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ISIS Releases Photo Report Showcasing Recent Attacks On Syrian Army In Homs Desert

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The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq released a photo report confirming recent attacks on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert.

The report is allegedly related to the April 19 attack on SAA units near the town of Sukhna, on the road between Sukhna and Deir Ezzor.

The photos show several vehicles and weapons captured from pro-government forces. At least 2 soldiers were captured and executed [SF: we decided to not share this part of the Amaq photo report].

The expanded ISIS activity in the Homs-Deir Ezzor desert has recently become a significant issue for pro-government forces. ISIS cells have repeatedly attacked government convoys moving in the desert area between Palmyra and Deir Ezzor.

So far, the SAA and its allies have not undertaken comprehensive measures to get rid of ISIS cells in the desert. If the situation remains same, ISIS will continue attacks on SAA positions and convoys and may even expand its influence in this part of Syria further.

ISIS Releases Photo Report Showcasing Recent Attacks On Syrian Army In Homs Desert

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Releases Photo Report Showcasing Recent Attacks On Syrian Army In Homs Desert

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Releases Photo Report Showcasing Recent Attacks On Syrian Army In Homs Desert

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Releases Photo Report Showcasing Recent Attacks On Syrian Army In Homs Desert

Click to see the full-size image

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Rhodium 10

The problems are the poor training/tactics, bad officers and commanders of the SAA!…the proof is that only the Tiger forces and the 104 brigade of the Republican Guard of the SAA have been reliable forces fighting terrorist!..thats why the needed Russian forces, Shia Militia ( Hezbollah, IRGC, Iraqi PMU) and militia of far right party SSNP…

Jens Holm

Its about everything and not only warfare. Their brains are not raised to be in independent small units acting by themselves.

Kurds in SDFs are as well as Hesbollah. I am not sure the Russian spetznaz are, but they at least are very much alert and heavy armed.

I also agree about the rest. If very big well driven groups comes out there, they are relative good at it a long as they have good supportlines.

But I think I was reading the other day, that some Hesbollas was send out there – too.

Rhodium 10

Russian Speznats have no problem to crush terrorist…ISIS use to leave areas and refuse combat were Speznats are operating….but if they spot SAA forces…ISIS know that easy targets are coming…


Wtf would you know about the military! Your brains to small to comprehend anything


Look at how new and clean the sniper rifle is?
It was probably US special forces.


Maybe an Iranian sniper rifle long carabinecomment image


The real power in fighting and dying comes from fighting and dying on the Right side.

So being a daeshist or assheadist is actually the same thing. It doesnt matter whether Assad uses chemicals or not or fights fair or not, Assad is clearly sectarian and so is isis.

Even kikes boast of harboring Muslims in kikerael but it doesnt mean they are not pagan. Likewise with Assad allying with western pagans towing the false secular line.

Even the Syrian Constitution states that its leader must be Muslim, and that means all the Laws a Muslim should adhere to, the first of which is not allying with non Muslims against Muslims.

And this is where Assads secular line whimpers when there are defacto Muslims in Idlib, that he cant as a Muslim leader brush aside.

Assads 90% Sunni Muslim Army is countered by 90% Sunni disapproval outside of Syria. Rebel reports count daily the number of martyrdoms of Sunnis in Idlib, the prisoners, and most importantly civilian deaths.

Even Putin knows whats going on and he knows this is counterproductive to the Axis against nato.

Islamically this is an endless war if it chooses to remain sectarian.

Athiests are the worst fuel to the already glowing fire and pagans are welcome to burn each other.

Assad will eventually be forced to face his reality, that he has to fight nato and zionists, and beating up on Muslims who think hes a putz doesnt change anything.

Bombing Idlib is merely a grave he digs for himself, when he knows that Imam Khomeini(rh) warned his father hafez not to start a sectarian war with Muslim Brotherhood. A really dumb move that hiding behind secularists who dont understand only delays the growing consequences.


ISIS are Mercenaries and use the facade of fighting for a Sharia State as to pretend to have some legitimacy and draw weaker minds in. Assad in nothing like them.


Assad is nothing like them because Assad is useless without air support, a trademark of stooge governments.

As for isis, they are half mushrik and half khawarij, the exact type of mix as assheadists.

So kikesis and assheadists can finally reap what they sow (violent and senseless sectarianism).

The wild dog has been set loose on the wild dog (with equally weak minds).

As a Muslim Im ordered to not have anything to do with the sects (the weak minded).


I gather you are very familiar with ISIS, who is leading them, and who is sponsoring them?

It would be quite foolish to put them and Assad on the same footing.


bagdadi clearly is and hes hit two Shia Hadith already that Asshead hasnt.

So I put bagdadi on a higher footing than Asshead even though I consider baghdadi as apostate.


I’m glad you can see the difference. ISIS will continue to be assisted by the US, just as Al Qaeda was, and ultimately ending up with the leaders head as the scapegoat to present to Western Media.

Because Assad is doing a such great job of bringing different factions together to unify the country again, clearly he has gotten under the skin of the Western Terrorist States…….and you.


No, I view Assad just like I view anyone else. If he attacks nato or zios I support it, if he attacks Muslim Brotherhood I condemn it.

Id even support isis against zios or nato.

And depending on the Church I would also support or condemn it depending on how western allied it is.


Why do you believe so much in the Muslim Brotherhood? You know they accept foreign bribery to carry out destabilization events across the world…..


Muslim Brotherhood are the Merry Men of Robin Hood, they have Ikhwani Heritage, and Seyed Qutb(rh) stood on his(rh) pedestal while khamenei crouched over licking his pen and translating word for word, touting Seyed Qutb(rh) as top three along with Imam Khomeini(rh).


Your spouting brainwashed gibberish.


khamenei (the one that Nasrullah reports to) translated Seyed Qutb(rh)s work from Arabic to Farsi.

Seyed Qutb(rh) is the founder of Muslim Brotherhood and respected by Iran Turkey Qatar Pakistan and every Islamic member of the Axis.


You are a fukin terrorist sympathier! Assad is far from sectarian! His wife is a SUNNI! You know nothing about what’s going on in Syria, you just talk bs like you always do! Syria is not a sectarian country n NEVER was !!!


Proper Sunnis dont get cancer, and are most noted by their Hijab or Nikab. Real Muslim leaders would not publicly cuck their wives, its one of the greatest sins to do so.

And Imam Khomeini(rh) warned the Assheads not to fight sectarian with Muslim Brotherhood who had close ties with Imam Khomeini(rh).

And nato can go f itself.

Alejandro Bonifacio

it’s a waste of time to talk with him, just ignore him

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