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ISIS Released More Info About Its DIY Rocket Launchers

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The ISIS-linked Magazine Al-Nabaa has published an infographics containing valuable information about ISIS famous DIY rocket launchers.

According to the infographics, the launchers were manufactured by the “Industrialization and Development Authority of the Islamic State ” and entered the service in 2017. They were presented as a shoulder-mounted, multi-role, one-time use rocket launcher that can be used by one fighter.

ISIS Released More Info About Its DIY Rocket Launchers

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According to Al-Nabaa, these launchers are used to destroy unarmored vehicles and vehicles equipped with conventional armor such as BMP-1, Humvee, Cougar, Cobra, as well as old Russian- and American-made battle tanks. PG-7V and PG-9 rockets have armor penetration capacity above 300 mm.

There are four types of ISIS DIY rocket launchers:

  1. The thermobaric rocket-launcher armed with a thermobaric rocket, with a range of 250 meters, and the length of the 90 cm and weighing 10.5 kg. It is used to destroy fortifications and to target enemy infantry behind the barriers, inside tunnels and trenches, and can be used against vehicles and battle tanks.
  2. The PG-7V missile launcher is armed with a PG-7V rocket . It has a range of 300 meters and a length of 103 cm. It weighs 10.75 kg. It has a HEAT warhead for penetrating armor. Unlike RPG-7 launcher, it can be used in narrow spaces or inside buildings.
  3. The short-range PG-9 rocket launcher armed with a PG-9 rocket – for SPG-9 recoilless gun – has a range of 300 meters, and the length of 90 cm, weighing 8.25 kg. It is considered the lightest launcher, suitable for urban warfare. It can also be used in narrow areas.
  4. The PG-9 long range rocket launcher is armed with a PG-9 rocket with an additional booster. It has a range of 700 meters and 113 cm long, weighing 12.5 kg and is considered the heaviest and farthest range suitable for open areas.

The Al-Nabaa magazine has attached tips on the correct use of the launchers, including the use of the right type of rocket launcher for each target. For example: shooting at the target when inside the range, lifting the nozzle of the launcher over any wall or edge 20 cm, use the ear protectors during the shoots, the possibility of launching rockets from narrow spaces or inside buildings without worrying about rocket fire.

ISIS DIY rocket launchers not been noticed so far in the Syrian territory, but the terrorist group is actively using it in the Iraqi city of Mosul.

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There may be copyright infringement here.
ISUS needs to be very carefull, they might find themselves in legal trouble.
Especially if they try to sell them to other countries.

Toni Liu

The quality very good for disposable rocket launcher that made by caveman, it look like someone made it for them in another country and smuggle it to iraqi mosul long before mosul got besieged rather than they made it by their self inside sweaty house with simple tools lying around

Tom Tom

Yep. CIA.

Jens Holm



All insults aside, you have to give credit where credit is due: this is really interesting and professional. I am surprised Daesh could make their own rocket launchers, there are even videos of them making it


give credit to terrorist who behead people? you must be insane, I hope every single of them isis pigs burn in hell forever.

Mr. Costelol

Montenegrins are NATO’s newest member offering support to their proxies. The methods material tactics and weapon systems are more likely to have come out of Sandhurst than

from the desert.

Tom Tom

Not Sandhurst, Langely.

Mr. Costelol

You give the brits too little credit, they are the more creative ones not Langley. For instance, James Le Mesurier – inteligence officer, false flag afficionado, white helmets founder – Providing pretext for NATO and R2P intervention from Yugoslavia to Syria.

Jens Holm

Its not about credit. its military technical facts.

One of the biggest mistake from several fighting groups in Iraq as well as Syria are, that they not even know their enemies stroing and weak sides.

If You add the overwhelming self confidence based on looking only at Your own, You get all the heavy surprised and like – fx SAA – writing they are attacked by T H O U S E N D S of tróops – even they are not.

