ISIS Releases First Video Of Attack On Iranian Parliament (18+)

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ISIS Releases First Video Of Attack On Iranian Parliament (18+) 3.75 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.

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The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has released the first video of the attack on the Iranian Parliament that took place in the morning on Wednesday.

The video shows a firefight inside the building, some armed ISIS-linked gunmen and one killed person.

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Pieter Lemmens

These jihadis are always so angry, insulting, violent. May the good Lord take the hatred out of their hearts.


good Lord = AK

Justin Ryan


Abdul Majeed

the war on terror MUST be taken to the Saudis


For those of us who do not speak Arabic anyone here who does? Can you give brief of the conversation?

yosef alem

they said “Allah were are my 72 virgins. Allah why did i only get a goat. Allah why are we getting our ass handed to us in Syria and Iraq, why hasn’t john McCain came and visit us in a year, where is our fonder, CIA, at. Allah why are we killing this innocent unarmed people like bunch of cowards!?!? Allah you great mighty fiction shit. ALLAH SNACK-BAR!!!! ALLAH SNACK-BAR!!! ALLAH SNACK-BAR!!!”


He’s mad at his friend for killing him when he could have made a beheading video

Real Anti-Racist Action

Israeli special fake-Muslims forces are now storming Iranian parliament, and still no return rocket fire into Israel.
It is safe to say that their is no Red Line for Israel to cross, anything for them is permissible. Even anal sex is widely engaged in in Israel, which is grotesque to the Lord.
Iran should just surrender to Israel already, since they are helpless to free Yemen, they are helpless to sing the Saudi Ships in the Persian Golf which now bring war to Qatar.
Tehran is the new Gaza, goodbye.

Red Tick Alert

Which fits in perfectly with the Saudi vs Qatar fiasco.

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