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ISIS Releases Summary Of Its Recent ‘Battle Of Attrition’

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ISIS Releases Summary Of Its Recent 'Battle Of Attrition'

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On May 28, ISIS’ al-Naba newspaper released an infographic summarizing the results of the terrorist group’s recent “Battle of Attrition 3.” The infographic piece claimed that ISIS carried out 228 operations in twelve different regions across the world. The operations included 82 attacks with improvised explosive devices (IEDs), 45 raids, 30 assassinations and 24 sniper attacks.

In al-Naba’s infographic, the operations were distributed as follows:

  • Iraq: 132 operations, 225 people were killed or injured;
  • Syria: 51 operations, 92 people were killed or injured;
  • Western Africa: 15 operations, 60 people were killed or injured;
  • Egypt: 9 operations, 22 people were killed or injured;
  • Central Africa: 6 operations, 54 people were killed or injured;
  • Libya: 4 operations, 2 people were killed or injured;
  • Somalia: 3 operations, 11 people were killed or injured;
  • Yemen: 3 operations, 9 people were killed or injured;
  • Afghanistan: 2 operations, 8 people were killed or injured;
  • Eastern Asia: 1 operation, no casualties reported;
  • Pakistan: 1 operation, 2 people were killed or injured;
  • India: 1 operation, no casualties reported;

For the last three years, ISIS cells carried out coordinated operations in the Spring with the aim of draining their foes, especially in the Middle East.

As the infographic indicates, Iraq and Syria were the main points of ISIS’ so-called Battle of Attrition 3. While a good chunk of the claims in the infographic are mere propaganda, there is no secret that the terrorist group is still highly-active in the two countries.


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Battle of ‘Attrition’?!! Absolute fucking bollocks. And just where have all these ‘operations’ got them? Absolutely no-where!! They couldn’t even re-gain any territory!! Do they even know what the word ‘Attrition’ means!! They are nothing but attention seeking, deranged, deluded cunts!


well said. couldnt have said it better myself.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What’s a battle of attrition,

“This is a classic insurgent strategy of bleeding a better-resourced adversary using a blend of regular and irregular forces to harass and degrade. Over time, the theory goes, the enemy becomes exhausted, frustrated, and loses the will to fight. It’s “winning by not losing” or “the war of the flea.” George Washington employed this strategy to varying degrees; Mao Zedong and others codified it; Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap deployed it against U.S. forces in Vietnam. Today, the Taliban use it against allied forces in Afghanistan.”

So it’s a very effective strategy. What I want to know is when did the battle of attrition 3 start, Baghdadi first announced it in april 2019 but this seems to be the third instalment, so are all these boasts by Isis referring to a total 12 month period or much less, I suspect it’s much less. Too be honest I’d suspect the timeframe to be much less than 12 months, perhaps just 3 to 6 months, because that’s about as much damage as Isis has done in Iraq over the last 6 months or less,

“Iraq: 132 operations, 225 people were killed or injured;”

I’d nearly bet this amount of damage has been done in Iraq during just the last 3 months, not even 6 months, And Syria,

Syria: 51 operations, 92 people were killed or injured;

I’d bet this has all happened in Syria in way less than a 6 month timeframe, I’m not going to spend time checking but I suspect this is only referring to the last 3 months or a bit more.

I’m even guessing it’s less than 6 months they’re referring to, and that’s quite a lot of damage when you start adding it up, apart from all the direct damage they do they also stop trade and business flourishing in the areas they operate, Iraq is finding that out right now. So don’t discount Isis’s strategy too lightly, it certainly worked for George Washington during the American civil war, and Mao Zedong and General Vo Nguyen Giap, he beat the mighty US war machine using this strategy. I could find 9 separate Isis attacks in northern Syria for just the last week, and that’s not even mentioning all the assassinations in Daraa, so for Syria it’s been on average 1 or more attacks every day, but in Iraq it’s been far worse, they’re really copping it over there now, they not only have to deal with Isis attacks against the government, but also local inserections against the occupying US forces, which makes it way harder for them to concentrate on wiping out Isis. And the fact the US is clamping down on Isis in northern Deir ez Zor and Iraq, and the Syrians and Russians are doing the same thing in Homs, Ar Raqqah, and southern Deir ez Zor, just amplifies how effective Isis really has been, they’ve done all this damage in Iraq and Syria despite the fact they have 4 nations all working to eradicate them in 2 countries. So Isis is still a really big threat.

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