or method.

You can call me Al

Well we all chip in a few bottles of bleach for the SAA to cleanse their lands.

Concrete Mike

No it wont…chemical munitions are useless in offensive operations.

You want to liberate the place not contaminate it.

Also you have all the zionists waiting fow a chemical weapons weapons attack to say: see we told you so.


Syria without Russia help is just an empty space.


ISIS and Qaida without US, NATO, Ottoman, Zio, Wahhabi help is just some empty space!


Yes, the same.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

SAA please encircle the entire al-safa, stop it from being resupplied from al-tanf most likely, shoot down any incoming helicopters thanks :))

R Trojson

Last week Russia-Syria-Iran resupplied Al Safa ISIS with at lease 4 truckloads of water, food, medicine, ammunition, money … whatever they wanted. Then they threw in a cease fire for good luck. Now they claim they are having trouble defeating the same forces they resupplied last week.
Clearly they control ISIS in Syria and are relocating them to fight SDF US.

Gregory Casey

Have you completely lost your mind? Don’t bother answering!

Concrete Mike

Clearly the isis/us party broke the agreement…or was it iran??

SDF is different side of same coin buddy…you take isis shave the beard and voila…new sdf fighter.

And also you tend to forget sdf did a deal just for isis fighters in raqqa. No humanitarian corridors for civilians…nothing for those filthy civillians eh?

Your a lying pig and you know it!!

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