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ISIS Renews Efforts To Expand In Afghanistan. What Is Going On?

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ISIS Renews Efforts To Expand In Afghanistan. What Is Going On?


Over the past few month, ISIS has renewed its efforts to expand its influence in Afghanistan. While ISIS cells are active in most of the country, ISIS’ main stronghold is the province Nangarhar.

ISIS in Afghanistan has received additional manpower for its expansion from Syria and Iraq where the terrorist group’s self-proclaimed Caliphate was recently defeat. So, many ISIS field commanders and fighters fled the country and joined the Afghan branch of the terrorist group.

Another factor contributing to growth of the ISIS influence is a poor humanitarian, economic and social sitaution in the country. According to the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR), the Afghan government controls only about 56-57% of the country. About 29% of the country is contested between the government, the Taliban and ISIS. The rest of the country is mostly controlled by the Taliban.

ISIS Renews Efforts To Expand In Afghanistan. What Is Going On?

Click to see the full-size image. SOURCE: aljazeera.com

A major part of the population dislikes intensely the ISIS ideology. However, one of the problems of the Taliban is that the movement has not been able to improve the live conditions of the young population in the areas it controls. ISIS exploits this displeasure to recruit new members in the government-held, contested and even Taliban-held areas.

The Taliban is actively opposing the ISIS expansion. For example, on August 1, the Taliban carried out a large scale operation against ISIS in the northern province of Jawzjan defeating the terrorist group there. According to the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad 153 ISIS members were killed and over 100 others were injured in the Taliban operation. 134 terrorists were captured by the Afghan movement. A day later, the provincial authorities linked to the Kabul government said that 250 ISIS members had surrendered to the government. These terrorists fled the Taliban operation.

At the same time, the Taliban has increased its attacks against the US-backed Kabul government aiming to strengthen its influence across the country and to gain additional support among the local population, which is in opposition to the US-led bloc and its “allies” in Kabul.

ISIS already made an attempt to entrench in Afghanistan in 2015. Then, ISIS was exploiting its victories in Syria and Iraq to set up additional branches around the world. In 2018, the ISIS expansion in Afghainstan is based on the recent setbacks in the Middle East. However, this does not make the terrorist group less dangerous.

The complicated security situation concerns all the players involved in the conflict. The administration of US President Donald Trump significantly increased the number of troops deployed in Afghanistan: from 8,500 in early 2017 to 14,000 in earliy 2018. The US military has also expanded its advice and training efforts to strengthen forces of the US-backed Kabul government.

According to media leaks, Washington has also been seeking a way to negotiate with the Taliban in order to find some peaceful solution between Kabul and and the Taliban. Such a step may allow the US to reduce its military involvement into the conflict and to declare a “victory” in it – something President Trump has repeatedly promised to his supporters. However, this situation remains ulikely.

The US-backed forces are crumbling in Afghainstan and even additional deployments of the US troops have not helped to stop the Taliban’s move to the power yet. In this situation the role of China and Russia, which may play a role of neutral mediators in the conflict, are further growing. Their increased involvement means the decrease of the US influence in the region – this is an unfavorable scenario for Washington. Currently, the problem is the Trump administration has little options to turn the tide of the conflict for own favour.

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What’s happening? Wherever the US MIC and a Muslim population is present, ISIS is a ‘useful tool’. Soooo, good luck world!

lene johansen

YANKEES GO HOME – problem solved.


Taliban will crush the ISIS stragglers, and be a constant source of exasperation for NATO. Of course the Talibans will have support from interested parties that want US to fail and leave Central Asia.


ISIS Renews Efforts To Expand In Afghanistan. What Is Going On?”… We have invested $billions creating them. We don’t want to lose our investment.


Old habits. Just like our ‘willingness’ to use the Saudi/Islamic-based Mujaheddin-terrorist shock troops to take down Soviets and our ‘willingness’ to use Saudi/Islamic ISIS terrorist shock troops to take down Syria and our use of Iran’s MEK Islamic terrorist shock troops to take down Iran and our willingness to use Saudi/Al Qeda Islamic terrorist shock troops to take down Yemen.

Shall ‘we’ also use our terrorist shock troops to take down Pakistan? Turkey? Russia? Venezuela? Whoever else may buck our neocolonial hold?


