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JUNE 2023

ISIS Released Photos Of Wreckage Of Syrian Su-22 Warplane Downed By Israel In Southern Syria

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The ISIS-linked news agency Amaq has released photos showing a wreckage of the Syrian Su-22 warplane, which was shot downed by the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) on July 24.

The Su-22 warplane was supporting an operation of the Syrian Army against ISIS east of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, when it was targeted by two Israeli Patriot missiles.

The IDF claimed that the warplane had “infiltrated about 1 mile into Israeli airspace” [the occupied Golan Heights].

The Syrian side described the IDF action as another example of Israeli support for terrorist groups oeprating in Syria.

ISIS Released Photos Of Wreckage Of Syrian Su-22 Warplane Downed By Israel In Southern Syria

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Released Photos Of Wreckage Of Syrian Su-22 Warplane Downed By Israel In Southern Syria

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Released Photos Of Wreckage Of Syrian Su-22 Warplane Downed By Israel In Southern Syria

Click to see the full-size image


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Reconfirmation no 183,666 : ISIS – Israel are teamed-up.


vermin jew= terrorists!!

Daniel Miller

the SU-22 is not a problem the problem is the pilot Russia can give syria 200 SU-22’s if they wanted to but the problem is the pilots.

Promitheas Apollonious

very correct. Hardware can be easily replaced pilots on the other hand very time consuming. But what the scum of the earth done and always stay with out the proper answer, it is criminal.

Feudalism Victory

This planet is a lawless jungle. I dont understand these references to legality in warfare or with the occupied golan.

Also no one refuted that he accidentally strayed over the golan. Fighting that close to the 1974 line its possible likely even that he did.

Im not saying I think thats a reasonable excuse to kill him but it is entirely predicatable. Maybe he wasnt the best pilot. Israel has no problems shooting from lebanese airspace into syria.

Rüdiger Preiss

He certainly wasn’t over Israeli occupied Golan. If Israel had concerns about a Syrian plane getting close, they should file a protest to the UN just as Syria always has done when Israeli Kfir on a daily basis flew over the Syrian side. There are tons of reports about it at the UN HQ. The IDF shot the plane down with FULL knowledge that the Syrian plane was going to attack ISIS positions, they knew perfectly well it wasn’t an inch over the A-Side and moreover did they know perfectly well that the SU-22 wasn’t going to attack Israel in any way. No buts and ifs. Israel together with the US, UK, France and the rest of the Zionists are despicable bullies.


Yes, to replace a pilot you need long years of education/training and ofc probably over 100k usd education expenses. Most important is time of course. A lost pilot takes all this and his experience away from your airforce.


There are plenty of Syria pilots trained by Russia during these 7 years of war, not problem but lamentable the death of any Syria pilot.


good to know mate

leon mc pilibin

The Golan Heights are Syrian,and always will be ,no matter what the satanic squatters in occupied land say.


ISIS is now Isaels official pres agency?

John Whitehot

It’s called Amaq. It always has been.

Joe Doe

SYria without modern Air Defense System such as S-400, VERBA MANPAD is defenseless against any aggression. To discourage any aggression against Syria pilots or military units Syria needs obtain and use it the System. Israel and USA will only understand and respect force and hard response, such as shut down IAF planes.

Manuel Flores Escobar

The problem is not SU-22 or S-200…the problem is that SAA DONT retaliate…even the terrorist have been defeated…even they have Smerch rockets which can wipe off IDF patriot missile base…even they have many Pantsir and Buk..enough to resist masive airstrike like they did when israel launched 70 misiles with minimal damage!….this is the problem! and the airstrike will continue……


syria is too weak to fight Israel. old equipment and depleted army forces.. any retaliation by syria will be used as a pretext for a 10fold strike and so on.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Nop!…Israel retaliate the Iran attack using 28 jets and 70 missile without significant damage to SAA…it means that Israel would have serios problem to keep large airstrikes many days which produce minimal damage to Syria and big waste of air to ground missiles! while Syria can retaliate launching hundred of Rockets until Israel stop the airstrikes!

Concrete Mike

No you dont respond to these childish provication…there is alot of syria needs liberating still. Id deal with the turks/kurds first.

Israel is doing a good job fucking itself, let them keep fucking themselves.

Pablo Rivera

is that true that Syria damaged an F35?

Concrete Mike

Either syria or a bird…

Gregory Casey

15 Kms inside Syrian Sovereign Territory!! This was not a defensive attack on this plane and pilot; rather, it was a despicable attack on a plane attacking Israeli allies, ISIS on the ground in the Yarmouk Valley. Who knows ……… were there Israeli personnel embedded on the ground with ISIS and the attack on the plane arose because they wished to enable an Israeli escape to the Border on the Golan?

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