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ISIS Releases Photos Of Deadly Attack On Azawad Forces In Eastern Mali

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ISIS Releases Photos Of Deadly Attack On Azawad Forces In Eastern Mali

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On March 28, ISIS’s news agency, Amaq, released photos documenting a recent attack by the group’s terrorists on the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (NMLA) in eastern Mali.

The large-scale attack targeted several positions of the NMLA in the Ménaka Region. ISIS didn’t reveal when exactly the attack took place.

ISIS terrorists attacked NMLA positions in Ménaka on motorcycles and pickup trucks. The movement, which is mostly made up of ethnic Tuareg, lost dozens of fighters in the attack. The photos released by Amaq show at least 33 dead bodies.

According to the Malian media, ISIS ramped up its attacks on the country’s Tuareg community in the last few weeks. More than 400 members of the community were massacred by the terrorists in Ménaka alone.

Footage showing the burial of some of those who were killed in ISIS’ recent attacks on Ménaka surfaced online on March 26.

ISIS has been very active in different parts of Mali. On March 21, the terrorist group attacked a military base of the Malian Armed Forces in the northern region of Gao. Several Malian soldiers were killed in the attack.

In February France along with its European allies announced the beginning of the withdrawal of troops from Mali. Currently, the Malian government is relying on its forces, the UN mission and Russian private military contractors to counter ISIS and other terrorist groups in the country.


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Last edited 4 months ago by JonathanFarmer

Where is NATO or The US of Zion now? Fuk Mali I guess, funny is it, 9/11 was a fake yanquis-Zion-Wahhabi plan to invade and occupy Iraq and Syria. ISIS is the child of Zion and yanquis, how many times have NATO/US/Zion/Turk-isis-stan openly supported them again and again? Here it is again, no one cares about ISIS in Mali, oh I wonder why.


Mali is “protected” by France, the Islamic militias respond typically to Turkey’s designs but it’s hard to discern in the case of the extremely impopular DAESH (ISIS), which even Turkey abandoned or rebranded as Al Nusra (Al Qaeda).

Most recently there’s also been Russian mercenary presence in Mali, what got Macron rather angry but was seen in positive light by the Malian government, which is rather unhappy with Paris’ management of the conflict.


Who controls ISIS now? Until 2016 it was clearly a US and Turkey (and yes, also Israeli) puppet but after the 2016 Obama shift in Syrian politics Turkey rebranded its vassal militants as Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) in essence and abandoned ISIS to its very deservedly sad fate. Yet the organization keeps rising little heads here and there, what is unthinkable unless they have a backer, who is it?


Unlike the original ISIS, today many different fanatical local groups call themselves ISIS. Some of them are used by various actors, some of them are just local extremists. There is no centralized command of any kind between them. It’s a free-share brand, it could be useful again for future use.


Really? They claim to have a “Caliph” named “Abu al-Hasan al-Hashimi al-Qurashi”, appointed on March 22 this very year after his predecessor was allegedly killed by the USA in Atme, near Idlib, Syria. This one had been “Caliph” for a year after the first one was also killed by the USA in Idlib. So they do exist with a formal “caliphate” hierarchy and this hierarchy seems centered in Idlib, which is a Turkish protectorate and the same hub that feeds Al Qaeda, etc.

Unless someone proves me otherwise, my take is that they are still a Turkish puppet.

Honest man

Where ever france goes it brings isis

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