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ISIS Relies on Drones to Put US-Led Air Force upon Wrong Track


According to a confidential document of one of the Islamist commanders, the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has drones that are capable to put the US-led coalition upon wrong track near Mosul.

ISIS Relies on Drones to Put US-Led Air Force upon Wrong Track

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group uses more modern means of warfare than it was previously known, the Die Zeit newspaper reported on Thursday, citing an obtained confidential seven-page document, which allegedly belonged to one of the Islamist commanders.

The document describes in detail how terrorists put fighter jets of the Western coalition upon a wrong track near the Iraqi city of Mosul. According to the described scheme, the IS developed drones that are capable to exude high volume of propane, which is detected by radars as location of military hardware. After this, the air power of the Western forces carries out airstrikes on wrong positions.

“Indeed, IS militants constantly try to hide their location by means of modern technologies,” Die Zeit quoted the words of a representative of the command of Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR).

According to the document, which was discovered in the Syrian city of Manbij, left by terrorists, the IS has been relying on development of various types of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) since 2015. Militants have especially high hopes for drones, which are capable to deliver bombs. These explosive devices can be set off remotely. Earlier, the French government warned about the danger of usage of such technologies by Islamists.

“Indeed, the IS has professionals in its ranks, has serious equipment,” the newspaper quoted an unnamed representative of the Western intelligence agencies. “This organization has nothing common with the image of rebel groups, which are waging a war, using only rifles and suicide belts.”



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  • Ole Johansen

    Not really related to the subject of the article but i look for some Aleppo related info.

    This is due to a NGO called http://www.partners.ngo The representativ of this tells media all over Norway about “aerial bombing” of Aleppo this week. I believe its all false information, disinformation and fake news.

    A day or two ago I did see a video showing the “aerial bombing” of Aleppo and that looked to me like someone that had placed explosives on top of a few buildings and then blew it up as they where filming.

    Does anyone know of such videos? Showing what i think was the falsification of December bombing in Aleppo and is my source that tells me that last bombing from airplanes was on October the 17?

    And are there sources apart from the terrorists that has satphones that could transfer info out?

    Any info on this?

    • Daniel Castro

      This is all lies to fool the people in the west, do not believe these NGOs or MSM, they are only neolib/con tools of disinformation.

      • Ole Johansen

        I know it is so, but i look for proof and hard facts. There are people that does not like this NGO that goes there and start to lie even before they have packed out their luggage.

  • Gabriel Hollows

    Wonder who gave them those drones…

  • Balázs Jávorszky

    This is an idiotic claim from an idiotic source. Why on earth would propane indicate military hardware? Actually, propane may indicate natural gas or propane tanks, and the latter may be used on some vehicles or at campsites(?). And actually, it is almost impossible to detect propane with radar. It is not a dipole (or very mildly) so it doesn’t produce echo in itself. It absorbs a lot of frequencies in X-band, so _less_ echo from certain directions in certain bands may indicate propane. Alternatively, turbulences in the air do produce microwave echo, so a strong stream of gas may show up as a false positive, eg. as a vehicle where there is no vehicle(?), but you don’t need propane for this. Or perhaps because it is easily liquidifyable? And I suppose turbulence echoes are far weaker than an echo from, say, the foilage or a house.
    Further, the claim that they found this in Manbij, a document, is suspicious. Why they wrote it down? Wanted to publish it in a peer reviewed journal?

  • John Whitehot

    I may be wrong, but isn’t it a gas that needs to be kept under pressure to avoid boiling off? I mean, you have to store it into gas canisters if you want to release it at a given moment, since the article talks about large quantities, I can’t see any drone, especially those ISIS have access to, being able to carry anything near the weight of those things.

    • Balázs Jávorszky

      Perhaps they talk about those small canisters you may use for outdoor activities :) You know those half liter ones :) This whole article is simply idiotic…

      • Balázs Jávorszky

        Or consider this: ISIS wants to produce fuel air explosives with camping
        propane cylinders :) They by a cylinder in the local Tesco, they have a dual charge (from black gunpowder), the first one just blows up the cylinder, the second one ignites 100 ms later, and voila!

  • Terence Silvestre Jr.

    These techniques and maneuvers are typical of the CIA and I say it with a basis.
    And these stories do nothing more than confirm the high participation of the treacherous and shrewd Americans in the formation, preparation and tactical planning of that band of most foreign-born wage-earners without any military training and formal academies called ISIS.