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ISIS Releases Video Of Recent Attack On Syrian Army Convoy In Raqqa


On January 23, ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, released a video of a recent attack on a convoy of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the southern Raqqa countryside.

The vague video shows ISIS fighters targeting what’s supposed to be vehicles of the army with assault rifles and heavy machine guns mounted on pick-up trucks.

ISIS claimed that 20 Syrian soldiers were killed and four others were captured in the ambush, which took place near the town of Resafa on January 20. The video released by the terrorist group proves none of these claims.

Pro-government sources, which are known for reporting ISIS activities in central Syria, didn’t report any attack on army troops in the region in the last few days. Furthermore, no Syrian soldiers were reported as being killed or captured in the region.

The available information suggest that ISIS claims are a mere propaganda stunt by the terrorist group, which has been working to reestablish a foothold in central Syria since last year.

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  • Mehmet Aslanak

    Vague video, yep, coz it’s fake. Kurdish communist guerilla should be nominated to Oscars for those films. These kind of state-of-art videos will keep coming in order to keep oil stealers in Syria & in Iraq.

    • Jens Holm

      Maybee You need mopre then glasses. This is an ISIS produckt. I S I S

      • Pave Way IV

        Amaq (Rita Katz/MI6) can usually find some far more suitably fake but exciting footage from a previous battle for PR. This video though? It just sucks, even by head-chopper standards. It could be one of their trucks burning a mile away for all we know. And not even one random girly-shriek of “Snackbar!” I feel cheated – I want my taxpayer money back Rita, you skanky low-IQ propaganda whore! Snackbar that.

  • Ed

    Hey SouthFront, When DAESH take responsibility for creating the CoronaVirus that they claim will have killed over half the population of the entire planet, please make sure you announce it on here won’t you? You can add it to your ever growing list of complete bullshit that you frequently publish on their behalf. Just like this pathetic excuse of a video showing them launching a MAJOR ATTACK.

    • Jens Holm

      There is no Corona virus:)

      Ha ha cheated once again and this time by the Chinese. So far every dead one has been a Student from Hon Kong. Believe it or not. All with masks there are Hong Kong students trying to hide.

      • John Wallace

        Never been too Asia Jens. That shows.. Ignorance abounds..

  • John Wallace

    An interesting video on US/ Israel hacking Irans defense system to shoot down the airliner , Israeli involvement in 9/11 America by law allowed too lie ot its people and more all by an American Jew..
    Well worth watching on many fronts.

    • Jens Holm

      Actually they took down 5 and Iran only has admittet one.

      • John Wallace

        Took down 5 what ?? 5 planes ?? 5 seagulls . Must be seagulls because if it were 5 planes I am pretty sure America would have told the world about it .. before it happened. That LSD is having an effect.

  • Azriel Herskowitz

    The fact that butcher regime forces allow IS militants to drive around in technicals firing at their forces is enough to prove that Assad must have a reason to keep ISIS alive. He wants to use ISIS as a proxy to attack US forces in the region.

    • Rodney Loder

      Insanity is sharing your mind with a child murdering pseudo jew 🐖, obviously you are one, I am Jesus Christ and I challenge you to reply to this post dirty jew pseudo

      • Jens Holm

        Jews actual has some Jews being like this. Most of them are in menthal hospitals.

        • Rodney Loder

          Zionists are not Jews, never have been never will be, your righ and they are crazy right again

    • Jens Holm

      Most people here would say this video is fake.

    • nick1111

      Insanity, result of inbreeding

      • Jens Holm

        And You are his father or mother???

      • John Wallace

        That is why beatiallity is illegal in most countries as this result shows why .

    • John Wallace

      Can’t you read numbnut.. It was HTS not ISIS.. You know HTS , America’s no 1 enemy one day and best friend the next. Who knows what tomorrow brings , not even the Yanks know from one minute to the next.. Nice to see you again Azriel . Noticed you have washed the cum stains off your beard or is Jens using prophylactics now.

  • Jackson Brown

    ISIS : Israeli Secret Inteligence Service.

    • Jens Holm

      Brownie smells again.

  • Jens Holm

    Some denial from the SANATORIUM would be nice.

  • Vitex

    The amazing rubber ISIS