Yes we did/will.

Promitheas Apollonious

Afghanistan has 945 km borders with Iran and 76 km borders with China, if memory serve me correctly. So stop wondering why isis is activated in Afghanistan.

Plus they need some one to take care of the opium fields and transfer them to albania now turkey, is allegedly in the shit list of the wall street and city of london since it is costing them an arm and a leg with the current arrangements.


You forgot the 5000-6000m mountains terrain where Iran borders with China. All that is until very eastern China cold mountains, it’s not a route for Commercial Airliners for nothing. For what would those places be used? I don’t understand you Answer?



Ivan Freely

Iran borders with China? Don’t you mean Afghanistan?


Not Iran. Afghanistan. Afghanistan has borders with each of our declared ‘enemies’!


Iran has no contiguous border with China, however Afghanistan’s 30 kms Wakhan corridor mountainous terrain does indeed border China’s restless Xinjiang or east Turkestan region. It is no coincidence that US is pushing its ISIS proteges in the region.

Wakhjir pass: At 4,923 m (16,152 ft), the only pass
between Afghanistan and China is not an easy one. It is difficult to
assess how the infrastructure situation is on the Wakhjir pass now, but
China has finished building a road across the pass.

Ivan Freely

I agree Afghani operations are no longer sustainable as Pakistan have a new Prime Minister who is very critical of the US. Supply routes will be severed.


The fact of the matter is that the US and its Zionist masters are shifting the Wahhabi headchoppers to Afghanistan in a deluded pipe dream of destabilizing Iran, Russia and China. The headchoppers have already struck in Tajikistan. The CIA and MOSSAD morons obviously have not learnt from their previous Al-CIAda blowback circa 1980’s “Jihad” against USSR or the current failure in Syria.

leon mc pilibin


Empire's Frontiers

The Syria and Iraq missions have evolved and American assets, that is regional mercenaries, have been withdrawn from those active theatres to incubators under American control.

Deploying a non-governmental force against the Taliban and carrying out intelligence operations against Iran seem likely goals.

The Americans aim to undermine social cohesion in their targets leading up to outright military action.

For example, supplying hard drugs and evoking hardline responses from the paranoid theocracy seems likely to take place through smuggling along Iran’s long borders.

Tommy Jensen

ISIS is moving to Afghanistan in the War against Terror.

To figt the increasing problems with ISIS terrorism in Afghanistan and their International drug trade threatening to wipe the free world off the map, USA/UK/Nato 60 countries Inherent Resolve Drug, Democracy and Freedom Coalition needs to send more troops to Afghanistan and establish more bases to help and resolve all the problems for the Afghan population so they can get freedom.

Tim Hadfield

When the Taliban were in charge, heroin production, and poppy growing were almost completely eliminated. They hate those drugs.


ISIS are spreading very fast in Afghanistan. ISIS are US and Israel. It will be very difficult for regional countries to remove them. US and NATO want to divide Afghanistan.


Well, these SW Syrian ISIS had to go somewhere.


Well, these SW Syrian ISIS had to go somewhere under US umbrella and via US helicopters.

Empire's Frontiers

ISUS, properly.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“…fled the country….” How? Bus? Train? Car? Did they walk? Just how does some IS shit “flee” Syria and suddenly end up in Afghanistan? I mean, _without_ the direct support of “some” intelligence agency.


just nuke everything…nuke Afghanistan Pakistan turkey Iran USA Russia Israel and Europe…then we can restart…

Empire's Frontiers

Restart? Why would anyone restart when things are going so well for the plantation owners?

Setting up a societal collapse and outright theft of valuable materials, in addition to interfering with competitors strategic goals is hard work.

You don’t just throw that away. Empire takes effort.

Tim Hadfield

Great – let’s nuke the whole world, and live in underground shelters, eating sand and drinking filtered urine.


yes lets play fallout 4 in real life!!


” we can restart. ”

Who will the ‘we’ be :)

J Ramirez

Time to bring in the Russians since NATO couldn’t stop ISIS in Syria.

Tim Hadfield

You mean ISIS is going where it’s masters tell it to go?

Hardly a surprise – there’s probably enough ISIS forces (Obama said – OUR isis forces) left over to give Duterte a headache too.

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