But their hooligan supporters create their oppinon and forget enemies has skills by weapons and especially kind of soldiers.

Actually ISIS has invented – or rather implemented – weapons. The hard loaded carboms having educated people in them. Very heavy nasty short range mortars. the small dronebombs, where You very economic can find a vehicle by camera and get a car for a bomb.

So why cant they make short range RPG`s well.

Some also made them primitive. Well to me they have made very much advanced propaganda. They have made very advanced defencesystems as well as raid attacks and counterattacings. Their troops are – or has been – the best guerrila infantery You can get in those conditions even they make traume things like Deir El Zor.

Only kurds in Syria has the same quality even being a complete different type – One is their troops has to be kept alive, so they might fight better next time – and next time is important.


A sane and credible analysis.

One should study ones enemies and not doing so is, indeed, plain stupidness and not a sign of correct behaviour.


Not give credit for their horrible deeds but for thei r resourcefulness if indeed they designed and build them,

Tom Tom

CIA created them. Please do a little reading (and thinking).

Jens Holm

They supported them until they found out Assads wouldnt go by that and ISIS was much nastier then expected.

They learned, but You dont. Hillary would have supported them a little more, but Obama stopped it. And it wasnt only USA – the usual blind eybrowe verson.

When Hillary stopped it was 4 out of around 30 in the Obama leadership, which were still supporters.

Its very well documented it was like that years ago.

Real Anti-Racist Action

I understand what you are saying. They are morally wrong yes. But they are impressive at some things they have achieved with lessor resources in some cases. I to am kind of impressed with this ability. Interesting machine shops they must have.
Most nations states around the world cannot even produce their own rockets, they buy them. Yet this group of less then 20,000 manage to do these things.


Only the most naive, gullible, fool, brainwashed or brain dead will believe that those rocket launchers where build by I.S.I.S, the level of precision machine needed and the electroplating and hight technology equipment indicate that they are fooling the FOOLS who believe the CIA/MOSSAD PROPAGANDA…those where build on ISRAEL, TURKEY or JORDAN under a CIA CONTRACT.

Jens Holm

Well only the most stupid ignorants can write like that. We have seen many kind of weapon productions incl mortar grenades in half-fabricata. Mortars easy can fly more then 300 meters – or the 700.


ISIS really is the new incarnation of the Third Reich. Same meteoric rise to power, same craziness, same fanaticism, same drugging of its soldiers, same obsession with wunderwaffen, the Nazis had the panzerfaust and now ISIS has DIY rocketlaunchers.

Tom Tom

they were trained, equipped and paid by CIA and secretly tied to Sadam’s former Ba’athist military leadership.

Jens Holm

Your family ? Which kind of rope was it ? Kind of S/M ?

Jens Holm

Well, you can find some muslim fanatics too. Like Derwished from Nubia. They were a terrible an great scces until Britts used machinguns at them.

Tom Tom

CIA DIY rockets.

Jens Holm

far out


Youre back, got your hasbarat paycheck finally?


Reminds me of the same circumstances of the panzerfaust during the collapse of the so called third reich…

Jens Holm

Me too. Germans mad a lot of cheep weapons, because thats what they had aconomy to. The Assault riffel, Smeizzer are good examples.


Yep. The STG44 is a fine weapon however. Copied but never duplicated lol. AK47 is probably the only thing to come close lol


All cheap but good weapons for what was needed


Sounds like a CIA marketing campaign to conceal the true weapons supplier.
“Look here, everything is DIY and all ISIS weapons are made by ISIS itself”

Jens Holm



“The ISIS-linked Magazine Al-Nabaa has published an infographics containing valuable information about ISIS famous DIY rocket launchers”…TRANSLATION…The CIA Magazine disguised as Al-Nabaa published valuable information about the INTERNATIONAL MERCENARY TERRORISTS “famous” DIY rocket launchers build on ISRAEL under CIA coordination and funding.

Jens Holm

So Yourf name is Zero,

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